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  1. The ct25 aint bad but the tm lcp is a good call I imagine it'll shoot better.
  2. They where preorder on tiger111 iirc.
  3. Good site, would have liked to have gone again. Shame, if they can find somewhere to put all those structures even if it was outdoor it would make a good site. Having to clear it and find somewhere put it is a ball ache.
  4. http://impulse101.jp/en/shotgun-parts/miya-hero-hop-up-chamber-bucking-silicone-rubber-40-for-tokyo-marui-air-shotgun-series-3-pieces-5076?fbclid=IwAR3XeFf1D8UaIaQypQQs6ZHZk9Td-crcJpbBNTutQtFJ76Hvh_CV7M761jA
  5. Not a surefire method but you can possibly tell if its a route seal issue by pushing the mag up into the gun and firing and see if it makes a difference. If it is the valve you may be able to mod the stock valve to high flow.
  6. tbh I know many find aeps frustrating to use for various reasons. I'd go for the tm gen4 gbb if you are worried about having something that runs well in the cold. And if you need a small spray and pray gun go for a little v3 gb base gun over an aep.
  7. Have done for about 15years now. Swear by it, and a couple of bfgs.
  8. Well this is the other route I often took . I'd wait for a well priced 2nd hand gun that's kitted out then have a full metal and a stock frame/slide .
  9. I always got on with my guarder kit 226. Obviously not as good as stock in efficiency and cool down.
  10. tbf I remember they had had to stop using bangs at tac house Chesterfield for a while and it was good fun.
  11. Or the ak that should be pretty awesome.
  12. ghk g5 always seemed to be the go to affordable gbbr.
  13. Ooh my sister lives in Newbury definitely be down for that. Maybe drag my brother in law along, that would be funny.
  14. In 21 years playing AS I've actually seen more pyro burns than eye injuries. And even then it's not that common. Plenty of breaking bbs on mesh never resulting in any serious damage, eye wash job at the most. It's happened to me personally aproximatly 12 times in 450 games over my time. Even with bbs getting in non sealed eyepro of all the incidents I've been privy to (probably less frequent than bbs breaking on mesh) I know 2 that resulted in permanent sight damage most cases just some bruising. I think the most common AS injury has to be twisted ankles.
  15. As long as the stems are good just replace the o-rings.
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