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  1. If I was to go full ham I’d probably buy the Peltor IV, quite like the look of them but before doing that are there alternatives? Im not fussed about having cans as I’ll be wearing a breathable cap (reduce that bloody fogging!) and a Delta Mike mask unless there’s a pressing reason for them. I’d read people using baofang uv-5r but some didn’t like them for some reason?
  2. Even with the 7.4 slim in there it’s abit of a pain in the ass and the butt plate seems to need jamming in against the wiring which can’t be a good thing! is there kind of any 1-2cm extension plates perhaps to allow a little room without going full stock etc? It’s the PDW version
  3. Can anyone recommend an 8.4v battery that’s slimmer than the original one that came with my galaxy that would still fit given the mosfet wiring etc? One on left is a 1200 mah 7.4v 20c one on right is an 8.4v 1100 mah ni-mh Shop replaced with a 7.4v but I’m wondering if that would reduce performance at all?
  4. For reference it’s a Umarex ps I’ve ordered, see if it fits!
  5. Hard not to say glock when it’s in the title 😃
  6. Wanting to mount a vortex venom red dot and I found this kinda thing but then wonder how I’d holster it, maybe something to go with it, what do others do? Or there are the dovetail fittings but mines a Glock 17 gen 5
  7. So I can confirm that the Emerson holster works a treat, even more so with a one point sling with QD also! This is with a x3 + Sparc + mag! Ordered on eBay came from China in about 10 days surpringly I added a picatinny QD offset mount for the one point sling I added meaning one press of the QD buckle and I’ve instant access to the Galaxy. Now I’m able to throw the rif to the rear with an Emerson 2 point sling and switch to the MP5K in a matter of seconds. There are also two straps with the holster I can thread through the trigger area but you can get away with just the one point sling which is perfect! The other use of the one point is to act as lanyard but also at a push just let the mp5 go and transition to the rif. If I know I’m moving for a while I put one of the straps on for good measure, is also holds a MP5 mag which is very useful, when it’s on I barely feel it. There’s also quick a thick non slip thigh strap too which is solid. It also also strong Velcro straps in the perfect position and fits into a combat belt perfectly. I also had the strike system but taking that back as its cumbersome and it hangs too low down, it’s hard to get it higher and seemed to hit my knees. It might be possible to adjust it more but there are some holding covers that get in the way.
  8. Just an update on the ESS they defo seem to be doing the job, even switched off they fog less than others I’ve tried……that said there not as premium as other goggles I own like blueye sos supercell or Wiley spear but I saw the ex fog and imagine those extractors work wonders but at the price and bulk of them I’ll probably make my own somehow
  9. Is there a performance benefit in a 8.4 version? I’ve a mosfet inside also so the stock battery had to be removed to allow a slimmer one in there
  10. it’s a nuprol 1200mah 7.4v 20c skim deans
  11. I’ve a second 7.4v battery in its packet still but I’ve seen people using 8.4v, should I be taking it back to swap for an 8.4?
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014MKQDBS/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_779HRXR7A3MATNXK777K assuming the above fits but can’t find stock anywhere, does anyone else know where I can find one of these to fit my Galaxy MP5K? And also any spare pins as ones dropped out of mine already
  13. That’s the one, eject eject!! https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/strike-adjustable-thigh-holster-for-scorpion-m11-or-mp9-black Wonder if that one could work
  14. There are other defences other than UKARA that aren’t as highly recognised so getting a shop to accept is tricky. But in this case the dad should be going out there with him, there nothing stopping them buying guns used either is there until the 2 months/3x games is up? What a great excuse for a dad to be able to get out there and play toy solider for a few hours great bonding opportunities Roger might sound like he’s being a stickler above but he’s right…..even 18 yr olds with UKARA have a high % chance of being a nob trying to show off to his mates outside unfortunately, can’t imagine what younger lads would be like, I’ve no doubt the OP has his head on his shoulders but plenty won’t be
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