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  1. HELIflipper03

    APS CAM870 barrel diameter

    That's exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  2. HELIflipper03

    Zero One lead the way for CS

    They were fantastic for me! Gave me notification on every step of the way, and the product arrived the next day (didn't say anything about next day delivery). It was a small-ish item, but great service all the way through.
  3. HELIflipper03

    APS CAM870 barrel diameter

    do you know what the diameter of the shell is inside?
  4. HELIflipper03


    I have found that they are really good with customer service and the products they offer, and they are also really good at ordering in stock when you request it. However, I have found that their products are way overpriced sometimes and you can usually find them a lot cheaper in other places.
  5. HELIflipper03

    Battlefield V is Now!

    I admit, the mechanical arm ain't so.....WW2. But according to developers it's only there to show off the new player customization features.
  6. HELIflipper03

    Battlefield V is Now!

    Who's excited? Lets hear some reactions!
  7. HELIflipper03

    Postage tips

    I'm going to be posting an airsoft gun to Belfast. Can I do so, and what courier should I use?
  8. HELIflipper03

    Secutor Velites GIII

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    This is a barely used Secutor Velites GIII (I have not skirmished it). Gun is in black, with extendable stock, top tactical rail with iron sights, and 3 or 6 shot capability. It runs off green gas. It first came with a bad gas leak, so I had it repaired. It now only slightly leaks very faintly, but a full gas tube will definitely last you a whole game. If you leave it in a bag for a long time it will probably deplete itself after a week or so. All it needs is some love and it will be back to shape. I haven't had time to give it the attention it needs due to studies. I have never taken it apart myself. No scratches visible at all, but will not come in original box. Don't worry, I will wrap it up very securely! It has had one previous owner who barely used it. Comes with 16 shells in total: 12 Nuprol Shells (30 round capacity) and the original 4 Secutor Shells (28 round capacity). I also will throw in a molle pouch as shown in the photos to carry the shells. Feel free to try offers.

    120.00 GBP

  9. HELIflipper03

    EXTREME(-ly stupid) Pistol Loadouts

    It would be fun, yes, but it's cumbersome as hell. It's got the weight of a rifle but all located in front of your hand.
  10. Enough is never enough. Lets see those wonderful, wacky and downright weird pistol combos up in here! Try and come up with names for them as well. I introduce, the Conflicted Noise P229 (Loud And Quite)
  11. HELIflipper03

    Anyone got an ASG CZ75 P09 Duty?

    My friend own an ASG SP-01 Shadow, which is basically a race gun version of the same gun, so the internal are almost identical. She says it is extremely reliable with excellent performance and good gas efficiency. It has a nice bit of heft to it, being full metal and all that, but isn't so cumbersome that your arm will decide to give up half way through a game. Its a fantastic pistol for it's price, and ASG are known to make high quality products. Surprisingly i haven't heard of the hop up adjustment issue, and my friend doesn't seem to have a problem with it so I assume it is a resolved issue. Hope this helps!
  12. HELIflipper03

    Shell Ejecting Shotgun

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Any type of shell ejecting shotgun will do, whether its PPS or APS or Tanaka, I don't mind at all. Pic for attention.


  13. HELIflipper03

    Cheap BBs

    ahhh yes sorry. I totally agree, I find it hilarious watching people's horrified faces when they see multicolored bbs hit them all over!
  14. HELIflipper03

    Cheap BBs

    You misunderstand. I am specifically gonna buy cheap bbs for my grenade shell, which you just pile up to the brim with bbs. There is no inner barrel or complex system to fuck up. There is no point in buying and wasting expensive bbs if all you're going to do is hurl 100 of them a few meters in a gigantic cloud of gas and bbs.
  15. HELIflipper03

    Cheap BBs

    What are the cheapest BBs one can get? Looking for some easy to buy ammo for grenades and grenade launchers only. (It's quite funny to say that you eliminated someone using crappy bbs, and I do not wanna use up my diamond precision ones.)