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  1. MisterD90

    What do you fellas do for fuses?

    in all my own gun when converting to deans if theres a fuse i just chop it out and dont bother using them, i mainly run my guns on lipos.. after 6 years of doing this in many guns including mosfet never once had a problem.
  2. MisterD90

    Good GBB pistols under £110

    Easily the best GBB pistol ive used is the ASG CZ P-09 Duty
  3. MisterD90

    Winter is Coming!

    Same as always; Camo Trousers and a T-shirt =)
  4. MisterD90

    LiPo battery problem

    I dont advise this but it does work i too have the imax B6: Set it to charge a NiMH as it doesn't care what the voltage it blast it for about 10mins until it goes up a few volts, stop and retry the Li-Po Balance setting. it seem to almost trick it. It does work ive done it once* and the battery has been fine for over a year... like i said dont do this alot as you know, it could f*ck it up royally and maybe explode. try at own risk.