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  1. If you are going tm recoil and ambi 416/7 will fit the bill. On us fields it may be under power by us standard. But if you want that type of money you can get one upgraded to your spec. Just a case of picking which model you like. 416c is my personal choice as I like compact.
  2. Another application of the "H" is if you want to make it a dmr because some sites/game operators insist in RS variants being used for dmr. If thats your bag. One down side is smaller mag capacity if that bothers you.
  3. Mate of mine got one, was the first gas pistol I had a go on.
  4. Shame tm never expanded and improved their nbb range. Be nice to have other than just the mk23 as a decent nbb option.
  5. I have most of them and out the long guns the Uzi is fantastic.
  6. Recently got these with a couple of old toys I picked up. Though it would be nice to share.
  7. If anyone likes a bit of skateboarding this is a favorite of mine. If it amuses you there's a series of them which will keep you going a while.
  8. I used to enjoy fucking about with my friend/bosses desk top picture at work to see how long it took her to notice. Surprised I never got the sack for time wasting tbh.
  9. Ah Gotcha. Misread ,though you were trying to dye a yellow lens. No Idea on dying but my take would be to find a good quality correct curvature lens with enough excess to cut the correct outline but that's just me. Or thinking about it make it a dual pane lens using a yellow tint lens double sided taped to the inner of the original lens
  10. I know what they are like. Good for picking up details and movement especially when people are well camouflaged. So the question still stands what is the intended purpose/outcome of dying it?
  11. What is the purpose of dying the lens?
  12. You've already been told it'll be fine by several people on one of your previous threads. I don't mean this offensively but are you all ok, is there something we should know?
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