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  1. Begs the question which gg mags have you had experience. There are bad ones I'll give you that but the good design ones I've used have never need fixing over many years use.
  2. I'd go with a tm . The Tanakas nicer but expensive, not as easy to source. I use my Tanakas for skirmish but only cqb wouldn't want to potentially gank it up or break it in woodland. TM also is 24 shots. Fps isn't the highest but has a good fixed hop possibly tweakable with the right know how haven't messed around with one recently. There's the m19 and python available in 2,4,6" barrels, and silver or black finish.
  3. Think that might be helliflippers (or something to the effect) which is also advertised on here. Was tempted myself but not a fan of the grip shape. ah no its the longer one.
  4. Only m29 I know of is the crown available in spring and gas. Not that great. Or Tanaka which are very nice, quite pricy. There are different versions in fancy finishes that look great but I would recommend a heavy weight versions they do in black or silver satin. Could always go wit the tm m19 which are easier to source especially uk side. Or older western saa revolvers and schofield in co2 which you can tweak fps if you know how. Suppose the intended purpose would sway which I recommend more. My M29 Tanaka HW.
  5. I'm a regular ish at Sparta with it being near to me. With all sites there's good and bad days. That said it's more good than bad and the bad hasn't been that bad ime. I'm a traveler when it comes to playing and even the best of sites have their bad days or try out games that don't pan out well.
  6. AFAIK it's mainly britac events if you check them out. Might be others but can't remember.
  7. Personally I'd go for the higher power and better trigger response of gbbp. The higher mag capacity and full auto are not needed for tight cqb sites.
  8. There are exceptions though. If a small close up kill house is gonna be your main site to start you really can't go wrong with a good gbb pistol. As for a "loadout" a pistol makes for a very simple setup that will fit in a rucksack. My most regrettable purchase was flyye plate carrier. Not because it was a bad PC but I soon leant I don't like wearing them. Their hot, restrict movement and make it harder to feel hits. Plus it wasn't a cheap bit of kit.
  9. I was there for the last game. Was one of my regular haunts since opening. Although a very different their other site camp Sparta is worth a visit.
  10. Call sign patch. Basically to identify who you are.
  11. Send it back. They are more of a toy than a serious gun. I know the original is TM but there are also clones which I can imagine the QC is terrible. So depending what you have I would say. If you just want something to dick about with the tm version is fine and the clone isn't worth owning, and if the tm is out your budget you're better with a springer pistol. If you want something to skirmish go back to the drawing board and save some more money.
  12. Is it one you use a special tool in the opening of the chamber. Like this...
  13. Help it run in the cold. As long as you don't use higher pressure gas in warmer times it's only stressing it as much as it would on green in the warm.
  14. says 310 on the specs, I assume a miss type
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