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  1. I didn't know where else to post.... I just got to play with a TM MK46! Oh sweet lord what a beast!. I felt like Arnie from Predator just pumping out those BB's. This gun is simply insane... I can only dream of owning one! Damn that Marui fairy dust!
  2. PM semt re vertical Tan Grip
  3. Sorry, but what generation is that again? 😂
  4. After watching the Will Smith Aladdin movie last night on Disney, I got my TM Gen 3 out and started to rub it in a manner in which it shouldn't be rubbed in the hope that it would turn into a Gen 4. Believe you me when I say this, one a moment it did... but then I could have just imagined it due to the fact my hands were getting a tad hot... You just can't make this sh#t up can you lol...
  5. Did the Apache come with a teepee and some bow and arrows? 🤔
  6. My update is a tad less exciting than @SeniorSpaz87's update lol... suffice to say I may have just pulled the trigger on yet another TM recoil but this time a 416D.. I figured I'd just add a suppressor (already have), a vertical grip (already have) and a delta stock (need to find someone selling one) and voila I have a DEVGRU.. (blame Seal Team on SKY....meh)
  7. Great comparison of greases. I've tried Systema Grease, Abbey grease and the Superlube grease. I've found the abbey grease to be disappointing the Systema much better and the SuperLube outstanding. I get a 5fps variation too but that's probably I've not given the gearbox time to settle in.... Oh I get the odd lowball -10fps which I can't explain..but that's after I've done full auto and switch back to semi...
  8. AlphaBear

    Patrol Base

    To be fair they are good, well from my experience they have been good... ! But their stock does seem to move fast!
  9. Resurrecting a slightly older thread but this soldering all-in-one gizmo thing is pretty impressive... although I've learned to solder now lol.. Back to the mosfet discussion, looks likes Warfets are popping back now so I guess the supply chain is beginning to move again which is great news...
  10. The only two tone gun I'll consider is a nerf gun, and a big mother of a nerf gun at that or even a supersoaker! #showusyournerfgun thread! now there's an idea.....
  11. Damn it. There goes that idea..... lol
  12. I'd take up knitting..... no two tone or three tone for me.... Hmmm may even take up becoming a trainee ninja and start using those throwing stars... low fps and low joules... what cold possibly go wrong?
  13. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wasn't there some advert a few years ago about some man's fragrance which went along the lines of:- 'Real Men wear Pink'? ...... No, nope, Nein, Nada, Never lol It's simply a language thing ain't it? Innit? We can forgive Skara right guv?
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