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  1. I think those pistols which have an insane fire rate can pretty much go to hell On top of that, support weapons like an M249 can go too, because they’re in possession of pretty much the same fps as a standard M4 or a random good quality carbine. Their only advantage may be their amount of bbs that can be stored, but then again,you can get a hi-cap mag for your AR. They’re a waste of space and I don’t see them as a good idea. (Pretty much just Tacticool) Non-hit takers can go too. If that is able to be said That being said, I wouldn’t mind the mag-dumping retards spontaneously combusting either
  2. I started with Justbbguns, and all of their products seem solid enough. Heck, I still have a few of their guns lying around in the attic that were pretty cheap to buy and have stayed together for quite a few years
  3. If he’s a bit loose upstairs I’m guessing it would be worse downstairs
  4. Lmao…There seems to be a joint hatred of scammers on this site, and rightly so. I didn’t think that Mr.Glennie would have carried on his tactic from 2018 for 3 years straight. Must be a bit loose in the head
  5. Has anyone here seen the new Halo infinite multiplayer gameplay or has even joined the live flight? I’d love to find fellow Halo-fans in this forum
  6. Just ordered the Cyma CM.703 in two tone blue (I’m 16) hopefully that will be a nice addition before I hit 18 and can buy a Novritsch Sniper Rifle
  7. I’ve never really had a problem with patches as such, but this may be due to me using ODST patches from the Halo games, which no one really understands anyway lol
  8. I’ve been to skirmish before, but it was quite a while ago. I don’t really remember being able to bring your own equipment with you as the facilities there at the time where hire only. Have there been a change of policies since? (I’ve built up quite a collection of gear and would love to use it) Thanks for the link. It’ll help me a lot.
  9. Hi I’m 16 years old and have been playing airsoft for the past 5 years with my father. Due to recently moving to High Wycombe from Cornwall, I’ve been looking for a good airsoft site within ten miles of me to hopefully relight the dying spark of my love of airsoft. If anyone could recommend a site nearby or in Wycombe (other than Skirmish Wycombe), I would be immensely grateful.
  10. If you’re new to the sport, one thing you’re going to have to decide on beforehand is your role. For a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend becoming a committed sniper unless you or your son have a lot of time at home and a big garden to practice shooting with your rifles quite often. I would advise you look into DMRs and electric carbines for starting new to the sport. Try to avoid tacky plastic guns often found in the pre £100 price range I’d also advise you to not go for the cool blackout loadout often used by SWAT and SAS. I mainly play games in the night, which is why I tend to dabble in that field, but beginners would want to go for something between MTP and DPM (different types of camo-MTP is lighter coloured and DPM is darker and more forest-like)
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