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    I live in Lincolnshire and played since 2003ish all over the place I like to travel.

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  1. I look forward to seeing a full Triggers broom transformation.
  2. For a straight $1000 he'll throw in a curse to smite your enemies.
  3. I can hook you up with a good shamen who will bring all the kit. You just need to wire $563.98 to my representative in Uganda.
  4. lighter flint spring cut to the right length will do it
  5. It bad JuJu, you need to perform a shamanic ritual. Have you got any animals that you could use as a sacrifice?
  6. