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  1. Appreciate the response. From the responses I have got I understand I need to look into getting a new motor, a mosfet and a higher voltage battery. As for the motor, how do I tell whether the motor I chose is better or worse than the Big Dragon? I'm using this video as a guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc4IUdgeW4E and it's the reason I chose the Inifinity CNC motor. I'll probably get a battery that's suggested in the video too unless you guys could maybe give me some starting points for each? So far I have the option of the infinity CNC or the Big Dragon for the motor but I have no clue what to look into in regards to mosfets or batteries.
  2. I had a look into what I can upgrade on my gun and what I have settled with is trying to increase it's trigger response and fire rate. Problem is I have no clue if what I am about to do will harm any other components and I want to be sure it won't mess up my gun before I do it. The gun I own is a Specna Arms SA-C08 CORE™ Carbine AEG. The current upgrade it has is a replaced spring which is now a M105. The motor I want to buy is this ASG Infinity CNC, specifically the U-45000 (as I read that the number corresponds to the motor RPM and I want the highest fire rate possible without breaking things). https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-infinity-cnc-motor I also want to decrease trigger response time but I'm unsure exactly what I would need to buy for that.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely be getting a chrono before I change anything then. 0.28 - 0.33 BBs? I always figured 0.25s were the hottest single in the area. A good mixture of range and speed but I'll have a look more into that. Thanks for clarifying in regards to the barrel length. That was something I was premptively going to upgrade thinking extending it would increase my range. So to sum up your advice. Clean your barrel. Buy a chrono. Don't upgrade the barrel is necessarily but you can replace it. Use good heavier BBs. Maybe upgrade your hopper. Is there a step by step way you think I should go about upgrading then? I appreciate you going into detail but this is a lot for some who knows basically nothing about this stuff. Spoke to a few sellers in Airsoft shops and people from different sources who all were telling me that getting an M115 would be fine. They said not to get M120 though. I also went to a site after this upgrade and the gun fell within restrictions. I was told some things are dependent on others so for example if I were to use a M140 spring on a stock motor it would lower its life due to the much increased resistance right? So if I replace the motor would I need to replace anything else? Also what would upgrading the motor do exactly? More power or would it just shoot faster? Also I'll have a look into all the stuff you mentioned. Thanks for the advice. 👍
  4. That's the thing, I haven't properly made my mind up yet so I'm still considering my options. I want a mixture of both. A gun that can be tuned to hit those ranges for a DMR setup but also a gun I can use close range CQB encounters.
  5. I currently have a Specna Arms SA-C08 CORE™ Carbine AEG and I have replaced the stock M90 spring with a M115 spring. I don't have a chronometer to test the improvement that was made but I was told by multiple people that this was a good quick way to upgrade the gun so I decided to go ahead and pick up a spring since it was cheap anyways. From this point on I have no clue as to what I should upgrade next or buy. I'm not overly interested in cosmetic stuff I just want to focus on getting together the upgrades necessary for the gun to be an absolute beast on the field and focus the specs into range, super fast semi-auto fire (since I am considering a DMR build) and reliability (so the gun doesn't end up breaking after a year due to wear and tear on the components). If anyone could give me some hints or pointers on what you think I should do next or how you think I should proceed it'd be greatly appreciated!
  6. I have that one and another from that brand set up and I'm watching it with some software I have set up to track when it's back in stock. Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah not planning to really. Thanks for that website link though it looks like a pretty good quality source I'll have a browse around. Thank you for the link! I have had a brief look and it's a bit expensive for my current budget but nevertheless some of the vests there look very well-made and also cheap. I'll have a deeper look into some. I have had a look at the sources you mentioned and the brands and they are too expensive for my budget however I appreciate the suggestion.
  7. Do you know a good place for stuff like that? I have been looking through quite a few websites and a majority charge around £200 for something of good quality. Majority of the eBay ones seem very badly made and the material looks horrible although I have found a plate carrier on eBay and a pouch similar to this for around £55 total.
  8. I am looking to find the vest in the picture, exact colour and exact style. If anyone can point me in the right direction or anyone knows of something similar even please let me know. I am currently in the process of choosing my loadout and this is exactly what I had been looking for except I just don't know where to buy it. It seemed to me initially that it's just a camo backpack but worn on the torso but I have no idea.
  9. Thanks. I'll pick that up but how does that help exactly? Doesn't the spring just make it more powerful? Can't I just adjust that gear thing inside the gun when you cock it back? I saw the marshalls doing that when they were chrono'ing the guns before the matches and I figured since you can adjust the power that way can't I just do that instead of getting a new spring?
