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  1. RiseOfTheDerp

    10km run

    You'd freak hundreds of people out with a RIF, but going in combat gear would be a nice show of respect for the soldiers!
  2. When I saw it, my eyes committed suicide XD But if you look in the comments, someone actually praised the look...
  3. I just found another "great" deal! WE Hi-Capa Dragon £100 https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirsoftUKsale/permalink/423125367872112/ Brand New: $95 (£62) http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_WE_WE_Hi_Capa_5_1_Dragon_Type_B_Black_Full_Metal.htm What's great about this one is that it's partially broken! They've broken off half the safety switch, and look at that beautiful paint!
  4. Someone was selling it for £200 on Facebook. As a project... A project that went very wrong by the look of it https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirsoftUKsale/permalink/423892794462036/
  5. Me and you have very different definitions of the word "works" XD Would you say its worth £200?
  6. An AK with a L96 body... Ugliest thing I've ever seen
  7. GHK Barebones Gas Block Back Kit £350 https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirsoftUKsale/permalink/423881561129826/ Brand new: $350 (about £230, according to Google) http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/ghk-m4-barebone-gas-blow-back-kit-p-11350.html
  8. Ironically, EPICLlama has made me not buy from you guys, so, well done.
  9. Correction. The first gun you got was a Well D93 Mini-Uzi. In orange I like factual correctness.
  10. Well, thanks. You are always proving how mature minors such as you and I are, and how much we can be trusted. Clearly, any doubtful adults will see this and think "Yes! Children clearly deserve rifles that can blow out someone's eye!" Would you kindly shut up now? You've already made yourself look like a tosser. Give up
  11. So, you found the site Welcome! Maybe you'll actually acknowledge these guy's advice and stop using your current weapons. Get a G&G
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