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  1. I'd do it but I'm not in your locality. I'm sure you can find someone nearer.
  2. I've never looked in that model. But it indicates that the striker is still in firing position and stuck in place. Should in pretty much every modern style gbb model pivot out the way when the mag is inserted. Try cock it first then insert the mag.
  3. could be an issue with the feed lips
  4. Even looking at bigger sites like the mall it's a sliding scale. I can't remember the cost of a days gaming at the mall but I went many moons ago remember it being £40ish and I know it increased over time. Where as some where like camp sparta up my way which is massive in comparison is £30 in our current financial climate.
  5. Nail on the head it's about rents. I have a little cqb in my town but it's not that expensive due to being in a small market town. That said it is more expensive for what you get going to more isolated sites. Just the nature of property and location.
  6. just chrono with what ever the weight in the gun and measure in joules. Some say you don't need above what ever weight in cqb and that is true but I have some not particularly power full guns with fixed hops that need heavier weights to fly right. Also some with hops that are hard to set or finicky which I don't want to fiddle with non of which go over the joule limit.
  7. Tbf there's loads of good bio options now.
  8. In 17 years even with shit mesh I'm yet to come across a single in game incident where anyone has received any serious or lasting eye damage from a bb breaking on mesh. I've personally had bits go in my eye on over 10 occasions now in those years and continue to wear it based on my personal experience. If they are gonna throw mesh under the bus they better ban non-sealed eye pro too. There has been countless well detailed in game incidents where people have received permanent sight damage due to whole bbs getting in eye pro. Which is even worse when it happens in close quarters, I've seen it happen. 2 people I know have limited sight in one eye because of it . I don't think anyone should be dictated to whether it be mesh or non-sealed eye-pro.
  9. My personal opinion I'm not interested in any aspect of it. A lot will jump at a metal slide and a solid rmr mount. Tbf its not mounting plate style low but the lowest most secure rail set up I've seen. Fiber sights are a nice touch but look potentially easy to break. Suppressor is a good design. The base gun is not totally unreasonable for the price. Considering its replaced parts and minor home brew mods ready done that many users of the platform perform themselves. Great for the non techie minded. The tdc and nub is less advanced than hadrons design but I'm glad he hasn't ripped off hadron. A wise move considering hadrons is a copyright protected design. A few are going "it doesnt even come with a suppressor" but I think people are missing the point. The idea is you buy the elements you want. Many will want to use a different suppressor or even no suppressor. Take the TM version for exsample if you could buy it without the suppressor an lam at a reduced price many would because they don't use those elements. The co2 mags could be a nice option for users providing they last more than 5 min before they start pissing gas but I'm yet to come across an airsoft co2 mag that manages that.
  10. Don't bother with the hammer spring will work better on the standard one.
  11. Think this is in your catchment https://www.facebook.com/Airsoft.CQB.The.School/ . I hear mixed reviews generally more positive than negative.
  12. Ha. I guess stig was doing briefing. Bad luck.
  13. No you don't. I may have a WE m9 spring. Not sure of the m9 msh setup but one thing you can do with Capa/1911 for the same issue is place a BB under the hammer spring to slightly increase the tension and make the hammer fall a touch harder.
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