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  1. Booked in 😈 Very excited to fall down the stairs
  2. Thanks for that, already had mags inbound from Rainbow8 Whats the hottest Nuprol gas you can run in these?
  3. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    *set hop to minimum when removing / installing barrel assy*
  4. Looking to play here in the coming weeks - dates pending, look forward to your report @Asomodai
  5. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Use a hot air gun to warm the fasteners, this will soften the loctite making for a much easier job 👍
  6. I'm after 2 VGC mags if anyone has surplus / wants some cash. DM if you have, cheers
  7. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    No the pressure should be fine. Is the problem the same of different mags? Does the first manually cocked shot work fine?
  8. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Have you green gas modded the mags? Sounds like the mags are overfilled, so the first few shots have liquid.
  9. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Sounds like a worn or over lubed bucking, or nozzle binding in bolt.
  10. The last tooth of the rack (nearest piston head) and the corresponding tooth on the sector gear. I think you want to run a Gate Pico Nano AAB or MERF. Or just buy a TM recoil and love it.
  11. Speaking from experience the standard setup with 11.1 should be safe, but it's close - by that I mean it has a full cylinder not a ported one, and a heavy piston/head both of which are not conducive but work. The problem is the slightest resistance internally mechanically or air blockage will cause it to trip up at 22RPS. THATS BONE STOCK. Built up nice the world is your oyster but if your set on 11.1 cos you already have the batteries etc then I would do the following for reliability and your sub 350 UK LEGAL FPS goal; Type C cylinder Piston as above POM piston head M100 / M110 spring Sorbo AOE Everything else stock Built correctly this would last an eternity.
  12. You don't need longer barrels. Built properly an AEG with a 300-400mm barrel should put out 350 FPS with an M100 short stroked 1 tooth. 360 with full teeth. If not you have incorrect cylinder and poor air seal. Back to the main problem. The standard internals running 18:1 with an M100 or higher should be perfectly safe on 11.1 Fitting a faster gearset or weaker spring will make it less safe - you did both when you rebuilt it. I suspect the original gearbox failed due to a quality control / assembly defect / possible BB jam etc I suspect the rebuilt gearbox failed due to faster gearset / possible assembly defect. I would say your options are: 1: Put it back perfectly as stock with a 7.4 - no braking on 11.1 is iffy. 2: Build it up nice right 🤷‍♂️
  13. Yeh 16:1 with 11.1 is a tad fast, hence the pre engagement most likely. Double shot due to overspin because the mosfet cannot brake enough. If it does at all???
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