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  1. Apparently the knickers bars are full of nuts. Oops typo. I meant snickers 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Bribery with flowers always helps
  3. There was a chap selling a SF2 here... don't know if its still here or sold... could be worth a punt? I have both a RS EoTech 557 and a COMP M2 and can never decide which one to bloody use lol. If I'm being honest the old school M2 just looks the biz as its so Black Hawk Down if you get my drift...
  4. There is a MWS thread in the gas guns section... Ask this question there and close this thread...
  5. I just clicked on it..... oh sweet lord! Dude! that's epic! You're missing a Bugsy Malone gangster gun!
  6. Lockdown boredom.... that's all I;m gonna say.... it does strange things to ones mind....😂 Wait, was he by any chance classed as a speedsofter?
  7. I ended up buying a bunch of tan NGRS PAMGS.... yup tan.... and guess what? I've got no tan gun for them to go on.... you can see where I'm going with this.... lockdown boredom is bad.... Doomed I tell ya doomed.... Ohhhhh Enfield
  8. Coming along nicely. Have you decided on the optics yet?
  9. I swore to myself i wouldn’t buy another one...... but I did. Darn it. Hey ho I suppose. But that’s it. No more.... honest, really, I mean it. Oh bugger it’s my birthday next month. I’m doomed! 😂
  10. Haha another Finmere player. Welcome To this crazy brother!
  11. MWS grip. I’m trying to get it off, the grip that is, just thought I’d clarify that quickly 😂 I’ve had a look at the Eagle6 getting it off video (sounds so wrong) but wanted to know which Allen key is needed to get the blasted bolt off. I don’t want to buy a new ratchet set if I can help it though. Oh figured I’d change the Marui grip for a tan Magpul MOE grip (GBBR version). Ta
  12. For some reason I googled bitch slap (no idea why) and this came up. Is that a TM recoil and a TM Glock 17 and what I assume is a TM samurai or have I got that wrong? 🤔 Looks like a great gun movie? Right lads?
  13. Remember the good old days when we used to talk about people’s TM recoils and ripping the guts out of them and slapping in so many upgrades that the TM fairies all died in a horrible prommy death and then trying to sell the gun for £1k coz that’s how much was spent on it. Don’t ya miss them days. Don’t ya? <Insert TM fairy dust emoji> And in other news..... Elsa has popped up to build a snowman coz of the abundant snowflakes falling 😂😂😂 Edit: Now I can’t get that bloody song out my head.... see what you’ve all gone and done 😂.
  14. This is the best I can do using my iPhone. Trying to focus on the reticle was a pain. As we all know the EOTech reticule image is made up of lots of holographic dots. It’s not a perfect reticule and there is a small amount of flare if that’s the right word to use.
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