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  1. yup, I have changed to the Guarder Steel p226 sights. They are great! But you can also get tritium ones from them as well.... well i'm glad to help: these parts are guarder (steel): trigger, hammer, magazine catch, takedown lever, decocking lever, slide catch, grip screws, sights, outer barrel, recoil spring, hammer spring, recoil guide rod the slide and frame are guarder as well madbull inner barrel guarder polymer grips that's it so far, i find the stock marui internals run extremely well anyway oh and also try to use Power up gas for best performance
  2. finally finished with this stunning one... Pretty much everything is steel, except slide and frame which are aluminium, and the grips which are the guarder polymer grips (if anyone wants to know, they feel fantastic) Let me know what you think!
  3. Time Left: 1 day and 4 hours

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    Great condition APS Saliant arms Cam870 Mk1. These are pretty hard to come by as the Mk2 and Mk3 have taken over the market. Includes the following: Soft carry case Two mk1 shells shell catcher buttstock extension plates shell carrier for stock Co2 charger with nozzle spare wads and caps to get you started manual


  4. No worries! Glad to be of assistance. It is very possible that the slide catch is loose or the spring is damaged and it is moving up and down as you fire, that seems like your best bet. The small screw may not fix the slide catch issue, but it may solve problems that could appear in the future. On the WE/TM question, the WE is practically a clone of the TM but with looser tolerances. So most parts probably would fit, I have not tired. Some parts may need modification though, such as the inner barrel I know has a slightly shorter arrangement of the hop up bucking slots. But I do know for sure that the mags are 100% interchangeable, so thats a good side at least.
  5. might not be useful, but maybe troubleshoot the following: slide catch spring might be weakened after use, if so take it out and stretch it a bit or get a new one the missing screw is to hold up the nozzle frame, so replacing that will be a good shout the hop up piece that broke off is very common, mine did the exact same. However i have had no slide catch issues, so it is definitely not due to the broken hop up. Have you taken the grips completely off? the p226 has an annoying trait that everything is exposed when the grips are off, which can cause things to come loose, so make sure everything is where it should be under the grips and the grips themselves are on tight.
  6. Time Left: 2 hours and 54 minutes

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    Barely used WE Scar, only a couple of scratches to paint job. Works flawlessly, absolute fun to shoot, really loud! Includes: Full rifle (currently converted to bullpup, but includes all components to change back) SRC Union Bullpup Kit (Tan) Two leak free mags Spare stock plate (bought a spare one in case the previous one broke)




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    Looking for one not damaged


  8. nice idea, but waaaaaay overbudget. I'm currently even less than half the price of that
  9. Just decided to start making a little project of a TM P226. Wanna make it as realistically looking and weighty, so here is the list so far: Guarder aluminium licensed frame and slide, railed, aiming to have it cerakoted steel hammer/recoil spring polymer grips steel hammer steel trigger steel trigger lever steel decocking lever steel slide catch steel hex screws for grip steel sights steel takedown lever steel outer barrel Any other suggestions to make this as stunning and as heavy as possible?
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Almost new, barely uses Hawsan double barrel shotgun. Lovely real wood, very hefty gun. Includes two later design shells that work a lot better than the old versions.


  11. Quick question: do real steel p08 grips fit the tanaka p08?
  12. Can anyone tell me which flash hider looks the closest to this one? This photo is a real steel flash hider, so anything that's close enough it good.
  13. Make/brand: APS/SAI Any accessories included: shell catcher, co2 charger and nozzle, 2 mk1 shells, spare wads and caps, buttplate extensions, shell holder for stock. Pictures: Great condition, almost no scratches, fully working.
  14. Fully working, barely any scratches, two mk1 shells, bunch of accessories including shell catcher, co2 charger and shell holder.
  15. Is the MK1 SAI cam870 a still wanted gun? I can't seem to find many on the market, but nor has anyone really tired to sell them. I am planning to maybe sell mine at some point in the future, and it would help if someone could give me a good price to set it at.
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