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  1. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    RS Acog 😍 Nice build!
  2. Davegolf

    GBB MP7

    Same as above, the Marui MP7 is incredible. Don't waste your time or money with the others
  3. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Such a satisfying and fun gun, with a realistic action which is primarily the reason for playing! And so well made
  4. Davegolf

    VFC HK417 HPA PDiK

    Time Left: 2 days and 18 hours

    • For sale
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    £495 all in, happy to deliver. VFC HK417 CQC Full custom build just shy of £900 outlay, based on the rock solid VFC externals - zero wobble anywhere - Gen2 Mancraft PDiK in custom V2 shell with various precision machined parts for perfect nozzle and hop alignment. Very nice gun to operate, lighter than you'd think @ 3.4kg! Note that there is no safety on this and is currently semi only being 400fps. Also included is all the parts to put it back to an AEG if you want, the gearbox is hardly used and everything works perfectly. The pictures don't do the scope justice, it is very nice, not some china clone stuff! Quite possibly the stealthiest HPA DMR engine you could imagine, so quiet! Mags are all genuine VFC midcaps and hold 100rds, and all feed perfectly. Selling as thinning the collection down to one primary and one secondary. Parts; Lonex trigger Buttstock Amped Gripline 0-4x Nikko short dot UTG mounts RS XTM covers RS XTM handstop TM barrel & bucking HK style vert grip Gripod 3x mags 2x mag pouches In ral8000 Gun bag Wolverine Storm regulator FirstStrike 16Ci 3000psi tank £495 all in, happy to deliver. Text or PM me thanks 07799 030597


  5. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Personally I don't rate them
  6. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Are you wanting to build a military rifle or race gun? I am super keen on the Fortis Rev rail for a lightweight build, plus its right at home for a CQB length rifle. Is that your intended use with the MWS general field and CQB work? I.E. not DMR. The install is easy, there are lots of disassembly videos online To do it nice have a delta ring spanner and a little punch for the 2 front sightpost pins. Make sure to turn the hop adjustment right off before attempting to remove the outer barrel from the upper receiver
  7. Davegolf

    Better than an MWS? The M4 to rule them all.

    Its still an airsoft gun.... "60 bbs entered a sheet of letter size paper nearly altogether when shooting in 125 feet street". That's nothing incredible, and as I say its still an airsoft gun, youre still limited by the launching a plastic sphere concept! Other than familiarisation and CQB no airsoft gun is any use further as a 'training weapon' Untill BBs can fly 200M flat at 350fps I cant see how airsoft guns can be charged at more than they are right now. Better than an MWS, tut tut, only at emptying your wallet faster
  8. The joule creep thing is cool with me for indoor play but ridiculous for outdoor play. For the record @sonofsammo unless your opponents have put hours in or had decent tech work done then at 1J / 328 FPS most guns range like; AEG 35-40M GBB/R 40-55M Thing is it's actually really hard to stay alive and make hits, that's why professionals train at it 24/7 in "real life". Likewise making the most of your RIF or situation makes a huge difference. Youve got some good kit there, I'm forever blaming my gun but its normally skills that are at fault or just impossible odds! I find in most instances that i get taken out are from lack of fire power to suppress or blast through fauna, i.e. Opponents that hose statistically have more chance of landing a hit. But I think that gameplay is crap, I much prefer an honest aimed shot etc!
  9. Davegolf

    L85A2 (Possible A3?)

    ICS for L85 all the way. Not sure on A3 parts
  10. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    If you go to the bottom of any page on the site there is a 'mail' icon you can click on
  11. Davegolf

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    Just supply your own barrel, if you want to UPGRADE don't use a Madbull barrel. Auto on Flat hop is just as normal. Auto on R hop is more like a laser beam
  12. Davegolf

    VFC HK417 CQC aeg


    • For sale
    • Used

    VFC HK417 CQC aeg 0-4x Nikko short dot UTG mounts RS XTM covers RS XTM handstop TM barrel & bucking HK style vert grip Gripod 3x mags 2x mag pouches In ral8000 Gun bag £375 with aimpoint T1 rep £450 with Nikko short dot Please note this is also advertised in HPA Mancraft PDiK build for £575 07799 030597


  13. Davegolf

    what types of grease for what parts in a metal gearbox?

    Nothing in an AEG gearbox should be 'hot' i.e. Positive or negative. Wether grease is conductive or not doesn't matter. You could use copper slip if you really wanted You want silicone grease not oil. Either use a white grease or Moly
  14. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    With the brass recoil spacer you have it was a nice mild recoil, but fast I'm sure it would help, but I think the gas usage is marginal, it will use less because there's less weight (energy) required to move it.
  15. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yes, I have used the UAC one with an upgraded recoil spring and I though it was great, I personally think the MWS bolt cycle is a little on the sluggish side. This really sharpens it up. Also the weight saving helps gas consumption a little.