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  1. Seriously Do not have Kids running promotions, Its bad enough to draw me back to this forum which means it is all kinds of BAD & Off I Flop before I get enraged by the kiddies as of the olden days!
  2. Told them about H and said I Expect an Apology at the least + Constantly posting the Pictures of how rude he was on ZeroIn (Power made Kiddies!)
  3. I'm still blocked from the shop website (They've Un-Banned me on ZeroIn or atleast thats what the E-Mail Claimed ) not that I'll ever use them Obviously!
  4. Here's a Bargain if i do say so myself! Click! :rolleyes: Serious Clicky I remember some one is after an MP9 that's the cheapest i've seen for ages!
  5. I can Assure you that selling a sling below Trade price of even a MagPul PTS much less an Actual MagPul isn't good for them (Trade Prices straight from MagPul not a distributer), In other words it's a Cheap & Cheerful China Clone don't forget the chinese don't care about being sued so they will alway's put trades on them but that doe's not make them the Real & Reliable Deal. Personally I wouldn't trust even a PTS version especially considering how much many people spend on the Rifles! Saying all that the Odd's of it being one that will snap and let you use it as a football are fair
  6. Am i the only one Rofling at this guy?

    1. TPI


      / Face palming

    2. sp00n


      nope if its the same person i think your on about .....

  7. My ICS L85A2 & KWA Glock 19 I Didn't want the L85 to look too British Military, You may Remember that Brief Chat Ed: so i Stuck the wrong FH on (From an M4 i think?) Avoided the Grip Pod (Regretably I'm considering getting one ) said no Thanks to the Light/Laser Block and stuck an Ultrafire on (It's second hand & Obviously a Clone of something but i cannot put my finger on what for just now) Next Steps are: Machine a Couple of Mounts to put a Dr Red dot on the Elcan (Variable Zoom i may Add!) some of those Fancy looking MagPul XTM's (Black & OD) Obviously a
  8. I Would like to remind the Minor's Your not supposed to be Buying Selling Or tarding on the forum's... when I'm at hame at my PC I'll let you mod's know shall I?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TacMaster


      The AVH strikes again...

    3. M_P
    4. TacMaster


      They were the Hungarian secret police during the Cold War

  9. Sadly My Local site HTA is closng for good on the 30th & I've heard bad about Bunker51& Wildwoodz in regards to the Airsofting experience Plus moving away when i join the force's mean's I'm gonna be doing another fire sale soon Guys!

    1. rexfan10


      D: just as well i sold my airsoft gun then, now my nearest site is over 200 miles away :(

  10. 1st of August i get my braces out and i can re-apply for the forces!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      They attract bullets.

    3. TeddyBhoy


      ^ True story

    4. Moose87


      you can have braces in the forces, just depends what you wanna do.


  11. I wouldn't poke someone with a rifle I'd shove it where the sun ain't mean't to shine and pull I bought Three rubber band thing's and I've already forgotten what they say on them...
  12. I couldn't give a toss if it was me and I got some money or other thing's out of it (Apart from going to a holiday camp!)
  13. Honestly f*cking Liars what is the actual gain?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      ok guys chill, i don't what the problem exactly is but there are many opportunities to buy and sell guns

    3. Finius


      If you've got problems keep it between yourselves via PM or talk to a moderator, don't post it all over the place.

    4. TPI




      / End


      Like i said he was only one of the people on the forum who had annoyed me today End of no need to discuss it further

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