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  1. Da_sheriff

    new rifle question - AWG CM16 Raider batteries

    a simple way to explain batteries. voltage = rate of fire Amps = how long the battery will last.
  2. Da_sheriff

    Patch design help!

    1001freefonts.com to find new fonts as for the patch design think about how it's going to get printed out. Usually designs will stick to only a small pallet of colours or vectors as detail like the camo might not show in final print
  3. Da_sheriff

    Which rifle should i choose?

    ive got a Dboys PDW that cost me £70 brand new with battery and charger and a high cap mag. Only played one game with it so far but i can say it is a fantastic little rifle downside is that the battery sit in a peq box plus side was it was out the box pretty good. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152199143-PDW-BY-806-replica.html
  4. Da_sheriff

    Dboys PDW

    Gun Name and maker: Dboys/BOYI PDW FPS: Listed at 390, Downgraded for free by shop to 340 Hop up: surprisingly good. was shooting .25s very consistently and to a good range. Mag Capacity: Comes with a rear winding high cap, but accepts STANAG mags Battery: Comes with a 1200 8.4v battery and charger. Plastic/Metal/Both: The gun is a fully plastic. My opinion and overall comments: So, the reason I purchased this gun was behind the thinking that i can either rent a gun for £25 a time till i get my ukara again or instead of thowing a total of £75 down the drain on rental cost I could just buy a starter gun for the same price. For the Dboys PDW I paid £72.88 which in the box came with the gun, a high cap, battery, charger, a mock PEQ box, and a foregrip. I had doubts from the start if it would even last the 3 games admitedly but to me if it last 3 games minimum that ive saved money. The first time i used the gun out the box it felt very light (thanks to it being all plastic) and gave me a little faith back into the type of plastic used. Its clearly not the best plastic but at the same time its not cheap plastic either. During my first game with this rifle quite a few things surprised me, given the price I had paid this little stumpy rife was putting BBs down range consistently and accurately. The battery lasted a whole day of use which I thought wouldnt happen, but a battery that lasts is always good. Lastly im going back to the body strength. I knew it wasnt the good plastic you find on better rifles i expected cheap but after stacking it several times and planting my weight on the body of the gun to save my self from falling under a bunch of logs (22stone by the way) A few times i got back up and saying to myself "well this gun has to be broke now" and everytime i was surprised it wasnt. So clearly is designed to take a little beat of a beating. Side note the folding stock, its plastic tubes and wont lie that looks like it would break with no problem, luckily its not broke on me yet. Over all if given the option to save my money for something else or to have purchased this gun again, I can happily say id buy it again. Will go as far to say that i want the full metal version of the same gun next. Overall rating: 7/10 Link where to buy https://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152199141-PDW-BY-808-replica.html
  5. Da_sheriff

    BushValley Airsoft

    thought id post here instead of making a new thread. I played at Bush valley on the 10th september and I have to say it was a nice place to play. the lower part of the valley was very overgrown so it was hard to get the flank on people but overall loved playing here Would love to go to another game here thats for sure.
  6. Da_sheriff

    Gun picture thread

    well, we are not asking for the defence required for sites and ukara now are we you simple asked what MY defence was and if it would prove valid in a court. considering i have a history with being a skirmisher while yes i have been inactive past few years. but there are other defences too, for film and TV use. good old classic, and seeing as I do help with props from time to time I could use that as a defence. but seeing as Ukara is the primary option for buying an rif and just getting the free painted service knowing full well ill be painting it myself I dont see the issue. end of the day, It was purchased legally, its been modified legally and its being used legally. seems youve gone out of your way to make a point and one im failing to see?
  7. Da_sheriff

    Gun picture thread

    Yeah I have a lot of paint on hand so that was first thing to get sorted out. i dont have any other flak colours so black it shal remain till i get more in.
  8. Da_sheriff

    Gun picture thread

    got my new kit ready for a game day, now to get a damn sunday off from work so i can actually go to one.
  9. Da_sheriff

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    Feels like a bit of a necro post. But didnt want to start a new thread. Ive just purcahsed a two tone rifle from gunfire and I have to say while the wait time sucked ( 12 days since i payed) I am happy with what i got. nothing missed painted well and downgraded the rifle to what i needed it to be. and considering the do the downgrade and painting for free now I have to say id defo buy from that site again.
  10. Da_sheriff

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    well, after 12 days of waiting my new PDW finally arrived. my choice was either spend £60 on rentals for the next two months to get my ukara or spend £70 on a little package gun. Its a Dboys PDW full plastic version. wont lie it does feel like certain parts would break but the main body feels pretty good for a cheap aeg and i will say im looking forward to getting into a game with it.
  11. Da_sheriff

    Darkwater Airsoft

    The CQB site is at battlezone laser tag, Britannia Ln, Kingsnorth, Ashford TN23 3JD
  12. Da_sheriff

    Two Tone Gun

    my two cents. rental is what i can see normally about £20 per game, you need to play at least 3 days in no less than two months so youre looking at £60 min down for rentals. buy a half decent two tone package and you can go as many times as you like in the two months without wasting money on a rental and that way you have a spare battery and a spare gun
  13. Da_sheriff

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Well, after a break ive gone and got my self a cheap little gun to get back into things. so i went with a dboys pdw and considering the price was £70 i cant really complain if it is sh*t, but ive heard mixxed reviews about it so why not. hope it will stand up to the indoor cqb games ill be taking it too. also got a few mags a cheap little reflex optic and a viper spec ops chest rig lets hope this summer goes well for me.
  14. Da_sheriff

    Hi from Dover

    Hey there, Im getting back into airsoft too and also from dover. Darkwater have 3 sites that they do games at; After dark CBQ in ashford on wednesday nights and they rotate the outdoor games every week between two sites, One in ashford on at the quarry by tilminstone salads. might be worth checking out.
  15. Da_sheriff


    Its been a while, joys of real life I guess. working my ass off never having time to do anything but after about 4 years of not playing I miss it so damn much. new forums are looking nice too. Wish I never sold all my gear though. but ive gone and got a cheap little Dboys just to get me back into the sport till I get the moneys to build my armoury back up. So on that note, anyone from Kent/East Sussex area. Looking to be playing games around Ashford/Hastings area.