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  1. Hey guys, long time no post. hope everyone is well in the lovely UK airsoft world.

    1. Monty


      Welcome back! Nothing's changed really.

    2. Moose87


      Lol nothing changes, sucks that i havent played in like a year due to living in the middle of no where in Canada. Jealous of how close sites are in England


  2. they are trying to develop a PEQ version but they need to be able to sell the original first before they can design the newer versions. actually the way they have designed it so that the crack that it emits is done so in a way that the noise doesnt travel long distances and is actually difficult to pin point at distances so that you will know the bang came from a general area but not know exactly where. the bang is equivalent of somewhere close to a .22 but it can be adjusted.
  3. having actually been to NZ and used the system i can tell you it is pretty awesome. i was ment to do a write up on it but unfortunately my move to Canada got in the way and it fell by the way side. its a shame as they were stand up guys and the tech was great. its gonna be great when this rolls out. something that airsoft needs.
  4. well from what i have seen you can either, buy a new trigger switch for better wiring and just swap it out in your gear box and buy better wiring and then unsolder the current stuff and solder the new wiring back in. personally prob easy to by the kit. the gear box will be a V2 i believe so something like this, http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-internal-electronics/asg-ultimage-version-2-front-switch-assembly.htm
  5. what is wrong with people selling second hand stuff!!! they always think its worth significantly more it actually is.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Esoterick


      Also not aimed at anyone specifically but when something is "new" but second hand it has no recourse with the shop it came from. This is really important.

    3. Mack


      Theres something in the classifieds now for £32 more than I could buy it brand new under warrenty in a shop including delivery

    4. Moose87


      yer i see it all the time and it does my nut. i understand that people put it up a little to get people to make offers for what its actually worth. but i just been looking at stuff and i can see people putting stuff up for the same price as a new one which is a better version. im like wtf?

  6. dayz standalone is so weak its not worth it yet, your better of getting Arma 2 and installing all the mods for dayz as i think its more fun and more to do then just run around and collect stuff and then die and repeat.
  7. Well I only.play for a few hours in the evening. So I less anyone is up at like 2-6am. Plus I play on north American servers.due to the ping.
  8. I will join but dye to time difference here in Canada you guys won't be about.
  9. Just attended the remembrance parade at my town in Canada. It's a Holiday in some provinces here. Massive turn out. They still sing god save the queen as well as O Canada.

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    2. cavninja


      Massive respect to the Canadians, true brothers in arms!

    3. Moose87


      Was a really good parade for such a small town. Everyone here really cares. even the local pizza delivery placed a wreath.

    4. jay83


      i mis O Canada, used live there and they sing it so often least once a day. They put us to shame how proud they are.

  10. i used to have a gen 2 FAPC and i friggin loved it so comfy. you can get the sides for it so if you need a larger kit you can add them on
  11. Gearing up to shred some more mountains on my snowboard!!! Woop Woop. Canada Baby.
  12. Flyye FAPC, im 5'10 and it fit me fine.
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