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    Hey all, Long shot but wanting to know if anyone has a broke/repairs Dboys PDW, specifically the metal body not plastic. Happy to arrange postage or collection if suitable.



  2. I had this planned all year to go but my misses told me off as apparently I spend too much on motorcycle parts tools and airsoft shit that i need to actually pay "bills" and "rent" i mean who the fuck needs that crap. are there any other large events during the year?
  3. ANy one know if those TAG rounds will fit in those small stand alone granade laucnhers or if their barrel is just too short for them?
  4. well the price has now reduced down to £50 from £72 so you could buy a new battery or just go right to a lipo set up. EDIT: In all fairness, i did do a little unpackaging and initial thoughts video on this gun. but i might do another video after using it for almost a year now. the only mods Ive done to it is a crappy paintjob and added a sight and rail covers. no internal mods and its still shooting fantastically. even after its had me fall over ontop of it several times. so if its now selling for £50 id have to say buy this thing and you will have fun.
  5. So back on topic, You can get a fully licenced by Umarex H&K G36c (which are made by a company called Ares) Alot of people here they will say that JG are good for the money, and they are. but they dont quality check their guns so alot of duff guns get sent out. which is why I guess why you dont want to go with them again. So like I said, you can get one made by Ares for around the £150 mark via Gun-Fire (will link at the bottom) Gun fire takes a LONG time before they ship for the first time to you but they will paint the gun for free in the two tone colour that you say you need. Hope this helps Link for rifle https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152205098-H-K-G36C-Sportline-subcarbine-replica.html Link for the paint service on their website so you dont have to try and find it ( you need to add it to your cart when buying a gun) https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152211293-Free-painting-service-Gratis-servico-de-pintura-make-the-airsoft-gun-meet-your-local-law-requirements.html Med caps for the gun https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152209368-120rds-mid-cap-magazine-for-G36-type-replicas.html EDIT: Just a side note, I just realised that Gun-fire also has the WE GBBR on their site at under £200 https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152205328-999C-IdZ-GBB-subcarbine-replica.html
  6. I think the gloss is just a coating put on like an oil or silicone spray to keep the metal protected in storage it should ware off, thats what ive usually found with metal mags ive had in the past anyway. that or gloss black was cheaper than matt so they saved money?
  7. Okay, question one. are you above the elbow or under it. as ive seen under elbow guys still manage to handle a weapon pretty well but using a quick detach system on their amputated arm to allow it to hold the gun while doing a reload. id say a nice little smg style AEG would be a good should for you. make sure to use a single point sling around you so that you can use the sling to somewhat help keep the gun steady. My dad has Hemiparesis so im going by how Id see him hold things steady so might help you. Drum mag is a silly idea as it a high cap mag. Honestly a MP7 with med caps and you'll do fine. they can still shoot a good range and the stock means you can handle the wapon reasonably well one handed with it rammed into your shoulder. If you have a stump to work with then for reloading you can flip the gun upside down and clamp it with your stump to allow you to pull one mag out and reload. its a fairly light gun and it can still shoot to a good distance. I think the med caps you get for them are 100 rounds so a few of those and a bit of practice and i think you will be fine.
