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  1. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    My hk pistols. Not all my hk pistols but these look nice as a group.
  2. heroshark

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    I'd just ask, I don't see why not.
  3. heroshark

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    Might as well go to a game day and either go early or stay late (later in the year when you have the light). if you don't fancy playing I'm sure you could arrange something with them. when I last went they didn't use the whole site all at once and I think iirc some of the upper floors they don't use are fairly long and clear.
  4. heroshark

    Rifle fettling, testing zeroing etc

    where are you based? Looking at your sites the stan is not a stretch for you. Indoor factory floors a good 100m long
  5. heroshark

    WE F226 Loading Nozzle

    Any of the 15mm bbu tms and black gas when it's really cold
  6. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    np. yep that is a build up of light dustings of tan, brown and od. I prefer it to a flat 1 color paint job
  7. heroshark

    How many guns ?

    Only about 7 of the ones I own are serious skirmishing guns . Unless I'm holding a springer pistol game then there's quite a few I have the option of. A few of the springers are collectibles and a few collectible gas guns
  8. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    nothing wrong with them. Against the pre 20mm rail classics all be them old school to the modern eye they just don't quite fit in the group. Not that you have to obviously just an observation.
  9. heroshark

    How many guns ?

    Make that a +1 for me too.
  10. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    Nice, the railed m9 and m4 don't quite fit in there.
  11. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    I have a dust pan brush . I spray paint on to my workshop door work it on to the brush then on to the slide. I use various colours and when I worked it into the brush on the door picks up a little of what was already there. After that I take some tan colour water based model paint and dab it all over and just work it in with my hands for the grubby look.
  12. heroshark

    Gun picture thread

    Got this box fresh TM USP compact today. I don't like box fresh guns. Didn't come with the rail so modded this full size USP rail to fit and popped the XC2 I have on it. Like it was made for it.
  13. heroshark

    USP compact holster and Glock box

    Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    USP compact kydex on Safari land mount. Can split if someone just wants one or tother. And genuine Glock box. Open to offers not after much.


  14. heroshark


    I do believe the NP aegs already contain a cheap 6.03 so buying another cheap 6.03 barrel isn't going to make a great deal of difference. A better hop and nub may be a better and cheaper investment. You could get a nicer barrel but your looking in the £60-70 region.
  15. heroshark

    Own brand bbs and green gas

    Heard a few gripes about the BBs jamming in peoples tb barrels years ago when I used to use them, but I never had an issue in 6.03 barrels I used. Don't know about the gas or OEM of either. Could well have changed over the years too.