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  1. Not sure of the cylinder volume or if it's vented on the 417 so worth checking before you get a real long inner barrel. I'm about 5'10" and find it a little long in the shoulder personally even with the stock collapsed. That's just me though I'm a small gun person. I don't mind heavy but long an heavy with all that weight hanging out there isn't for me. Not a fan of the delta but would be my choice out the 2.
  2. Ah bum, was a good place to pick up old springers.
  3. Granted tm recoil is not a cheap option and you don't get buckets more for the cost. But it is a reliable good performance ootb aeg with mag cut out, bolt stop and recoil. You can't get all that in an upgraded cyma. Provided you don't immediately gut it and replace all the parts which I agree is stupid, I think that is more the point of the video. Dumping tonnes into upgrades on anything before wearing out the stock parts provided they already proficiently functioning is wasteful and it's a point he makes a lot.
  4. 2 is the apex for me, purely for the sake of a backup. Preferably taking the same mags, most likely the same gun. AEG is a just tool for me and one I don't often use so ones enough for me atm. Now replace this statement with old spring pistols and sometimes obscure collectible gas pistols I'm all over it. I don't like having loads of high end unused kit sitting about unless its collectible, holds value or I'm gonna keep it going and run it into the ground.
  5. They don't, one reason I never bothered.
  6. Np bud. Think there's about enough to make 2 but I can't be bothered.
  7. Found enough of a shorty to demonstrate. VID_20200212_112149.mp4 VID_20200212_112620.mp4
  8. have your full shell in your hand before opening. Open the gate (even quicker if you remove the gate) and drop the empty shell direct from the gun into the same hand the full one is in and slam the full one in. They are small enough to manipulate in the one hand. Then close gate or not if you have removed it ,saves an operation. Finally dump shell where you see fit. I would demonstrate but no longer have a shotty.
  9. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? Owned springers from about 94, always wanted to play armies with them but it never happened. Knew a few people from an older peer group into it. Got more impressive gas and electric guns over time and got to know them. Went to my first self organised skirmish around 99, and it spiraled from there. 2.what would your callsign be? heroshark 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)? woodland 416c, mk23, hk45. cqb mk23, hk45, uspc. 4. What Battle dress Uniform (BDU) and gear would you use? mtt in woodland ,cqb I wear all sorts often my leopard print ubacs and jeans or dungarees. 5. If you could use rubber melee weapons, what would it be? I just shoot people. 6. What’s your favourite and least favourite game mode? there isnt one, just sites I don't like. 7. What’s your best, funniest and worst memory of Airsoft? Theres many but I suffer from a bad memory and the best are not repeatable. 8. What is your favourite patches (maximum 4)? I don't have favorites but someone sent me an embroidered boba fet helmet which is one I quite like. 9. If there was a gun you wanted or not yet built, what would it be? aug tm recoil, with full function. eg not just recoil like g36 and aksu models. 10. What do you see as a step forward, for the game, in the future? It's fine as it is.
  10. Well that was one way to de-rail a thread. My work is done here.
  11. Yes, I already know what a fully assembled tortoise looks like .
  12. No, never. And I'd be thankful if you never showed me it again. I would like to see what a tortoise looks like though please.
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