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  1. The bit I hate is cutting the Lexan.
  2. Agree it was predictable which is why there is no real issue with any other couriers. The got their plans and resourcing right. UPS however have messed this up big time. The requirements for import are now they same as for the rest of the world. Nothing they should not have been able to handle. This is a UPS issue.
  3. It looks like TG know now (I have been chasing them several times over my shipment) as they do not appear to be accepting UK orders for now. I have just now emailed the UPS brokerage so will see what happens. I am getting rather desperate and worried now as my UKARA will run out after next week.
  4. Mine has been there for 3 weeks. I have had a number of estimated delivery dates. I think these are auto generated based on assumptions there are no issues. I would get in contact with UPS as I also had a 'pending instructions' state at one time. I have had to follow up with them twice now with a commercial invoice and firearms declaration.
  5. So I have just spent 45 minutes on the phone to UPS to try to get the issue escalated and been told it is due to a Brexit issue and has been raised to their Brexit team in Poland. I should expect a call today. I smell BS. James
  6. Have a look at my earlier pictures. This has the PDI MK23 barrel which is 133mm long. Without the compensator on the Mamba upper or the thread protector on the standard receiver you can just see the end. With the mamba compensator it is fine. With the thread protector only it protrudes about 1mm.
  7. That is not encouraging as one of my shipments has spent 2 weeks in Poland and the other 3 weeks!!! I only have 2 weeks left on my UKARA.
  8. Contacted UPS again today. They can't tell me if there is anything further needed but there might be some documentation needed in Poland from Taiwangun. They don't really know and told me to contact the sender. You would think a modern, competent global company might have these things coordinated and linked up in a database allowing clear information and status. You know, like logistics companies do. James
  9. So both mine have been stuck in Poland for weeks. One of them has just moved but appears to be going in the wrong direction. Has anyone else's shipment gone to Herne-Boernig, Germany
  10. Does anyone know anything about this? I can see it for pre-order on a couple of sites by can find no information on it at all. James
  11. Looks like they have all gone. Can't spot any others at that price. I did see the have a pre order for a Tectonic Innovations Eclipse Timed Grenade. Looks interesting but cannot find any info on it.
  12. Ooh that is a good price. Was that a one off or are there more?
  13. One of the key things to note is that springs are not an exact science. One makes M150 will be different to another and depending on the brand this can even vary within a brand (it is not unheard of that a spring can be miss labelled/packaged). The key thing is to see how consistently it is shooting. This could indicate if the issue lies else where (key areas for fps will be air seal, hop & barrel). What sort of variation are you getting on the fps? How consistent are the shots? Ant the end of the day I would not worry about getting to within 1 fps of 500. Consistency and effec
  14. I would keep chasing them. Both times I have chased my delivery it was sat waiting for additional paperwork. They are not good at communicating this so it could be sat there a long time until someone chases that up. In regards to the 'it's just post BREXIT' be patient. The point is that UPS are significantly worse than their rivals. It is a lot of work to organise this but they are a logistics company and that is their job. They have had plenty of time to be prepared. I know the final details came late in the day but the core infrastructure and contingency planning had years. In fa
  15. How have you set the hop up?
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