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  1. Well, fairly terrible tbh especially double action. It's best on 0.28 when it wants to shoot straight for about 15 . Over hop and under hopping, left and right. Power is low and inconsistent. But it looks cool it's pretty sweet to about 10m and that's enough for me.
  2. Think I'm done with this. Hfc m10 modded into a kind of concept old west double action.
  3. They just come with a standard nozzle. The thin ones are cheap enough though. I found it varies on the colour but they are matte enough for my liking.
  4. Be wary some of the colours are a bit weird like the khaki if you want a proper khaki the Halfords is nice. The molotow is a bit bright and yellowy. It's ok used limitedly. All the coffee colours are good . Evil olive is a good dark green .
  5. Bizarre necropost of the year goes to...
  6. Ooh, can you make my website #1 on search engines? 😁
  7. Air what? I just voted for the most regular public site I play at which seems fair/logical. I've probably had some more enjoyable days elsewhere but they've just been one off days or specific events rather than regular game days.
  8. Heavy ammo will help. Airsoft revolvers are usually more accurate single action too due to the length of the trigger pull and fractional inconsistencies in cylinder positioning/timing when used double action. Trick is to epoxy up the hole in the back of the shell and drill a smaller hole.
  9. I just ended up making my own in the end. But I use a light and suppressor. My issue is I do a lot of crawling around and the DTD doesn't offer enough protection. I also made it long enough to support the suppressor.
  10. Are you running it with a light or suppressor?
  11. Sweet FA, but purely because there is nothing interesting worth buying. I did try.
  12. Only really see them on the 2nd hand market now.
  13. Looking at the spec it already has a precision 6.03 barrel of some sort. Won't be as quality as some barrels but should really be good enough.
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