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    glock 17 umarex kwc glock 19 tk glock 26 I like glocks KWA glock 17 G&G rm16L G&G srs TM M4 cqbr
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    urban warrior mixed with 1945 cammo
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    east london
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    air soft clay shooting hunting ie rabbits rats excetra

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  1. T5dogz

    Painting an IF

    thanks for putting me right on the complete crock of shit you could not have put it more succinctly
  2. T5dogz

    Painting an IF

    no its not legal you are to young to have one in any case you can use one if supervised by an adult over 18
  3. hi lads shoulder is getting better hopefully be at AWA on the 9th sept see you there atb pete
  4. its rotator cuff ripped ligaments takes about 6 weeks to knit back together its old age lol thanks for reply see ya pete
  5. have a nice skirm on sunday I will be sitting with my arm in a sling waiting for the bones to heal atb pete oh forgot also have my UKARA woop woop
  6. nice to meet clumpy pete also my name bit of a wet one but great fun as per wont be going for couple of months having shoulder op aug the 3rd see you all then pete
  7. Who’s up for the 29th will be there with my boys see ya
  8. will do see ya next time atb pete
  9. any one up for sunday spose to be 30 degrees don't care will camp lol see ya there pete Ronnie jack
  10. how many mags with it
  11. will do next time atb pete
  12. I did see the above said person did you have grass sticking out of it by any chance although there where quiet a few lanky ps there lol I was the person that lost the lower ris and stubby grip of my tm m4 cqb hoping some one finds it anyway it was a bloody good game today shame we the blues lost first time I have not won the day see ya again pete
  13. see ya all there sunday me jack Ronnie hope its not too hot lol
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