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  1. I think you’ll look star studded by the end! 😂
  2. I always remove the rubber disc from inside the cylinder head 😉
  3. Most AEGs want 4-5mm depending on squishyness
  4. What hits? 😂 Halo got a shield, have to hit him 50 times to deplete that first 😂
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

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    Marui GBB M870 Tactical SAT steel outer barrel with Remington trades Angry gun AR gas stock RS AR15 stock WiiTech internals All new seals RS Mesa pump handle RS Mesa shot shell carrier RS Magpul K2 grip 6x TM shells Romeo3 red dot sight Works great, pump lock, 3 and 6 shot, 40M range @ 280fps, gas tight for weeks, very satisfying to use! IMO it needs HPA tap to make it a legit primary weapon if you wanna race it… but I don’t have or want to invest in HPA.


    - GB

  6. There’s nothing wrong with that really. If you are running a 450fps spring or DSG then I would make it better though. The easiest AOE method is fit an airlab sorbo pad to the cylinder head. Does 2 jobs in 1 go
  7. This is what happens if i eat melted cheese - hence no Pizza
  8. I must ask the question, if you hate it (Marmite) so much why do you want your mind changed? It is actually contains some vitamins that are hard to source, lasts eons, is quick and easy to 'dish' up. Cant go wrong with classic Marmite and butter on toast!
  9. Theres a 3rd kind, i dont like pizza full stop
  10. I played here last weeked, i can confirm the following; Very well marshalled and no power trip marshals. Very dark in places, you will need a tac light. Very close quarter, no 'bang kills' so be ready for potentially sub 350fps 0.25 at point blank. Very secure - once the gaming starts the car park / site is locked to outsiders. Useful food and airsoft supply shop. Toilets OK, but not in safe zone - have to go loo with eye pro on. Personally i think the building is great, but the killer for me was that there were too many barricades in each room, the rooms are not big to begin with and this makes flow rather frustrating. What i mean by that is to really be effective you need a shit ton of pyro. Theres also a few dead end rooms, would be great if they could be opened up / knocked through.
  11. That wood thumbhole ringwork is mesmerising! So much wrong with that sentence 😂
  12. Definitely tall reiser to get a good 'mesh weld' with your stock
  13. 2.26" - stupid yanks, why not round it up or down and make it an easy 57 or 58mm 😶
  14. Isnt there an @alxndrhll what have you just sold thread to go in tandem with this one 😆 PS whats the little riser under your Eotech?
  15. Time Left: 4 days and 12 hours

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    Hey everyone, imon the hunt for a VFC M40a5 GBBR rifle, ideally with some mags and in full working order, but hit me with whatever you have. Thanks Dave


  16. Cerakote is tougher than the plastic yes, but obv if you grind it up brickwork it wont last, but neither would any coating/anodising etc
  17. @emilianoksa All stock TM I sanded the finger grooves off the lower as they were just annoying and then stippled and painted it. The slide is stock just Cerakoted in patriot brown, Tritium front sight, cowcow rear.
  18. Davegolf

    R hop

    That sounds weird, like it’s more an S hop than R hop. Is the patch soft to touch / does it move easily if you carefully probe with a bb in-jamming rod?
  19. Davegolf

    R hop

    What is the arm made of? Does it directly press onto the R patch?
  20. Took the freshly pimped TM G19 Gen 4 out today, some indoor action at Invicta Black Site. Absolutely love how snappy the Gen 4 is even on lowest power gas, 45M flat trajectory on 0.25s, couldn’t ask for more from such a little gun!
  21. Davegolf

    R hop

    Yeh, that should be flat, unless they’ve compensated for a very poorly done R patch
  22. Davegolf

    R hop

    Now I cannot comment on the drop in kit, but yes an Rhop is great at range as it allows you to drive heavier ammo. 1J Rhop will give you a good 60M+ range on an AEG There’s a lot at play though and Rhop is either epic or shit, that comes down ultimately to the quality of the Rhop ‘work’. The other factor at play potentially is that you said it came with another hop unit. Is it an original Krytac hop unit or some aftermarket one? If it’s not genuine then I would wager most of your issues are hop unit/gun body alignment/nozzle relationship caused.
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