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  1. I have just bought a striker and I was disappointed by the performance so upgrading had to be done. firstly i replaced the hop rubber with a maple leaf autobot 75deg., cut the bridge off and polished smooth, shimmed the hop arm and fitted an m140 spring. now the gun lifts .4 Geoff whereas it would not lift a .36 previously and it now gives a very consistent 445fps+- 3. should need to test it at longer ranges.
  2. Running at 280fps and can't recall the psi. guns new as are the mags, I did run a q tip in the channel and it came out filthy so I might give it a good polish to smooth it out. keep you informed as to how it goes.
  3. Hi guys, just bought an asg mp9a3 and converted it to hpa( little bloody beasty of a gun), however I'm having issues with the 2 mags not feeding. any ideas please? many thanks andy
  4. ikarma70

    A.W.E. pistols?

    They are the WE dinosaur range of hi capa variants. i have one and it's very good.
  5. The stiffness is likely down to the 45deg. Piston and trigger set up. My old tm vsr had this issue as I didn't upgrade to the 90deg. Set up. My cyma m40a3 has the 90deg. As standard and it's so easy to slide the bolt back.
  6. Oh you definitely feel the kick and it's a non captive system.
  7. I have a g&p mots FRS m4 that uses g&p's own recoil system and it's very good but it's still front wired. I'm not a fan of m4's but this one I liked so much I bought it.
  8. Hi guys, I bought the above rifle and I'm considering upgrading the plastic 90deg. Piston and I was thinking of the action army piston as it' uses a vsr diameter piston from what I have read. Are there any other alternatives about £30 to consider please? Many thanks Andy
  9. 2 days later and still no reply from them so I won't bother however thanks guys!!
  10. No none of those, these are more like the l96 style for the Cyma m40a3. http://www.evike.com/products/55543/
  11. I have imported stuff before so no shocks there. I can only seem to get m40a3 mags from evike!
  12. Hi guys, have any of you ordered anything from evike and are they any good? Thanks Andy
  13. Hi guys, have any of you seen any Cyma m40a3(m700) magazines for sale please? Can't seem to find one anywhere! Thanks Andy
  14. Hi guys, I have decided to buy geoffs 0.4gr bb's for my Cyma m40 but wondered what else would be a good alternative please? Thanks Andy
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