  8. Thought id do a little write up about this site. So, after moving tot he area this site is pretty much the closest one to me. Went there today for a nice game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. was a good atmosphere from the staff and other players every one was very friendly and I didnt hear any complaining at the end of the day from people moaning about not taking hits. So i'll run over my day there; The Brief - It was short and sweet. went over the basic rules didnt go on too long just stated what to do if certain commands are given The Staff - Friendly, approachable, and seemed happy to help, Left my BBs back in the safe zone so one of the marshals just threw me a high cap without even having to ask. I dont expect a handout but little things like that leave a good impression with me. The saze zone - While tracking down hill was not how I thought id be starting the day just to get through all the farm down to the entrance of the field once there it seemed well set up. Toilets with proper ones not porta-loos the set up area was fully covered and protected from the elements they also had a urn set up for hot drinks and lots of bottled water for people to have at. so in all they seemed very well prepared which is what you want to see. The play area - Now on this particular day we were limited to just the back field which was set on a hill, there is a "Kill house" field but I did not get to experience it. Now the field I did get to use was fairly small with hard cover lightly scattered around the place. Not the best admittedly compared to others but wide open woodland offered plenty of flanking routes so while end to end was short the wide and open play area kept it entertaining. Game modes - Two game modes that we played were Deathmatch (first to 100kills) and Fallback ( attack and defend game mode) as the site was relatively small the game modes suited the field well and made for a constant play style game play so walking back to re-spawn wasn't too much of a hassle and somewhat quick if you wanted to get back into the action. Now during one of the game an individual was injured and I will have to say the overall response from all marshalls and guys from the safe zone was very quick. so its nice to see a place that is able to respond so effectively and efficiently to an on site emergency. 1066 airsoft also have a shop based in st leonards and they are the friendliest bunch of guys you'll meet. Overall, While not the best site if you're into the milsim gameplay you can still have a great time at this site and would recommend it be one of the sites you put on your visit list. Plus hastings is beautiful and I'll personally invite you to a game of pirate mini golf on the seafront.
  9. Well something I tried today. never got around to cutting my new lenses down so resorted to using clear blu-tac to stick the lenses to the ballastic lens. I was surprised that it actually worked. so if you want a cheaper temp opition I guess that works too.
  10. Chose gear based on your needs. Matching gear/colour or going PMC/Minute man look is also popular and comfortable too. it can also add to a game mode for the day (so army vs terrorists kinda thing) So that can cover you for your basic battle dress, Im usually good set of cargo trousers a nice sweat evaporating shirt my glasses and a pair of gloves. simple comfortable and most importantly FASHIONABLE. Next is the chest rig/plate carrier argument. This is personal choice. so each have their perks you can get them to match your clothing and look you want so dont feel youre tied into one look. While MOST U.S.A theme loadouts have a plate carrier you can still achieve a US look with a chest rig or battle belt set up. so think about how much stuff you cant to be able to carry and if you want extra padding to take hits think about if its going to be okay to be running about in so on so forth. best idea is find a shop that sells the diffeernt stuff and try it on. heck even jog on the spot to get a idea as to if it will be suitable.
  11. Few ways you can do it really; Jewellers saw circular sander rotary tool with cutting disk rotary tool with sanding drum Most people have access to sanding paper and a power drill so a circular sanding method is mostly used. often favoured. Just draw the outline of the inner part of the blastic prescription insert onto a bit of masking tape (get the thick stuff) make sure it s nice thick black marker youre using then just grind it down to the outer of the black marker and test the fit. apply a little bit of glue to hold it in place and then youre sorted. Probs takes about 30 mins in all to do but take longer to get it right first time as you cant reverse the fuck up (unless you have lots of spare lenses about) Now it is worth noting something first that you will need to consider when doing this. the lense is set to the width of your eyes in that frame. so you want to make sure that you mark where your pupil needs to sit with each lense so that it matches up atfer youve cut them up and put them in a differnt frame. not sure if ive made the best of sense of this but if need be Ive got a new set I need to do (thanks to prescription changing) so can do a video if you really need a visual guide or maybe look up youtube, im sure there isa video there.
  12. I know of a few MOD sites in Dover so interested to know which one that would want to use. When would they want to host such an event? and at £100 that would sell me for a weekend event. Id just want it to be 0800-1800 for game time and evening for AOB.
  13. Id love to see either of these in a game. Wish they wernt out right banned by sites (the 40 Mike) ebfore even being used/tested. I think that first video published didnt help it at all but i defiently think it serves a use just the the TAG rounds do, and Hope that in the future sites remove the ban on the grenade.
  14. I miss when bisley used to do open days. Always looked forward to going there and trying out the differnt guns.
  15. downside to having a double up with goggles and glasses is that you now have to set of lenses which can fog up. so if you're hot under the goggles youre going to get a nice amount of fogging and moisture build up. Thats if youre like me any way and a heavy sweater. I opted for a set of ESS glasses which I picked up from a surplus store for £15 then took an old pair of glasses that I had and cut the lenses down so that they fit into the insert. cheapest opition I can think of that is comfortable and doesnt fog up at all.
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