  10. Good points and I appreciate the advice. I wasn't referring to having the kit be Instagram worthy in that way I just meant more in a sense that it looks good I just used that wording because the other poster mentioned it in that way. I should have put quotes around it to emphasize that though. I'm not interested in likes, in fact I don't post much on Instagram at all or any social media as I just don't have an interest in it. I just want to like the way my kit looks regardless of what anyone on the field thinks of it however my main point was that I don't want to go full practical and have a kit just full of pockets or like some cheap low quality gear that is only there for the purpose of storage and being accessible and looks hideous. Hell yeah dude. Black SWAT is sick as shit. I was considering it when I saw a picture of someone wearing it but I just like the look of the goggles and the ghillie cloak slightly more than just full black. Amen and I totally agree. As I mentioned to another poster perhaps saying "Instagram" look was a bit misleading as to what I meant. I just meant a look that looks good aesthetically to me. I don't use social media to that point where I would care. The only thing I care about is having a loadout that looks great and cool to me.
  11. Really fair points. Honestly I don't have much to go on and I think I'm slightly overthinking it but your really right in saying that there's no point me paying more for basically the exact same gun in terms of internals and how it handles so I will put the C08 as my backup instead of the one original C25 mentioned in the topic. It looks good and it's cheaper than the others I was considering and it is basically a middle ground between a PDW and a full longer barrel carbine so I do really like it. Thanks for mentioning the spring Rogerborg. I didn't really know you could actually do that haha Yeah I did have a bit of a issue with the weight but I carried a similar weighted gun in a match and I didn't find it too bad so I assumed it was going to be fine but another good point. No point paying more for just extra weight. I know it might seem like I'm making a bit stupid decision but I really don't have much to go on other than other people's experiences and reviews and quite honestly this whole picking the gun thing is just confusing so I appreciate everyone who has commented and helped me out. Thank you! Thanks for the recommendation but as another poster mentioned I think the C08 is just overall better. I just wanted the smaller form factor because I thought it would help it being lighter and whilst it does I believe it slightly lowers the range and now looking at it more and more after sifting through multiple guns over the past week I kind of prefer longer barrels. 😂 No clue what this is but I'll have a look into it and see if I can learn how to do it. Thanks for the tip!
  12. For anyone following the topic. I have decided to settle for either the gun I initially chose (Specna Arms SA-C25 CORE) but slightly leaning more towards the G&G Armament Combat Machine CM16 Both guns have really great reviews and seem like great starter rifles, only thing I slightly do not like about the CORE series rifle is that it's a PDW which would mean I'd need to buy more parts to make it into a standard carbine. Thank you to everyone who replied and helped! I will still however be on active lookout for a CYMA M4 as that is the rifle I really want. It's just sold out everywhere for now. I appreciate the suggestion but I don't like the look of this gun too much. I think the stock is a weird shape and the barrel looks overly futuristic with it's mesh/netting type design. It does seem like a really good gun though.
  13. I'm not concentrating on it I just want my kit to look good same way you'd want a car that looks nice, a rifle that looks nice, a piece of furniture. I'm there to have fun not act out a theoretical WW3 where my gear has to be realistic whilst being as efficient as possible. As I said I am looking for practicality alongside also looking good which I believe is entirely possible if I pick my gear correctly. Most people I encountered in airsoft all had very neat good solid looking kit that was also practical and that's what I want. I get that you might feel different and you might want practical kit over looks but I don't feel the same way.
  14. Yeah I see what you mean. I do like the general look of this so I am looking to copy it somewhat but I'm not expecting to copy everything. Realistically I just want the trousers with no straps or bags on the side, the vest, ghillie hood (that matches the woodlands properly), mask, goggles and helmet. I am looking for a good Instagram looking setup with decent space for ammo/mags that is also light and practical. I'm not interested in making it look real or making it very efficient as I'm not overly into the military or tactical gear as a whole just really want to have it for the looks. The top I want full ghillied including the helmet and shirt/t-shirt (probably a hood type thing) so I can blend in.
  15. I appreciate the heads up. Thanks for the tips! I'll be on the lookout for an EDGE one. I really wanted to pick up a CMYA rifle but literally can't find one anywhere. It's really annoying. Yeah I will probably end up doing that. I'll see if I can find out when restocks happen exactly time and date and camp a CYMA or a Speca Arms EDGE series rifle. Thanks for the reply! Thanks! Appreciate it! There's so many brands to choose from it gets a bit confusing. I'll definitely give it a watch.
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