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  1. Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the club..... The fire selector switch finish is pants on them all... Mine was kinda the same and I'm sure other peoples are too... The castle nut is hit and miss though.. I suspect your's just got tightened with a tad more vigour... believe you me if you need to tighten it with s Marui spanner it will mark anyway.... it's just the nature of the pot metal that Marui use,..
  2. Crikey! Those FPS figures with 0.48’s are scary high. I would not like to be on the end of one of those that’s for sure lol. By the way, what gas are you using and at what temperature was your test done at?
  3. On the topic of hop rubbers there are a few GBBR ones you can use but the general consensus is the standard Marui hop rubber works well with the SIX-G nub. This is the combo I run with time and time again...
  4. Hey Spartan, Looks like airsoftworld have a new CNC hammer in made by CTM and it's £14.95. They say it's quote "full CNC'd steel meaning it's rock solid and won't break unlike other 'alloy' made counterparts. It's even QPQ hardened (Google it :)) for extra durability and corrosion resistance". https://www.airsoftworld.net/ctm-steel-hammer-for-the-aap-01-and-tokyo-marui-glock-compatibles.html
  5. The more I keep looking the more I want one... I mean I don't need it but I just want one....
  6. I actually use a Crazy Jet barrel in my MK23 and goodness me it's frightening how good of an upgrade that little tube is...
  7. I read somewhere that ASG manufacture their own BBs too. It was on some blog somewhere but then again anyone can write a blog eh and claim whatever. In terms of how many OEMs there are, 3 has always been the so called number floating around as @Adolf Hamstermentioned above. One in Japan, one or two in Taiwan (BLS and ???) and now maybe ASG in Europe. Also different finishes are applied to different brands which correlates to better performance and higher prices which would explain why these few OEMs can produce different lines of BB quality.
  8. My thoughts exactly, it’s not an exact science. The Nuprols which buggered up my MWS and got chopped in my recoils were 0.28’s. Yet i contacted Eagle6 and KoA and they swear by Nuprol 0.30’s saying they’ve never had issues with them The only conclusion is either I had a dodgy batch or the 0.28g weight just has issues.🤷🏻‍♂️ I concur with G&G 0.28’s. They are damn good and use them in everything except in the 417. Incidentally, I have a few packs of 0.3 G&G too but they are grey in colour. No one can see those coming 😂. I use them exclusively in the PTW although it can lift up to 0.4 easy but then it gets expensive 😂
  9. Actually AATV and Clearwater did some Bio BB tests at Inrange just recently. The video is online too. Makes for some interesting viewing. I’d skip towards the end though for their conclusions (just saying). Oooooh on a side note, the NGRS MP5 looked good too. As did the upgraded NGRS MK18 and also the MWS and the TM AKM. Oh blimey I didn’t realise they used all TM’s for their testing. Well there’s a coincidence if ever there was one 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  10. Well this is am interesting topic which comes up time and time again as there isn't a definitive answer... My view is simple... A BB is like a box of chocolates... You won't know how it will perform until you get it out of the box and try it in your pew pew. Yes there are other factors too such as the set up of your pew pew or even the atmospheric conditions that will have a material affect either positive or negative. I have tried many different brands of BB and I've now settled for two only.. G&G and Geoffs... I won't touch Nuprols with a barge pole coz in my opinion they smash too easily especially with the MWS (just don't get me started on that topic), they caused feeding issues in my NGRS mags even had chopped BB's coming out of my recoils and when I tried them in my PTW what an absolute joke they were. Interestingly, I've heard some good remarks about the Ares Amoeba Diamond Precision BB's but haven't tried them. On the topic of upgraded recoils......believe it or not I still have one stock, untouched by mortal hands, MK18 sat in it's box. I have deliberately left it that way for when I play any indoor games (which I still have't yet) but also to remind myself how good a stock TM is. However, and here comes the 'BUT' given an option I will always go out with my 'Scottish' TM as it's just stupidly good out in the field...Yes it's upgraded to the hilt and yes it's accuracy and groupings are pretty good and yes the BB hit's its target approx 70fps faster than my stock TM. Now, the question is...... will a stock TM perform just as good at say average engagement distances of 40m to 50m? Yes no doubt. But, when you start acquiring targets over 60m then that's when the upgrades seem to be effective. My 417 is another example... it's tuned to 450fps/R-Hop and it's internals have again been ripped out... There is nothing TM at all inside that gearbox. However, it's range and groupings accuracy is astounding. Stick a 0.2g BB in for a laugh and you will not even see it leave the barrel. Stick a 0.4g Geoffs and you can just see the bb in flight... I do know one thing though at some point down the line that Prommy piston will probably fail due to the extreme battering it's getting.... that's just a trade off as far as I am concerned..
  11. That should be an Airsoft patch 😂
  12. Oh my bad.... what was I thinking of? I of all people should know better 🤪 of course it's 250mm and not 275mm 🙄
  13. Welcome to the MWS crazy... Firstly well done on reading all the posts.... there's a lot of information floating around on this thread. Yes it can be daunting but the end result will pay dividends... What FPS are you getting with the 330mm inner barrel. Surely that's gonna bump up the FPS by a fair amount compared to the stock 275mm barrel. Oh, your MWS looks epic! Nice choice of furniture
  14. Anvil Airsoft TV and Clearwater Airsoft did a BIO BB test on various airsoft gnus two of which were the AKM and the MWS. Phil Bucknell of Clearwater Airsoft really likes the AKM and he quoted that it's really growing on him . Oh, the results of the BB test which are interesting too lol
  15. They all do that. There is a wee gap/play, I'd say a mm, between the upper and lower receiver. It's just the way the MWS is put together. The MWS is designed as a quick release breakdown which is why the locking pin isn't super tight. I'd not worry about... Just enjoy the rifle and have a blast...
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