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  1. The springer collection, few sneaky gas guns in there. Still one more shelf to build and fill with my gas and one lonely aeg.
  2. With a little bending you can get them to contour properly with those goggles with out reprofiling the edge giving a little extra nose space. Also very easy to cable tie the mask to the goggles to reduce the gap and you have less straps to faf around with.
  3. It had me ukara on the parcel. I think customs somehow missed it touch wood I've been lucky over the years.
  4. impulse101. Came through in about a week, £70 posted and I got no fees which was nice.
  5. https://www.octagonairsoft.com/search-results-page/ppk
  6. Seen them go on us eBay sometimes . https://www.octagonairsoft.com/product-page/western-arms-beretta-m1934-spy-silencer-version-gbbp
  7. When I had mine I cut it off and used a tiny dot of super glue to secure once set.
  8. Yep my now blue tiger top came out like that. You also find desert DPM dyed Lighter green. I read some where dyed for training exercises to differentiate between factions.
  9. It is the original sling unboxed. I'd say £50 give or take a tenner People maybe more or less inclined to it if it's the hopup version.
  10. I was looking for a wedding ring I wanted something different. I found one made of a coin in a antique shop and thought what interesting coins could I get made into a ring. Looking about I found a guy on eBay making rings from silver shark coins but he didn't have the tiger shark. I contacted him and asked if he could make me one if I ordered the coin to him to find he only was only an hours drive away in the car. I ended up having to go that way one day anyway so dropped in to pick it up and he insisted I took it for free as a wedding present.
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