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  1. Would the machined delta ring be the same size?
  2. How would I even install one of these quad rails?
  3. I have no idea though I want to paint the gun with a expensive paint job so I don't want to get some random cheap Chinese rail to get painted. are there any higher quality options?
  4. I saw a couple on Ali exspress , any thoughts?
  5. Does anyone have any idea on how to make the tm mws look as much as possible like the m4a4 from csgo?
  6. Do you think it's even worth going the dmr route? Or is it really that more effective at long ranges?
  7. Hey have any of you guys heard of an app called Gunstruction? its basically a 3D gun constructer where you can build up guns and see what they will look like before you purchase anything and it's Free! (it's what I have been using to decide on how I want my tm to look like)
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