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  1. Hah! I'll have you know I do NOT sleep with my M906C, I sleep with my recently acquired Cyma M14, as an homage to Kubrick's FMJ! And so I can do the Rifleman's Creed properly. So there! I must admit the last time I had a plinking session with mine the motor temp got quite toasty too. Maybe it's because I'm usually running around with gloves on, firing short bursts in a more tactical way, that I hadn't noticed it before. So maybe it always been prone to that.. or maybe something is out of whack? I'm using an 11.1v battery which is against the recommendation of course. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with your motor change!
  2. Ah fugggehdabbbahdid, I appreciate that, no offence taken. It's just a discussion on a forum that took a slightly odd turn.
  3. Blimey, since when did people become so wilfully obtuse...? If you need me to spell out what I mean by 'greater good' then I will, but... Really?
  4. I just checked the SARB again, it's now 20 minutes slow. I think it's fair to say there were no gnat's cocks in the amount of swing I put on the regulator 🤣
  5. I haven't tried the iphone-only app mentioned before, yet, maybe that'll be the better option ($10 pcm I think). The poor old SARB definitely needs some love, I may not have wound it up fully but its still ticking today... it just happens to be 12 minutes slow already!
  6. I've had a quick look, presumably I need to pay for the Pro version to get actually timing rather than the 'good/bad' readouts? I can see it works though, probably well enough to make the watch wearable again
  7. I nearly went with airsofting as a good excuse to buy a proper field watch, maybe even a Hamilton Khaki, but then thought how upset I'd be if it got shot, so went the AliExpress bargain-bin route instead, and got one of these: ... which cost £8.97!
  8. Class music there, @ak2m4 I was playing along to that on my geeeeetar (via ChordU.com) at lunchtime. My playlist is a melange of prog rock... Porcupine Tree, Genesis, Rush, Marillion, and classic indie stuff from the 80s onwards. But dearest to my heart... Cardiacs. Normal people hate 'em.
  9. That Kello app isn't available for my Android phone, so I'll try it later today on the wife's phone. Thanks for the tip
  10. Ahhhh cool thread I hadn't spotted before either! Loving those Seiko chronos, I've had a soft spot for all things Seiko for many years, I quite often wear my dad's SQ 4004 Quartz that he bought aboard the SS Canberra back in the late 70's. I've got a SARB035 which is a lovely thing, but desperately needs to get regulated. It was about 30 seconds off a day, I decided to 'improve' it, and naturally enough it now runs at 5 minutes off a day 🤣 I'm sure I could actually sort it with some more trial-and-error, but in the absence of a time-grapher, I'll just get the jewellers to sort it for me, some day. I'm not wearing many of my collection these days. I sprung for a Tudor Black Bay Pro recently which is a cracking watch. But no sooner had I bought that than I got "The Call" from the Rolex dealer (after a year and a half on the waiting list!), and a few weeks ago I picked up my grail watch... Oyster Perpetual with blue dial. Wearing it every day, it's not an investment piece. I absolutely adore it, it's just so beautifully finished, and perfectly proportioned.
  11. Yup I'm with you. For a bunch of reasons, but mostly because I'd like to feel fairly certain I'm not going to get shot in a robbery or by the police, by accident or design. The freedom to have some fun with firearms is something I'm prepared to give up both for 'the big picture' and 'the greater good'. If I ever go to Texas I'll be down the range blasting with away with anything cool I can get my hands on though
  12. Hiya! Special Ops nr Olney / Milton Keynes are building a CQB environment right now (and are still planning on re-opening their woodland site)
  13. Speedbird's right, but thinking MOAR BARREL = BETTER PEW is a logical thing to think (and I think excusable to the point where 'patently incorrect' is a tad harsh) It just doesn't work out like that in the wild world of airsoft. At short-ish range my TM Hi Capa pistol shoots as accurately as many of my rifles, but the list of reasons for that 3" barrel performing as well as ~10" barrels in the other guns... is long and varied.
  14. Me too! ... and it brings up an important point: if you're more in to the gun pr0n aspect of airsoft where the realism is a cool thing that really gives you the 'fizz' when you're racking the slide, then you'll be looking for an all-metal pistol for the full effect. But if you actually want your pew-pew to pew and then pew some more - especially when it's cold outside - then the plastic slide of a TM has already impressed me with its ability. Previously my cheap all-metal pistol had just became a paperweight and a waste of gas when the temperature dipped.
  15. Now why didn't I spot that? Because I didn't scroll down very far... Anyway, thanks - good info! Never underestimate the likelihood of 'shitty' ;D Knowing my luck, my office will have an infestation of ants and they'll do a dirty protest in there!
  16. I've got a Parker Hale cleaning rod with the pull-through attachment, but that's always a slight faff to find some cotton and cut it to size etc... so I thought I'd pick up a mop and a brush from good ol' Ant Supplies. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/maintenance-and-care/uk-spec-rod-attachments/british-thread-rifle-rod-fittings.html Question is... what size(s)? They have 0.22" or 0.243" (and 6mm for a couple of 'em). The mop will have to be 0.243", it's the only size they've got in stock - is that ok? For a nylon brush should I go with slightly too small, or slightly too large?
  17. Sleeping position, as approved by USMC. No need for weapon storage... Doesn't everyone do the Rifleman's Creed at bed-time? Or is it just me?
  18. I bought one of these... https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/444856 - SkyRC T100 dual channel charger. I don't know if it's the batteries or the charger's fault, but when I plug in the balance leads on a couple of my batteries (notably the Titan 11.1v) it complains and won't start charging. So even though I went "top of the line" (relatively speaking, for me!), it's still not plain sailing 😕
  19. A "Rossi" VSR type sniper rifle bought from the classifieds, my first dip of a toe into the bolt-action waters... good fun plinking in the garden at least! And I enjoyed doing the faux multicam rattle-can job on the stock, I think it came out reasonably well. I used a bit of camo net as the stencil. And I just picked up a set of Viper multicam trousers, t-shirt and hoodie for a very low price from Action Hobbies - supporting my local retailer, one bargain at a time! Apart from exotic stuff like Lee Enfields, SLRs, and maybe another HPA gun, my main hankering now is for a cheap H&K MP5, or a G36K. But perhaps I ought to actually go skirmishing...?
  20. M904s are the polymer receiver / hand guards, excellent value for money. The spring in mine went a bit soft rather quickly so I lost FPS, but a new spring was very easily fitted thanks to the quick change system. Good guns. My local site runs them as well as the g&g raiders, which must be a recommendation!
  21. So a long handguard, full metal receiver DE available there again... https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/double-eagle-m906-fire-control-system-edition?pv=17610 I don't quite understand why it's priced at £50 more than the M906C... unless PB will bump the price of that up once they've actually got some in stock again. Anyway this means the value proposition isn't as stellar as it once was, but then again everything is much more expensive now... 'tis the way of it, it seems
  22. Ahah, yeah on zooming in what looked like natural highlights are in fact nicely done wear marks, so indeed - the sight matches the gun - better than I thought. (Ignore / forgive me, I was basically keeping myself busy whilst waiting to drive to the airport. As you can see from the time now, it's been 'fun'. I'm now about to do some extra work while I'm still wide awake (cheers caffeine) so I don't have to get up at the normal time)
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