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  1. Try the sales forums and people used to sell them all the time!
  2. @Davegolftime to lube the MWS as it's not been used in over a year! Gunsav and gun oil in all the usual places?
  3. Back after 16 months....What have I missed? Still the same old same old? 

    1. ruskitseller


      Things change but the general gist of things doesn't. Everything is temporary I suppose. :D

    2. Rogerborg


      Airsoft is on its last warning, all sites are rubbish, everyone should be banned.


      Fine other than that. ;) 

    3. AlphaBear


      Just like the gym where I've been spending my time!

      Oh and thinking about air rifle target shooting now...

  4. Not been online here for almost a year! What have I missed in the MWS world?
  5. Japan and HK is your best shot.... having said that even impulse101 have many TM parts out of stock....
  6. That’s actually a good way of looking at having a backup. Make sure it’s another primary coz let’s face it you don’t really want to be playing with a rif which is cheap and cheerful and which just ruins the rest of your day. Of course as it’s already been mentioned it’s also down to one’s financial standing and I appreciate times ain’t easy for many folk.
  7. You know it needs a socom 556 tan suppressor just fyi
  8. Lovely! We should make this into a show us your recoil thread or something like that
  9. I too have just learned something today! Never really thought about the temperature differential between a gas bottle and the magazine. Now i have to figure out a way of vigorously rubbing the gas bottles in the safe zone before I fill up the mags. Although I hazard to guess I may get some strange looks
  10. I had an unfortunate episode with Nuprol BBs smashing in my MWS which then caused a BB train wreck causing it to bugger up! Luckily I took one of my Marui recoils with me and then continued playing well into the afternoon... Moral of the story... always have a backup when it comes to GBBRs..
  11. Don’t forget the Seal Team loadout too. 😂
  12. Years ago there used to be a woodland site off the A508 J15 somewhere between Stoke Bruerne and Yardley Gobion. It was a friendly site from what I recall and a good bunch of people.... These days it's Finmere for me but that's still a 40mins drive... I'd be interested depending on dates of course....
  13. Funny you should say that, a mate of mine, who shall remain nameless, said similar. He bought a KWA Ronin T10 too and actually preferred it over his TM’s. Actually his wife nicked it come to think of it as she said it was lighter than the TMs.
  14. What I meant is that as long as you don’t spam on semi you don’t really need a mosfet. But yes, agreed generally the mosfet helps hands down with many things but it’s really not necessary. I have 3 titans in 3 of my recoils and the other 3 are without mosfet. The 50 shades below does not have a Titan and if I’m being honest I prefer the feel of the original so called mechanical trigger. Although, I do appreciate the hairline trigger on the mosfet when my fingers have frostbite lol
  15. . If you want more immersion then only use 30 round mid caps. Change out the recoil weight for a heavier one to give you more of a kick. And best of all you don’t need a MOSFET if you’re sticking to semi.
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