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  1. That’s fine. That will work. In fact I have one in my parts box. . That GBB purple prommy is supposed to work very well with the prommy hop arm too. I have one of those too in the parts box but never got round to trying it. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/first-factory-strike-hop-arm-for-marui-m4a1-mws
  2. Only a GBB rubber will fit.
  3. I’m using the same batteries in my 50 shades of Tan. The gun starts firing as soon as you look at it. 😂.
  4. I’d stick to the Marui rubber truth be told. I used the tan modify one and it lasted a few hundred rounds. It may well have been the rubber was a dodgy one, who knows. The Marui is spot on. Always keep a few in the tool box from now.
  5. Exactly. You’d think a 285 FPS 0.3 bb would them churn out the equivalent 0.20 bb at 350fps but my tests clearly showed that was not happening. With an AEG definitely the relationship would be almost linear as you said in your post. GBBRs are not an exact science. They are just fun to use. Here is a thought. It could well be the quality of the 0.2bbs they were Excels and pretty old too. Dare I say it about 6-7 yrs old maybe more. I do have some newer 0.2s so I’ll give them a go at the weekend and see what transpires.
  6. Guys, I did some FPS testing way back in January using a G&P BCG and a Marui BCG. For those who want to know what power you get from using Abbey Ultra Predator gas (the one that comes in a red can) see the attached pic. I did some testing using 0.3 Geoffs and 0.2 Excels at a temperature of 20c (I do believe). The left side shows a G&P bolt carrier group. On the right is the standard Marui bolt. The max figure for the G&P bolt was 387fps!! With the Marui bolt it was 329fps on 0.2s. Interesting results eh? The mag was filled up each time fresh of course which explains th
  7. Well that would be a daft thing if ever there was one 😂. 0.48’s? Damn that’s expensive plastic! I run 0.4s in the 417 and I cry each time I miss.
  8. I may have jinxed this, but my Angry Gun variable nozzle seems to work fine once it was set up properly.. How long the nozzle valve stays in one piece and doesn't get ejected out the front barrel is another story
  9. Nope... just type in used and see what pops up. I should have clarified my statement and said I was looking for used airsoft before I typed in Airsoft see what the search result shows
  10. Type in used airsoft into the search bar in ebay and see what pops up as the first return search result 😂 edit: Type used into the search bar before you type in airsoft.
  11. Ahhhhh Jedi logic Actually the Marui Devgru is a bloody good looking gun and that can’t be denied. Amen.
  12. I wonder if the whole design thing was something to do with the official Daniel Defense licensing? Let’s face it the design is just bonkers as surely TM knows us boys like to tinker with our pew pews. It’s not logical. Anyway, it's an old story so "Move Along Nothing to See" to coin an expression 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Anyone who has a MK18 MWS here is a tool which can remove the barrel nut and fits perfectly according to a post on the Marui thread on Facebook
  14. Nice one Squire. I still can’t believe that gave you an extra 60fps. Flipping amazing what a good barrel and hop rubber can do. Also a bit of Sam’s magic too. Plus a fried Mars bar thrown into the gearbox too 😂
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