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  1. @PopRocket123 is building an armoury
  2. Thought I'd just add some 553 input; I think any issues with GHK 553s were just early/prepro models. I have one and the fit and finish is superb - hands down the most rigid and solid feeling airsoft gun I've handled. No probs with mags either. The best bit is the trigger, there's an adjustable stop which effectively gives you a 2 stage trigger which so crisp. MWS accurate out the box too. All other GBBRs have been covered I think, still love the TM MP7 only downside is gas capacity and not being 1:1
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 5 hours

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    Hi all, Looking for a complete TM V3 gearbox and motor cage, for an AK, dont care for its age or the condition of the innards as long as it still works. Cheers


  4. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Not a probelm, Itll work harden over time, more powerful gas will beat it a little harder mind. This is prob the worst bit about a lot of 'lightweight' ally bolts, they get mashed to hell.
  5. Hi @FreeFrag.UK thanks for the input, i think ill just go for a midwest industry side mount or some such then 😉
  6. Im surprised they had the time to bother really! I know right, ive got a RS Trijicon, but you cant really argue can you
  7. Ye trying to import a fire arm component - its a bloomin monocular, you can by em in this country!! Very strange, i thing border control just wanted it for themselves.
  8. Also, anyone had problems with GreyshopRU? Only i had a run in with the police the other day - ordered a Burris 3x flip to side from amazon UK, which came from USA... Got call from the police, under caution and can i come in for an interview!!!! Yes i like the Palm grip too
  9. @Sawyer is that a GHK base rifle? Anyone - can the Zenitco B33 be modded to work with an AEG?
  10. Thanks for that much appreciated!! Yeh the problem is trying to get a balance of airsoft vs real steel. In airsoft a barrel that long would hurt performance so trying to go for something long enough to pass off visually but short enough to shoot accurately
  11. Cheers for the confirmation, do you have an AK? (looks at guns in your sig) Hoping to make a kind of DMR setup, the AK15 got my attention because of the railed dust cover - I thought this would be a solid scope mounting option vs the convoluted side mounts or aftermarket railed dust covers that may be looser fitting. Have you any experience of aftermarket railed dust covers? If they are indeed solid enough for scope mounting I may base the gun of an AK74M, B30 lower rail and railed dust cover.
  12. Hi, looking at the new LCT AK-15 (LCK-15) models, will the older style Zenitco B30 rail system mount on? I can see from pics the new gen AKs look a little different in their construction but not sure if hamdguard/rail mounting is the same as older gens? Thankyou please
  13. Time Left: 2 days and 4 hours

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    Very clean boxed original example, fully functional, only run on green - hasnt really been used. Has only been skirmished once, the plastics are unmarked, the steel base plate has a scratch. Comes with 4 mags, 1 weeps from the fill valve, probably because of lack of use. Has 1 bolt on side RIS panel, not sure if they came with 2 new??? Have added genuine XTM panels, works really well for gun hold and mag release/mag catch manipulation. Included Tamiya ceramic grease. Price is firm, buyer covers fees and delivery if required - cos im sure i would want it sent insured! Located in Ashford, Kent


  14. Wheres the rest of it lol! looks like its missing an upper receiver
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