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  1. I hope you kept your social distancing! lol
  2. I have one TM (I think) which I bastardised beyond recognition. It's a mismash of all sorts... Think it's got a M16 stock, and some ICS tactical SIR hand guard rail and other bit's I can't recall. I wonder if it still works? All I remember was how heavy it weighed.....
  3. OMG, MP5 A2.... I used to have one of them.... then broke it... still have the bits laying in a box somewhere I think.... then got a MP5 RAS which I still have until this day.... last thing I remember it was shooting 325 when the site limits were 330 in the good old days....lol
  4. £1700? Where is it? More importantly what is it?
  5. Bloody gorgeous is that! It would look nice with my two 6 inch infinities
  6. Mine was approx 30,000 JPY so that's why it got flagged up....oh well hey ho....
  7. Oooooooh, Rhop is the king? Does this mean all other hops are peasants? Maybe Sade installed this Rhop? There's a thought.... 😂 " Rhop installed = amazing range with the stock speed. I don't tell you the range as you will say I lie...... .....Nice blowback, stopping when no more bb's in the mag, Rhop is the king"
  8. That's totally pants! Have you called parcelfarce? It's probably sat in the Customs hub in Coventry. There should be a number to call the customs dept. My bits arrived a few days ago after I paid the customs charge and handling fee.
  9. I don't get it.... why would anyone want to trade the said honey badger (pic attached) for an AEG? Is the honey badger great for woodland or CQB or has he an overwatch sniper capability? Soooooo confused! Or maybe he has a Titan in his pouch... hmmmmmmmm
  10. Oh mine is simple... my Systema PTW! She's a lovely when she's working but a right biatch when she breaks down and costs a fortune to make right...
  11. Yeah it was a status update. Thing is the software I believe asks you to update as soon as you start it so one naturally does it I guess.
  12. All this arrived today. The plan was to buy two spanners and an air nozzle. Ended up buying more stuff than I was planning to upgrade. However, in my defence I managed to stop buying new gears and shims though lol.
  13. There was a post a day or two ago on here saying not to update the Titan firmware as it would stop the gun from firing....
  14. I'll take a look at these.... very handy indeed! Exactly, The plan is wanting to hot swap the springs in one gun (TM 417)...
  15. Yeah I guess you're right, I'd better practice how to solder I hazard to guess.... However, my needs are simple, all I want is to point and shoot and not worry about contacts buggering up and nothing fancy is needed like pre-cocking or AB as I'll only be playing woodland and not CQB... However, I do like the idea of being able to lock a rifle to semi only for DMR without having to manually take the gearbox apart... that's sexy! Oh apologies if I've dragged the thread off topic... We were supposed to discuss why techs don't like Titans..
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