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  1. I done a few like that. Full face, attached to eye pro, soft cheek, ear cover. Even done ones with hydro opening and com's fitted.
  2. The spring one is pretty cool tbf
  3. do umarex re-brand it? I have a nbb one which is pretty cool I prefer it tbh the gbb they always broke fairly easily . Also the odd acm full metal clone pops up now and again.
  4. I'd say regardless of being in proximity to a good site you have to travel to experience airsoft to its fullest and sometimes it is a gamble. You can't always judge sites on others experience or opinion either, only your own.
  5. Seemed silly to mention it and not post . Recently found a lower front sight which is a much better always niggled me. Also added a Decepticon sticker and labeled my ejection port. All the important upgrades.
  6. Its an under appreciated classic. Not massively valuable, I'd skirmish it but that's just me.
  7. not a fan of modern rifles even my 416c is old schoolified
  8. Up dated pic of my revised springer collection. I decided to replace some and let some of the duplicates go. I know it's futile taking these pics. Pissing off the wife getting them all out. 2min later getting new ones and having to do it again. Nice to have a record of these things though . Did manage to find a bit of order to it this time too.
  9. Go up north its full of affordable urban desolation which supplies some excellent places to airsoft .
  10. Most gbbp teching is pretty straight forward. Best finding someone local to you if you can.
  11. The skate board style pre-cut grip tape is designed to stick on a flat surface . Grips like this. Personally I'd just buy skate board grip tape and cut my own. Roofies used to do some cool graphic grips.
  12. I don't know if you know but a swat loadout could run up into the region of £700.
  13. Not cheap but the new vfc mp7 aeg looks interesting. Haven't seen any range tests yet though.
  14. All good if you read the last bit, I figured it out.
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