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  1. Are they LCT mags? If so how do the AK12s run in the E&L? Cheers
  2. Cos nobody has seen a MK18 🤪 Also pretty sure themz bullets are never going to fit a MK18 but I’m just being mean 😉
  3. Hi @EvilMonkee yes as per the site they will be available early December, apologies to all, just had to focus elsewhere of late.
  4. @camden What’s your entire setup mechanically? Still same prob with any mag?
  5. Come on,thats not why you really clicked on it
  6. Anyway - Just mmmmmmmm MP5s 🥰
  7. I love a stock CQBR, yes the selector finish is the complete opposite to the receivers 😂 Sometimes the mag release is wound in a few to many times, if you ‘over’ push the release with a tool you can rotate the actual latch and undo it one or two turns to your desired amount.
  8. E&Ls are a better OOTB gun, but if you plan on ditching most the guts then there is no negative when compared to an LCT. Externals (real steel or airsoft) are also much easier to install professionally on the LCTs The best bit for me about an E&L is the little mag plate in the receiver - makes reloads that bit easier. Agreed standard mags are not the greatest but can be improved with a little love, NPOs are worth every penny if you’re a serious player. Yes F2000 / P90 / AUG are the quietest but any AEGs can be built to have a very low sound signature. Getting rid of the AEG whine / screech / crack / report. Short cycle duration Gear choice Volume matching Motor choice Suppressor All add up to a very hard to ‘find’ gun in the field. Definitely much easier to achieve a quiet AEG with a V3 gearbox too as the motor is so accurately fixed in position. Regarding sight mounts I find Red dots / Holo sights are best just behind the rear sight, this type gives the lowest height https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32419213457.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail
  9. I know right, you can’t tell some people... All my gas is escaping! No that’s air 🙈
  10. @GothicGhost stop giving away the trade secrets! Keep everyone wearing MTP so they’re easier to shoot 🙄
  11. Hi all! Does anyone here do PCB design, need a basic board laying out. Any comments welcome thanks
  12. You do not need to change any springs right away, certainly by a DP nozzle return spring - but keep it as a spare, the TM one will last a LOOOONG time regardless. Most nozzle return spring failures occur because a different bucking has been fitted which has to small a entry hole / it is too fat - this holds on to the nozzle very tight causing the return spring to be stretched to the max all the time. DP parts are good, and work well if TM is not available. The HSB has no draw backs. It is a great reliability and consistency mod. There have been a couple of cases when people are using heavy bolts in conjunction with the HSB which leads to over compression of the buffer spring as both the TM spring and HSB were not designed around controlling that extra mass.
  13. Yeh 330 with a 370mm. You can wind them up too 450 with an Npas and power gas. Go with 6.03, 6.00 is no good for dirt and accuracy.
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