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  1. On TM mags normal air is dispelled from the full valve whilst gassing up. Thus you fill with gas, hissing is normal air vacating the mag, then when you get a spurt of gas/liquid the mag is brimmed.
  2. There’s always one ☝️ Some feel nice, some look nice, not many work nice in airsoft. What I meant was, for example; the TM ‘polymer’ is shiny, but it’s stronger than a lot of nicer looking stuff.
  3. @#blackadder just wow! Yes JG guns of old where awesome bang for buck. Most of the plastics are not polymer. That said on a budget the older G&G advance series is pretty good. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-ar36-assault-rifle If it’s going to actually be your gun, and a trusty backup that performs superbly the TM G36c Recoil is stonking, rock solid, nice controls and usual TM performance.
  4. Surely that just comes with being a mortician!?
  5. What is wrong with people, why can’t they age gracefully!? I always wonder what happens to the Botox/silicone when you get buried or cremated lol, must play havoc with the burners 😂
  6. They are very similar. The K2 is a little narrower up top and very slightly more vertical angle. And obv made of double hard material for real usage. The PTS is very good as a replica/training part.
  7. @AlphaBear “we are going a TAD off topic”... Pulls the handbrake and does a ‘U-ee’ 🙈😂
  8. Superfluous... that’s a big word for Friday evening @alxndrhll
  9. I’m not sure on the shipping, I’m sure there are carriers, just have to do some homework. I’m the same, I’ve never tapped a GBB. I can see the appeal but just not for me. Cutting the junk at home is very liberating! Ive been doing it ruthlessly at home with all sorts and even at work! 😂 The G&G pro or ICS guns are great, can be had cheap 2nd hand, TBH if you’re patient you could pick up a used TM M4 recoil pretty cheap too. One mans cheap isn’t the same as another’s though, and the old no frills JGs soldier on for peanuts!
  10. Shameless - I have one for sale 👀
  11. I know I’m building up a HPA gun, but I want to get a GBBR again towards end of the year purely as a home fun / drills toy, and backup for game days. As said above you cannot beat a GBBR for interaction 😁 Haha! Yes plenty of Super Nubs, should have a fresh batch of HSBs done by the end of the month too. So are you going to sell you HPA gear and go full commital!? If you can afford to I would keep 1 MTW with Wraith stock. Itd be a great backup, sub zero gaming, more ‘auto’ fire games/dense scrub. Or would you keep a bottle for HPA tap MWS?
  12. Pistol grips are easy, they take real steel ones, so fit whatever you desire *cough* K2 😁
  13. Let me guess Defcon 😁 Yes I quite fancy a URG-I one! Think they are good value with the rail, charging handle etc
  14. Modular Weapon System, doesn’t really relate to much other than its a Colt M4A1 or CQBR. Im a big time pedaller of the MWS but if all I was doing was training drills at home, sub 50M targets I would take a V2 GHK M4 all day. The trigger, the feel, C02 mags and the RS compatibility edge over the MWS are why. PS I assume you have a UKARA or that’s going to be one expensive two tone RIF!
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