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  1. Shoot them in the face, they'll soon put it down.
  2. I'm not 100% but from what I've gleaned a stock erg does not have the reliability or longevity of a stock TM. Now a TM may seem pricey on paper but depending on the comparative longevity of platforms if you just leave them as stock the extra you spend is worth it from my previous TMs long and reliable lives.
  3. I don't really understand what there is to hate about them. They are a reliable AEG with recoil, bolt stop that work well oob. And continue to work well if you leave the gb stock. Cons? On a sliding scale of price you don't get all that more for your money, but if you can afford and like it why not. The power is a little low. My take is my last TM AEG ran fine for 11 years untouched. Long game I'll upgrade it when the gb goes, or there will be a better option for me by then. For now I popped a nice barrel in which gives enough of a boost.
  4. We run this rule at my teams private games. Not many bother to carry an extra gun for the purpose. A gbbp with a reasonable trigger response is as good as.
  5. I had one in the face from 500fps bolty from about 2m. Stuck my head over a ridge made him jump and he pulled the trigger. I was fine though as I had my mask on. Would have certainly have been undesirable without.
  6. I'm probably using the wrong terminology and what I'm talking about is something else . But essentially I've seen folks end up sitting out the day with headache and dizzyness enough go home or sit out the rest of the day .
  7. I do within reason but when you have people with DSG setups or hpa hoses that let of 10rnds with the merest tickle of the trigger I'll pass. Especially if its run right up to the site fps limit. As for alleged I'm not really sure why you would think I would lie to you as I have no reason to. I've been playing 17 years and as said its not common maybe seen it myself 2-3 iirc but possible if you are unlucky. But yes a mask or even a hat will usually absorb enough of the impact. Tbh I've never not used full face protection myself and don't get people that don't and get pissy about getting hit as it's the risk they chose to take.
  8. Not joking . Not often but in extreme and unlucky circumstances I have seen it happen to the odd person .Generally good hard hit to the temple area on bare skin, and this was with single shot. Theres a cqb place relatively local to me that allows FA and it and its full of high rof hpa idiots. I won't play there.
  9. That's fair enough. But theoretical one here. What if it was close enough to get a tight full grouping, say 1-2m ramped right upto site fps limited on x6 shot with 0.3g bbs. You probably wouldn't be so cheery, possibly concussed. I'm not saying it's something that's happened to me but I don't think I'd appreciate it. As a few of you I've used x6 shotties and still do but they are not boosted in anyway and I don't use any more than 0.25g in them.
  10. On a different point, I've heard shotguns being complained about before too. Depending on the ammo weight, proximity, shotty type and how it's being fueled/upgraded. TM style gas shotty upgraded to fire x6 shot at 350fps on 0.2g hurts enough when they are close enough for all the bbs to be on target. Stick 0.3 or more that I have heard of people running it with. That's close to 2g of bbs hitting you in a concentrated area. Up that there's the aps not as powerful but takes a bigger load, even on 0.2 is a fair whack. Far worse impact than a short 3-4 rnd burst.
  11. Heard people say that but I didn't really think it was that hard.
  12. Also a lot more consistent and able to lift heavier ammo. The hadron dual screw allows you to compensate if a hop is slightly off too.
  13. I'm old school we used to play FA indoor so I don't mind it, baring in mind it was with old school weaponry. That said many are not used to it and it's fairly uncommon now. As a seasoned player I now realize it can be shit and idiots can push it beyond the realms of fun. Some will push the gun to the n'th power limit of the site and rof if rof limit is set.
  14. I did 9ball route and Lee's precision engineering route shims in my mags. 9ball hop and a tk twist barrel. Note the hk45 is a proprietary barrel cut but if you are handy with a file you can make any standard cut tm gbbp barrel fit. The standard barrel is very short in relation to the outer barrel especially if you have the tactical version. Mine is kicking out a steady 270fps on 0.28 now. About 320fps on 0.2g which is about +40fps from stock without effecting the standard efficiency of the gun.
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