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  1. Something to note. If it hasn't seen the light of day for +20 years you may possibly have something quite collectible.
  2. The ones I have had didn't have adjustable hop . I used to have 4 only, 2 now. I may let one go if you want.
  3. You should see mine. I'm a luddite at heart.
  4. I heard the same of the kwc going kaput fairly quickly a few times before too. I think both are not the best.
  5. Was always tempted. I managed to get a traded spring one recently. Maruzen ppk is nice. Only thing is they are a little delicate but then is the ksc 230. I have the nbb maruzen ppk which is solid and shoots well. Makarov wise your best bet is the WE and if you want a traded one ky Airsoft. I think my favourite is the Walther tph though which I have a springer of.
  6. If you just take pistols out with you it happens all the time.
  7. or the tm revolvers are respectable. Easy to find , not as solid as a tanaka though . I'm a fan of the co2 kwc colt pythons I can let the off frame shape off for the fact they are easy to get, cheap, really robust and have a hop.
  8. I'd sit on the money and keep an eye on the classifieds. Nrgrs is a good stable platform and a less boring AEG but it's no mws.
  9. Cqb I very rarely used a rifle. Gbb guns are a lot more fun and tactile to use provided you have something good and reliable.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKRb5ATnTCT/
  11. Mag is just bolted on it quite nicely holds an mk23 mag. It's mainly aluminium tube. Afg works as a cocking handle.
  12. Not a recent project but revisiting and perfecting.
  13. Really can't beat the new TMs . I've had a few discussions with TM capa lovers on the TM pistol group who still insist that the capa is best. Despite it being 15 odd year old design and not trying any of the newer 15mm bbu models. Abundance of spares and nice trigger I'll give it that, but lacks in many more important aspects. Especially cold weather efficiency/performance which for me is paramount for me.
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