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  1. Perfect! Looking at YTA at Barnsley on Sunday! Thanks for the help. Rob
  2. Good Morning All! I am looking for a site near Sheffield that is going to be running a game day on Sunday... Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! Rob
  3. If I intend to go to a site soon with my mostly old kit, thats been sitting in cases and bags for 10 years, what do I really need to do to the AEGs before taking them out? Test firing is a no no for me sadly! Any advice would be welcome. Thanks, Rob
  4. Is there a specific requirement to use LiPo batteries in specific AEGs, or will either work? Forgive my density on such matters!
  5. I should have asked before I splurged. I will be looking at Lithium in the near future though. Is there specific chargers etc. required for LiPo batteries? Dischargers etc.? Thanks, Rob
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. Its all NIMH batteries. Based on what you have recommended I think middle of the road at 2A would be a good place to be. Thanks again!
  7. Hi All, Been a long time since I have been to a site, but I have recently bought myself some batteries and a charger. The charger has a Charge Rate Selection which can be 0.5, 1, 2, 3.5 and 5A. Which is the best option for charging? Thanks! SPS
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