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  1. If you're going to incessantly chase after people trying to buy a RIF that you seemingly:

    A) Can't afford the asking price of.
    B) Likely aren't of age to have sold to you.
    C) Can't be bothered to use proper English.

    Please do so in private messages so we don't all have to read your pretty embarrasing scattershotting.







    without interruption; constantly.

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    2. GenuineGerman


      the highlight for me as a youth was getting the chips wrapped with the page 3 girl

    3. strykerles


      too expensive for a chippy nowadays, nearly £8 for cod and chips here


      old chippy by me if you went in just before closing you could do a deal on whatever was left


      Had 2 jumbo sausage, large chips, mini fish and 2 scallops for £2 😆

    4. Shamal


      Our mam used to send us up the chippy on a Friday night for a shillings worth of chips and some free fish scraps for the cat. We never had a cat! 

      What we did enjoy though was the batter that fell of the fish and into the drip tray. The chippy would always give us kids a free bag. My god it was swimming in oil lol. 

      Bag of smiths salted crisps was 3d and had the little blue twisted salt packet in bag. Happy days🙂



  2. Hi mate do u still have your s&t gbb if so could u post it 

    1. Hunk1080


      Not sure what advert you mean but if is marked complete then it is sold. 

  3. I was on ab the we hk416 

    1. Max-Harvey


      Sorry pal. Long gone 

  4. Hi would u be able to post ur mws u had for Sale please 

    1. Fabio


      I’m afraid this sold Well over two years ago.

  5. Hi mate would u be able to post ur m4 

  6. Hi mate the we m4 u have for 230 could u post plz 

  7. For the mkm m4 could u post and does it come with any xtra mags 

  8. Open bolt m4 what needs doing to the mags and does all work no could u post plz thx

    1. DrFumbles


      Hi mate this was sold a long time ago. The ad should say completed.

  9. Hi mate could u do ur we m4 with mags and post for 300 

  10. Hi mate with the gbbr l119a2 could u do with 6 mags and post to me for 300

  11. Hi mate could u do the tm m4 lot for 300 and post with hard case please mate with mags also 

  12. We mk18 package could u post 

  13. Hi mate could u do the tan we m4 with 6 mags with all the attachments and hard case and post for 300 plz it’s something I really want for my bday 

  14. For ur hk416 could u do 300 with postage plx mate 

    1. Spicy boi

      Spicy boi

      The 416 is long gone, sorry

  15. Hi mate for the bcm would u do 300 with postage plz pal

    1. Ryder777


      It sold a while back bud. sorry

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