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  1. Davegolf

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    Just supply your own barrel, if you want to UPGRADE don't use a Madbull barrel. Auto on Flat hop is just as normal. Auto on R hop is more like a laser beam
  2. Davegolf

    what types of grease for what parts in a metal gearbox?

    Nothing in an AEG gearbox should be 'hot' i.e. Positive or negative. Wether grease is conductive or not doesn't matter. You could use copper slip if you really wanted You want silicone grease not oil. Either use a white grease or Moly
  3. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    With the brass recoil spacer you have it was a nice mild recoil, but fast I'm sure it would help, but I think the gas usage is marginal, it will use less because there's less weight (energy) required to move it.
  4. Davegolf

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yes, I have used the UAC one with an upgraded recoil spring and I though it was great, I personally think the MWS bolt cycle is a little on the sluggish side. This really sharpens it up. Also the weight saving helps gas consumption a little.
  5. Davegolf

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    Please for the love of God - NO MADBULL BARRELS!! Insist on a Prommy 6.03 or a ZCI if your on a budget.
  6. Davegolf

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    You have a good gun, you do not need to go inside the gearbox until there is a fault if you don't want to. If you max limit is 328/1j then leave the gearbox alone for a minute. Upgrade the barrel and R hop it then see where your FPS is. If you still need more power: Swap the cylinder (which I believe is a full type A standard) for a type C one. This will increase the FPS and your consistency because it won't be over-voluming. Fit a nice piston O ring if the standard seal is no good. Fit a Lonex cylinder head and O ringed nozzle. You should be fully air sealed and running at maximum efficiency air wise then. If you need better trigger response still then you could run a different motor/battery combo. The MosFets in these can cause problems but if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  7. Davegolf

    Help with my G&G Wild Hog!

    Are you playing mainly CQB or Field? Flat and R hop are primarily to allow the use of heavier weight BBs for longer range shooting and less effect from cross wind etc. Personally I do not think a Flat hop really gives a big improvement over a standard bucking. With regard to your hop vs FPS Q, theoretically an R hop would give the smallest reduction in FPS because of the low pressure applied. R hop works very well if done correctly, but IMO a waste if you only play indoors! R hop also has the longest life span of all hop setups, easily 4-5 times that of a conventional hop bucking/nub combo Oh yeh and use paragraphs! More people will read your posts!
  8. Davegolf

    Gun picture thread

    Mmmm ACR stock
  9. Davegolf

    New cqb gun recommendations

    Spend it on that gun, you are not going to be any better if with another RIF. The good thing about the Firehawk is it's made by G&G so you have a pretty good base. Get a mock silencer and extend the inner barrel to around 285-300mm. Get a ZCI or Prometheus E.G. stainless barrel. Use 0.25g BBs Check your air seal and that the bucking is clean and dry, and undamaged, otherwise replace it with a new G&G green.
  10. Davegolf

    Improving Range & FPS, Help?

    Yeh id probably say it's an M95 standard on those FPS readings. There are a lot of variables though, for example if you had an M90 with a BB guide and BB cyl head that would equate to an M95 more or less. With good air seal I would expect 335-345 on an M95 with 300mm barrel. If you want to increase consistency / accuracy then concentrate on the hop. Experiment with a few different buckings to see which gives most consistent FPS reading, I would try out a stock G&G green and a Prommy purple. If you're keen to R hop try out a PDI W hold for FPS consistency. Use 0.25 - 0.28s for circa 330 FPS. Upto 0.36 if R hopped at that FPS.
  11. Davegolf

    Starting up again

    Out of the box snipers are useless, so any standard review/comparison is also useless 😕 You do not need a longer barrel than 430 max, so I would go for the G spec, also that silencer does make a difference! 🙈
  12. Davegolf

    VFC HK417 CQC Mancraft PDiK

    Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    VFC HK417 CQC Gen2 Mancraft PDiK in custom V2 shell Lonex trigger Buttstock Amped Gripline 0-4x Nikko short dot UTG mounts RS XTM covers RS XTM handstop TM barrel & bucking HK style vert grip Gripod 3x mags 2x mag pouches In ral8000 Gun bag £500 with aimpoint T1 rep £575 with Nikko short dot £85 extra Wolverine Storm regulator £35 extra FirstStrike 16Ci 3000psi tank £170 extra 10L new 300bar cylinder with fill station (collection only!) Text or PM me thanks 07799 030597

    450.00 GBP

  13. Davegolf

    VFC HK417 CQC aeg

    Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    VFC HK417 CQC aeg 0-4x Nikko short dot UTG mounts RS XTM covers RS XTM handstop TM barrel & bucking HK style vert grip Gripod 3x mags 2x mag pouches In ral8000 Gun bag £375 with aimpoint T1 rep £450 with Nikko short dot Please note this is also advertised in HPA Mancraft PDiK build for £575 07799 030597

    350.00 GBP

  14. Davegolf

    Best movie for shooting action/gunporn?

    Sicario is pretty cool in the Mexican tunnels etc! I need to see 13 Hours
  15. Davegolf

    What rails will fit the ics l85a2

    You won't go wrong with the ICS L85, great but if kit, nicely engineered