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  1. should be good then as long as your not under voluming a long barrel you'll be fine.
  2. Just tried this on an import I had and it worked http://blog.adamowen.co.uk/dont-pay-fedexs-customs-advancement-fees/ .Only £12 but better in my pocket. Not sure if it would work for any other any other companies. 

    1. EDcase


      Interesting thanks.

      I'll keep this in mind but to be honest I've been put off purchasing from far East sources.

      Factoring the fees plus delivery uncertainty in these dark times it has become less enticing.

    2. heroshark


      I wouldn't buy from china, This was a tanaka saa from japan 

    3. Splodge


      Royal Mail charges £8 for what appears to be the same thing. Would this work for that or is it different?

  3. Ta ,sounds about right .Think it was about 380-70ish still at this length. Other advantage of a lighter hammer spring is an easier trigger pull where you still thinking of keeping it longish?
  4. Being a nbb is more straight forward I think the barrel is proprietary , not sure if it has any similarities to any other available barrels. A softer hammer spring or tweak the existing one would be my first goto and the easiest method. Made this a good few years ago with the carbine version still fires over 350fps at this length.
  5. Released yesterday if you want one. http://impulse101.jp/en/gbb/tokyo-marui-glock-17-gen4-gbb-4988
  6. My collection sits at polar ends of the scale. I have about 80-90 odd springers. 2 or 3 would be considered very expensive for what they are but very rare and precious to me. One ngrs only aeg I have. Then a load of gas pistols. A few for practical skirmish not cheap cheap, mildly upgraded tms nothing crazy. Couple of cheap odd balls. The rest rare, old, collectables not cheap too really not cheap. As said price is not always an indicator of quality especially when it comes to picking up rare old guns.

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    After a Tanaka 4,75" SAA HW. In internally non functioning condition . I know its along shot but if anyone has one with a worn out internal I would be interested. Would even take broken external depending on what. Cheers


    - GB

  8. If it's stopping at the start of the bottom of the lips sounds similar to a common clone mk23 mag issue. Check the transition between the feed to the lips. Sometimes the slightest step between can mess it up. Careful reshaping shaving with a sharp blade will fix it if it's that.
  9. Highly irregular. What bbs you using?
  10. You where told .If you want a bit more efficiency 2 aftermarket things that won't fuck it up are lees precision engineering route shims and 9ball routes in the mags. The route helps gas flow and shims help the seal to the bbu. You'll get a boost in power, efficiency and consistency with no negative effect. Also help with cycling the metal slide.
  11. My new HW Tanaka SAA Artillery with a bit of work on the finish to make it look nice.
  12. get a nicer barrel to fit in it. Maple leaf one should work
  13. According to a friend I asked as he knows a bit of Japanese. No mention of adjustable hop. Although I've shimmed fixed hops to lift heavier bbs. Mention of more compact nbb models based on the system. The M&P hasn't got a laser. From what I see it's a fixed barrel with loading nozzle in the mag. Price will be 6300yen about £50.
  14. Pay special attention at 1.45 on the second video.
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