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    glock 17 umarex kwc glock 19 tk glock 26 I like glocks KWA glock 17 G&G rm16L G&G srs TM M4 cqbr
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    urban warrior mixed with 1945 cammo
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    bunker 51 AWA harlow
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    east london
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    air soft clay shooting hunting ie rabbits rats excetra

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  1. the belly boys lol duff you on the floor ?
  2. T5dogz

    AWA site

    you all missed out on a bloody brilliant day well done the red team and well done the marshals tm cqbr faultless g&g srs faultless g&g m4 faultless glock ace see you all next time
  3. T5dogz

    AWA site

    any one going tomorrow 17 th
  4. T5dogz

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    I some times use my middle finger when I am clay shooting my trigger finger goes dead after shooting more than 20 rounds 12 gauge its old age lol
  5. T5dogz

    £13 DIY fan goggles

    looks good will try it myself have loads of fans from my 3D printing machines
  6. T5dogz

    ACM or Element AIM-O 552 clone?

    there all the same you can get the g&g one for 68 pounds made by the same company only my opinion lol
  7. T5dogz

    ACM or Element AIM-O 552 clone?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/552-Red-Green-Dot-Holographic-Sight-Hunting-Rifle-Scope-Telescope-20mm-Rail/132298277455?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have two of these and they work perfect you can pay more ir you want it in three days in uk or just wait two weeks from tiddly wink land
  8. T5dogz

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I got one its brilliant had the lipo mod done atb pete
  9. T5dogz

    AWA site

    another bloody brilliant day of airsoft in harlow awa me and my boys won the day blue team mind got shot in the face and bled to death well nearly I'll be back atb pete there was a guy there dressed in all ww2 looked the nuts and played well with sten gun and Thomson
  10. www.invictabattlefield.co.uk www.darkwaterairsoft.co.uk
  11. T5dogz

    AWA site

    anyone on here going to awa tomorrow see ya there
  12. nice gun but what you spent on it is irrelevant its still a 340 quid g&g rifle way over the top just my opinion
  13. T5dogz

    New TM G17 Magazine Leaking

    I solved my mag by putting the tiniest rubber o rings I've ever seen all sorted
  14. T5dogz

    A&K S24 - Brand new and no compression

    its normally when you mess with the gearbox the warranty ends