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  1. leigh

    G&G l85 AFV

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    Hi. Gotta give my G&G l85 AFV a new home. Got it second hand but never used it myself. Its had a few internal upgrades such as a tightbore barrel, wired to deans, and several compression upgrades (honestly cant remember what but i believe it has an upgraded piston/piston head and cylinder head). The Electric blowback has been removed as they are unreliable on these guns and not needed. Sometimes has a issue with semi but switching to auto will fix easily . The foregrip isnt included but the mags and original SUSAT scope are. A Solid metal beast in need of a new owner. I can post for you. cost will be 20 quid


    Lyme Regis, Dorset - GB

  2. leigh

    Hi mate. Are the original parts included? 

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