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  1. HELIflipper03

    WE XDM IPSC mag question

    How does one refill the gas in the WE xdm ipsc mag? The base plate has no gas hole and I'm not sure how to get it off without destroying the plate...
  2. HELIflipper03

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Tanaka Colt SAA Bisley Model. Man, this is honestly a fantastic looking and feeling replica.
  3. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    You are correct
  4. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    Aha! That's exactly where I saw it. I guess it's incredibly rare!
  5. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    I see. Thanks for the info. I wonder if it's worth anything...
  6. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    Well, it's definetly hpa. The magazine inside is also clearly made to store bbs. Are you suggesting in may have once been real?
  7. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    Not so sure, seems to be much too large and definetly too heavy. Even I as a full grown man had trouble lifting it.
  8. HELIflipper03

    HPA M1918 BAR: identify?

    Can anyone try and identify what this is or who made it or when it is from? It seems to be a M1918 BAR in an HPA format, no markings, very rusty, full metal and wood, unbelievably heavy.
  9. HELIflipper03

    Armorer Works HX2302 Custom

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • New

    Never used, Armorer works custom pistol. Only taken out the box twice: one for spray painting (excellent job), one for test fire. Never taken to skirmish or even shot in the garden. No scratches, runs perfectly. Includes 1 leak free mag.


  10. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    Ok I'll keep all of that in mind. I am kind of desperate to have one, but if it really does ruin the airsoft gun, i'm not so sure.
  11. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    Wow that sounds terrible. Good to know, thanks!
  12. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    fair enough. Ive also gotta find the right airsoft mosin that shouldnt be too much of a waste of money to dismantle.
  13. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    Yeah, it does make sense to try and do it myself. I am just wondering whether it might be difficult to do the style I am going for which requires some modification of the barrel and an entirely new grip
  14. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    Im looking for someone to make a working model of the Obrez mosin nagant with pistol grip. Do they only make rubber props?
  15. HELIflipper03

    Vinatge Custom Gun?

    Does anyone know where I can request a custom gun build of a vintage style? I tried VintageAirsoft but they never replied to my email. If anyone could link me an email to a person I will be eternally grateful.