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  1. Gentlemen, Can someone explain how you run the MWS on propane? Are any special mods needed to the mags or the MWS itself? I did a quick chrono using Abbey Ultra on 0.2's and was getting between 330-336 (only did about 20 shots)...Will propane take the fps over 350 so not advisable? Abbey also do Sniper and Vertex gas, so was wondering if any of these are recommended? I believe these high power gases have no lubricants so will this mean additional maintenance may be needed after each game? thx
  2. Quick 1 min makeover.... Think it’s an improvement?
  3. Well I’m officially in the club. And it’s my first two tone gun ever 😂. The deal was simply too good to pass up. Thank you to the seller who sold it. You’re a gentleman sir! And before anyone says, it’s green. I know. The chap was not UKARA registered when he bought it in March and it’s never been skirmished with either. Anyway, I’ve a CTR stock to replace the cheap plastic marui one and I’ll add a DD defence rail once I get a PTS barrrel spacer. In the mean time I’ll take the rail off my sopmod. They are the same I do believe. And, OMG, the recoil/blowback. Bloody hell!
  4. I’m just flabbergasted it has that sort of range. I mean some AEGs can’t shoot that far! Stick in a longer barrel with a tight bore which goes to the end of the suppressor and you have a decent bit of kit there i hazard to guess.
  5. Hey P4radox, You're get 317 fps using a 0.3g bb with just a barrel upgrade?
  6. Very, very nice Mr R! I do like how your build has turned out... that rail looks well sweet I must say and the Magpul furniture complements it nicely.. 'The best gun you have had the pleasure of ever owning..........?' I wonder how I'll feel pitting one up against my PTW and KoA 416? I'm quite excited to find out soon...
  7. I saw that the mags were back too.... something like £52 each... blimey! Is that the normal price?
  8. OK, devil advocate or just being plain Lucifer.... In a court of law it would be difficult to prove malice or otherwise... Why? Well, the defense can argue the gun should not have been placed on the ground. It would have been prudent to have it propped up against a tree or in another secure/safe location. Therefore by placing a camouflaged gun on the ground it may make it difficult to see it in the heat of battle as your focus is on the target so anyone could have mistaken it for a fallen branch or a tree root's. Conversely the case for the prosecution can argue he saw it being placed on the
  9. I’ll be joining the club soon chaps. What have I gone and done 😊
  10. I'll be down tomorrow to collect it buddy... Will pm you details of times later..
  11. May I buy this off you please? PM Sent too..
  12. I was playing around with an E&L the other weekend and was mighty impressed by its handling and also the fact it’s made of metal mostly with real wood hand guards. I mean the thing had some serious weight to it that’s for sure.
  13. Indeed it is as is all of HAO’s kits. The kit won’t improve you as a player or make you hit your target each and every time. But as all the youngsters say these days... it’s well sick.
  14. Teeth and bite marks and love bites happen all the time when you go away for a days airsoft. #justsayingwhatamatesaid
  15. Omg that’s appalling! What’s wrong with people these days? I mean what the actual fcuk! That was deliberate no question there.
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