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  1. heroshark

    Pistol help

    yeah there is https://www.popularairsoft.com/tokyo-marui-5th-festival-mk46-aks-47-fnx-45-tactical-hi-capa-dor
  2. heroshark

    Pistol help

    I liked it but I went onto the hicapa for a good few years and now ditched that for the hk45 tactical so take that how you want.
  3. heroshark

    Pistol help

    It's funny actually the we226 has a 15mm bbu unlike the tm. I'm not sure if WE have adopted it in other models I know they haven't in most but there's a couple of them I haven't worked on. But saying this the only reason I know this is because a friend of mine wanted me to source a new nozzle as it had broke and he couldn't find one and he'd already blown on prior. Ever since I found out I've been curious whether you could fit the WE bbu in a tm. And on the flip side of this to add to this story I solidly ran the tm226 as a primary a good 6-7 years an went through a few nozzles.
  4. heroshark

    Pistol help

    My personal advice cut out the middle man don't half arse it .There are 2 indispensable pistols imo, a nbb and a gbb. With nbb there is only one serious contender the mk23 clone or tokyo marui. With tinkering you can get either running very well and there's plenty of good info to help you get the most out of it. This said some find them unbearable for the plasticyness ( can get a metal slide) ,trigger pull and the fact it doesn't blowback. But they are very quiet when suppressed, work in extreme cold and shoot as accurately and as far or further with mods even compared to well upgraded rifles. When it comes to gbb I've found your best bet is a new gen 15mm bbu tokyo marui. Yes there are co2 mags but they don't last, take more maintenance and are sometimes unfixable. Or indeed in the case of some of the kjw hicapa mags I had didn't hold gas as new. Some will say tm hi-capa but they run on the old bbu I'd wait for the new tm hi-capa if I were you. I moved from hi-capa 4.3 to hk45 and it's way better in extreme cold. Some say they don't like the tm plastic but if that bothers you there's metal slides/FMK's available. And a tm with a metal slide will run better than other brand guns which are metal as stock. Also tm's last longer than anything else available ime.
  5. heroshark

    Airsoft Youtubers

    It's a double edge sword. If you want the videos to go far or indeed anything internet based sensational clickbait titles and images help it go further and that's how things work now. It's rediculous but that is how it works. Half truth ,100th truth to complete lies sell stories so people see the advertising and the money goes around. Good content is almost irelivant when it comes down to it.
  6. heroshark

    Pyramex I-Force Goggles - Which Lens?

    Considering the amount I've meshed you are not the only one. Also to note they do 2 sizes if you have a slim or broad face too which is worth taking into account.
  7. They are not they all have the tm performance but the g36 and older AK models do not cut out on empty . If you want the lightest with bolt lock I think its the 416c. Although I would not consider any metal receiver AR light, even the small ones.
  8. I'd say the best call so far is a light weight good quality shortish m4 with a high cap. Like the CM range although there are other good polymer guns, just can't think of any off the top of my head. Maybe ICS. keep it short, I wouldn't say fire hawk due to the short barrel. Although bang a reasonable length light weight silencer on like the lees precision engineering and a good quality extended inner barrel ,hop and cylinder to match would do the job. Maybe a spring to bump it up to site limit to get the most out of it. Whatever you get a nice barrel and hop work wonders.
  9. heroshark

    Hi Cappa's, Pros/Cons

    I ran capas years but switched for one reason and it's only con imo. It has the old style 14mm bbu. I dont know why but that extra millimeter makes a massive difference to the efficiency especially in the cold.
  10. heroshark

    Movie pistols - Which are the greatest and why?

    camoraids do tm stuff at a good price
  11. heroshark

    Secondary Ideas

    Depends on your style of play but I'd personally find even a large pistol too much to carry as a secondary to a rifle/sub. Even a small rifle/sub. But it all very much depends on your style of play. For example in woodland I carry a 416c and a 400fps nbb mk23 pistol with med. I use them in equal measure and rarely find the the use of a gbbp. Although I did buy a gbb colt25 the other day which I will carry from now on as it's so tiny. CQB all I carry is pistols. On the most part of what I see, regular woodland players if they carry a pistol its just a holster filler and rarely used. So if you think that's possible there is little point in carrying any secondary. If you really want to a secondary ,a reliable compact pistol is the most practical. Or a back up aeg may be more useful if you don't already have one.
  12. heroshark

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    What he said. KY airsoft do them they also do all the other WE offerings with trades.
  13. heroshark

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I said I wasn't going to buy any more guns about a month back. I've bought 5 since, I think it has the opposite effect.
  14. heroshark

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Hard to appreciate quite how small it is , even smaller than the vest pocket hammerless.
  15. heroshark

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    The tinyest gbbp in existence.