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  1. On the subject of FETs the Gate X-ASR can struggle with stronger springs if the motor has to start up part way through a cycle, I.E. pre cocked position.
  2. The H mags are very compact for "7.62" mags, they are a benefit if you have to lay down and fire also. Either are a good candidate for a forever gun 😶
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

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    2018 Revision ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Minimal use, fielded twice, only ran on 7.4V batteries, excellent condition inside and out, has just been serviced as the mag empty feature stopped working. So ETU/Mosfet has been replaced, gearbox re-shimmed and greased, upgrade LPE piston air seal and ball bearing, hop unit shimmed to body AND fire selector tweak, so feels lovely and crisp - actually better than new! It is as good as all the reviews make it out to be, im selling as its just not my cup of tea, prefer old school metal guns! Interested in equal quality/value guns, can also do cash buyers way if needed against more expensive gun etc. PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY AND PAYPAL FEES! Cost new all in £525 VIDEO link, very windy sorry, just demonstrating all functions. INCLUDES; Wired to deans 8 Midcaps Carry case 14CCW adapter Holo sight


  4. No that's cool and regardless if its true or not its good to make people aware, I work in engineering and take a cautious approach to all older materials, especially composites. This material was very resin like to work with and actually made zero visible dust or particulates when worked, it stayed very 'together'. Even the likes of modern polymers used by Magpul etc make fines when sanded but not this Russian stuff. Either way always wear a mask when working any material, ferrous, non-ferrous or composite. Besides Russians have a stereotype of dirty engineering anyways 😂
  5. Thanks, that is what I meant 🙈 You were warned 😁
  6. Hah I thought that'd be a shocker, apologies but there will be more defiling of its original self 😂 I can't remember who educated me originally in the reciever/stock attachment types, I see where you are coming from with the 56-1 tang but it's nothing like the PKM double tang sadly. With any luck I should have the B30 machined up to fit in the next couple days, work permitting. Got a couple of side rail mounts to try out too
  7. Well that was a good plan on your part, spares are far and few these days! My bad, you are correct, B30 is lower, B31 upper counterpart. https://grey-shop.ru/Outer-Pimp/AK-Forends/ZenitCo-AK-Forend-B30 Thats what I have. First job was strip the gun down and work out exactly what internals were in the gearbox having heard the word 'proprietary' thrown around and watching a few YouTube disasemblies. More on that later. What I've been eager to complete was getting a PKM stock adapted to fit. So drilled out the rivets and removed the Chinese stock. I sourced a real polymer (or whatever space program Russian plastic it's made from) PKM stock from DandB Militaria and promtly set about fabricating a new reciever mount. I had to cut the tang off the PKM to give me a square mating face to plate up to which was easy enough. I then copied the RS reciever mount in steel with the new mounting lugs and a hole for wiring to go through. My buddy TiG welded it up and I found some appropriate size rivets on eBay to reassemble it with 🤓 Not everyones cup of tea but I'm chuffed with it as it gave me the extra LOP I wanted, higher cheek weld, big battery storage, more rear weight for balance and I just think it looks ace 😁
  8. Very nice looking, loving the bayonet 😎 Did you mount a rail to the RS cover or get a complete new railed cover assy? Im going to use the B31 rail so just tweak to fit.
  9. Initially I was thinking railed top cover for ease of optic mounting, but despite really liking the new AK-15/12s I think the rail top ruins the AK classic side profile. That and I don't think that a rail top gives the most rigid optic mounting / return to zero, and it's not fixed to the same body as the barrel assembly - I assume they are the reasons the real AKs used side mounts. The RS top cover fits so nicely too it would be a crime to ditch it so am going to go side mount 👍 I really like the long lower only Zenitco in combination with a fully exposed gas tube aesthetically, plus easy bipod mounting if needed.
  10. Ha! Your post def contributed in swaying me toward RS 👍 I do really like the hangaurd / Chinese stock combo, and would definitely get another as an Assualt rifle in the future. The externals will be changed quite drastically which I'm sure you'll enjoy through cringed eyes 😁 Aim is to keep it as much true AK parts wise as possible, USA parts just make me hurt inside and make everything look ARish!
  11. First off, purists may not like this 😱 RS lovers may need to look away! This is only the beginning and is a warning of things to come. Last year I was wanting to build my first personal DMR, and I like guns made of metal, I like them solid and rattle free, and to know that if I drop it / launch it I'm not going to have to fix things. I was on the fence between AK and SR25 (obviously) for a while, but I do get tired of seeing western AR style rifles. I knew the AK would be more work, especially with things like sourcing short midcaps etc. Also being a noob to the world of AKs having only looked in from the outside, the parts compatibility was a new challenge, I like challenges though. Thanks to the likes of @Sniper780, @E21A, @EvilMonkee and @Cromulon1994 things were made a lot clearer and I really appreciate your input guys. Anyways hopefully you guys/gals will like my creation and it may help other new or existing RealSword owners know what's inside and how they differ from the norm. And just be useful DMR building info. So it all started with frankly a very exciting purchase for me, you know the sort where you normally over hype it and it's a disappointment when you get it/do it 😂
  12. Oh I agree for sure, a lot of people diving into big builds without prior experience, saw another thread of which @Sitting Duck replied too at length RE some big build with questionable choices. I say without prior experience because there seems to be a lot of new users / 1st time posters here of late involved in big or potentially expensive builds, especially if they chew it up or give up on it... either way manufacturers coining in and keeping them going so crack on 😂
  13. @Adolf Hamster I take it you don't work in sales 😂
  14. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Ambi fire selector, nice 👍
  15. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Fire from folded inside your vehicle when you arrive at a skirmish 😂
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