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  1. Great to see the TM finally producing the SD6, I expect the RAS version will be next or even one with a full stock... Sadly getting hold of the original MP5 is still a tad of a ball ache! Good to see that the mags are slowly becoming available too... Awesome @JamesWills. That's the first I've seen of the insides of the MP5 gearbox.... Other than what you said in your post was the tear down straightforward? I'll have to have a look for that video just for educational purposes of course Hope you managed to bottle that Marui Pixie dust
  2. Well that's new.... well more so interesting to say the least. I'll have a look at my spare nozzles later and see if they have one or two indents.. I'm surprised there are 2 variations though.... Most unusual!
  3. A longer barrel will increase your FPS... there is a lot of info in this thread where it's been talked about.... Of course change your stock nub for either a SixG brass nub or the laylax strike arm (which I happen to have a spare one laying around lol) but seriously both work well... However, it's likely things like your nozzle spring may fatigue out more quickly so be prepared to swap that out at some time... One other thing, where I play any DMR has to be locked to SEMI.... Let us know what FPS you get out of your setup when you do it...

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    Hello Folks and Macks UPDATE: Barrel and Hand guard sold I have decided that I have far too many RIFS so it's time to scale back the collection to only MARUI's . I may consider selling the bits separately (mags, folding stock, RIF) but figured I'd see if anyone want's the complete package first so bear with me whilst I write this essay. 1. This is my Magpul PTS Masada. It's had limited use (I'd say less 10 games over the time I've had it). The RIF is in lovely condition and has not been abused. A few scuffs on the metal parts and body pins but that's to be expected... the body is immaculate and it works as it should. It has been maintained by myself and the only upgrades is the hop and a spring (again done by your's truly). The RIF shoots a consistent 341-343 FPS, 1.09J with 0.2bbs. The retail price of the RIF when new was £399! 2. Secondly a box of 10 Magpul PTS EMAGS.... Think they were around £75 at the time... So how do I price all this up? I will go for the 70% rule on this as I guess that's fair considering the condition of the package. 1. Masada (used) £280 RRP £399 2. Mags £50 'ish RRP £75 3. Folding Stock £50'ish RRP £70 Total Price £380 RRP £544 The original non folding stock is also available and I will include that with the sale... For the whole package I will call it an even £330 if that helps..? The price is a picked up price just so you know. Now, I am quite hesitant to post this and would prefer someone to try the RIF out and make sure they are happy with it.... I'll make sure I have a bottle of beer in the fridge chilling too . Please also have a valid defence when buying this.... Ta cheers AlphaBear!


    Milton Keynes

  5. Just out of curiosity which brand of gas routers did you buy?
  6. Awesome dude. That’s the one I was thinking off. I’ll get one of those ordered. Cheers.
  7. The mag was starting to get very cold on the third load so once that load was done I waited a few mins and power seemed to go up again. Of course it was the effects of the cool down coming into play there. Now to buy a Odin adapter for the MWS. Thumb plunging is so old Skool
  8. Drum Roll time…….. So I lobbed off 3.5cm off the bottom of the flow tube. That easily left 3cm of tubing past the bottom of the in-fill brass valve. I managed to get 23g of gas into the mag (more than double what I was previously getting)… now comes the number of shots I got off… wait for it….. 158 shots!!! Yep! You read that right… One hundred and fifty bloody Eight! And there was still gas left in the mag. Although the last 10 shots were kinda meh! So I’d say easily 4 full mags with good power and then the last mag with diminishing power. I’ll have to set my chrono up tomorrow if I have time and see what the FPS consistency is like. One more important point to note. I was testing with 0.2g ASG devils. I’ll try 0.28’s tomorrow as that will be more representative of the weight I play with. Happy days ya’ all
  9. None of my plumbing is mini in my humble opinion 😂😂 (oh lord I’ve just lowered the tone of this thread) 😂 Absolutely agree I’ll ensure no nasties are in the tube before I put it all together. Talking of pipe cutters I’ve just found this at screwfix https://www.screwfix.com/p/3-28mm-manual-multi-material-pipe-cutter/49428?tc=KT5&ds_kid=92700055262507126&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4cDSyden9wIVkb7tCh0pOwF-EAQYASABEgKoH_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. I was gonna use my dremel and all the plethora of gubbins that come with it. Plus a black and decker workbench to hold the tube in place. I mean I have to justify all the power tools I have right? Lol
  11. So I took the Valve out and figured I’d take 4cm off the bottom of the infill tube. That should leave a clear 2.5cm past the infill valve more than enough stop any liquid gas from accidentally flowing into the RIF itself.
  12. The TM plastic bushes are a weak link....they wear out quickly... as you are throwing so many rounds in such a short period the heat caused by the friction of the gear 'pegs' (the bits that go into the bushes) will wear the holes out more quickly which in turn will cause additional play/wobble in the gears which in turn will help exacerbate the wear on the gears.... as you said quite rightly once the TM gears go again replace with prommy and that includes the bushes too...
  13. Gotcha....that explains to 10-12s fill and no more.... I will mod one and test it and once I'm happy I'll do the other five .... however I will leave at least 2cm of the fill tube past the end of the fill valve so that I can still safely have the the expansion area for the gas....
  14. @SSPKali Are you mags standard or have you done the green gas mod?
  15. I’d totally vent all the mags and stick abbey maintenance into the mags and leave for a few days. 10 shots is totally bonkers. Something is amiss is an understatement. If the Abbey maintenance doesn’t work then there is a fault with your fill valves. But I’d try something like abbey predator first being a stronger gas. If that fails then take the flow valve out and apply some maintenance to it or replace it. Not sure if it’s a hard to come by item but knowing Marui it may well be. As @C-Diddy put it eloquently your WE gas can maybe be tits 😂 . Talking of gasses has anyone tried the ultra air gas that patrol base sells? It’s always on offer at 2 cans for like £11’ish.
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