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  1. Can anyone tell me which flash hider looks the closest to this one? This photo is a real steel flash hider, so anything that's close enough it good.
  2. Make/brand: APS/SAI Any accessories included: shell catcher, co2 charger and nozzle, 2 mk1 shells, spare wads and caps, buttplate extensions, shell holder for stock. Pictures: Great condition, almost no scratches, fully working.
  3. Fully working, barely any scratches, two mk1 shells, bunch of accessories including shell catcher, co2 charger and shell holder.
  4. Is the MK1 SAI cam870 a still wanted gun? I can't seem to find many on the market, but nor has anyone really tired to sell them. I am planning to maybe sell mine at some point in the future, and it would help if someone could give me a good price to set it at.
  5. Does anyone know when this sexy beast is going to be released? I'm dying to get hands on with it....
  6. Here's one for ya: happened to a close friend of mine, was playing a cqb game with a WE M9, and it was running smoothly until the slide jammed up about halfway through a cycle and the entire rear end of it blew off into his face, left a nasty bruise on his cheek. Trust WE for quality build!
  7. Does anyone know where I can source some upgrades for a KWA glock 18c? Ideally I'm looking for an extended outer barrel and inner barrel.
  8. Time Left: 3 days and 8 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Barely used WE Scar, only a couple of scratches to paint job. Works flawlessly, absolute fun to shoot, really loud! Includes: Full rifle (currently converted to bullpup, but includes all components to change back) SRC Union Bullpup Kit (Tan) Two leak free mags Spare stock plate (bought a spare one in case the previous one broke)



  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Wanting a Magpul FPG if possible. Will discuss price.


  10. Thanks, and don't worry, the wood stock found a new home eventually as a replacement for an old broken one. The "unskirmishability" is kinda the fun of it I like to think.
  11. surprisingly ok-ish, but the bb kinda goes off into another dimension after about 20ft
  12. Finally it is finished. You may like it or hate it or both. Made from a PPS Mosin nagant, I present the Obrez Pistol (a little inspiration for the design taken from Battlefield 1). Any and all opinions and comments are welcome, I'm fully expecting some people who strongly dislike it, just curious to hear what everyone has to say.
  13. How does one refill the gas in the WE xdm ipsc mag? The base plate has no gas hole and I'm not sure how to get it off without destroying the plate...
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Never used, Armorer works custom pistol. Only taken out the box twice: one for spray painting (excellent job), one for test fire. Never taken to skirmish or even shot in the garden. No scratches, runs perfectly. Includes 1 leak free mag.


  15. Tanaka Colt SAA Bisley Model. Man, this is honestly a fantastic looking and feeling replica.
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