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  1. Davegolf

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    How on earth did everyone gloss over the fact that THIS MAN GOT A FREAKIN VECTOR AT HIS WEDDING!?!!
  2. Davegolf

    Camoraids and Eagle 6

    Can't vouch for their cerakote, which would have been out of house anyways but sales, service, tech info and returns are spot on. As per usual the strength of a couple peoples bad experience seems to nullify thousands of good ones
  3. Davegolf

    Camoraids and Eagle 6

    I pay Elite with PayPal, no confidential info given!?
  4. Davegolf

    Camoraids and Eagle 6

    I have dealt many times with bothe Camoraids and E6, both have better customer service than FS in my eyes. If you are buying a HI Capa why not buy from Elite shooting centre?
  5. Davegolf

    MP5 Hop adjustment, changes whilst firing!

    I cut the lever down so it's flush with the top of the handguard, then wedge a tiny bit of butyl tape (like blutac but way better) behind it, the hop adjustment is then stiff and impossible to accidentally knock.
  6. Davegolf

    Piston weight and it's effect

    I don't see the point of any piston weight increase on a spring powered gun. The power producer / energy source is the spring, period. A heavier piston takes longer to accelerate and ultimately transfers more energy into the cylinder head when it stops, assuming you are marginally over volumed. This is also noisier. A lighter piston will enable the spring to transfer its energy faster, whilst also reducing the shock load transmitted to the cylinder head every shot. Energy (joule creep) gain is all down to cylinder volume vs barrel volume vs spring power. Air brakes are cool but I would optimise your volume ratio before playing with the air brake. If you have more volume than you need left over once optimised then take up the remaining cylinder space with air brake. If no volume left over then you can't air brake without hurting performance!
  7. Davegolf

    I wish I'd known this when I started.

    On the whole TM appreciation front, of which I am a big advocate, they are definitely other makes that make way better externals or more options generally on replica choice. But although at the end of the day pretty much all AEGs are mechanically identical internally, what makes any TM a great platform out of the box is the precision and alignment of all the inner workings. Yes you can get any gun to perform as well as another but the amount of effort needed and sometimes even pot luck is more of an unknown quantity. Its TMs consistency that ultimately makes them so painless. This is the OPs case point really. If my GF new how much I'd spent on RIF builds over the last decade I don't know what she'd do!
  8. I did miss out ditch the recoil assembly (lots of weight), then it's nice and light, battery in stock. For the most part the price variation is down to cost of externals and popularity. As mentioned some don't have bolt lock. If you want long effective range you will need Rhop. If you don't mind spending a little more on upgrading, THE lightest and one handed weildable gun out there is a P90. Your left arm won't really have anything to do, plus they are sooo quiet.
  9. What I suggested is very light and balanced, the Scar being mostly polymer and thinwall aluminium. As @EvilMonkee said you can buy upgrade packs from some retailers, but yes a spring upgrade and cylinder/barrel volume match will see you upto 340fps and power heavy weight BBs. A quality Rhop setup on a TM recoil will see you an effective 65M range. And yes that is measured. PS @sonofsammo just noticed your comment at the bottom of all your posts!
  10. TM Scar recoil shock, 340 FPS, Rhop. Done
  11. Davegolf

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I know it's good to have cheap products but does annoy me that they can get away with ripping of Pencott materials 😕 Same the world over in this day and age tho.
  12. Davegolf

    Convert to DMR?

    If your Rhop is working well and you are currently at 350fps? then you should have a respectable range and accuracy. Circa effective 65M. Whats your DMR FPS limit? You lose a lot of ground to MED for a negligible gain in effective range. Not only because of the FPS difference, but lack of firing from a closed bolt. Food for thought?
  13. Davegolf

    Bucking recommendation

    I personally have not had any success with Maple products, sweeping statement I know. As above Prommy purple or G&G green, with a concave nub, for any further improvement go Rhop. Its worth saying not all buckings fit all hop units well at all. You shouldn't have to physically position a bucking with tools etc. Use a small amount of lube on the outside of the bucking to slip it in - ooo er. It should sit naturally, not be stretched or skewed etc. Sometimes it take a good few attempts to get things seated in right.
  14. Davegolf

    Starting DMR

    Barrel too long for accuracy 330mm good for 100M @Skara I think even the most basic Bolle stuff covers impact from debris way beyond the energy airsoft is capable of
  15. Davegolf

    Project: CYMA P90 full upgrade - Build started.

    They are also one of the quietest AEGs going, especially with a well built gearbox. I remember running up the escalators at The Mall with the P90 one handed, epic gun and it's not an M4 Extended butt pad is good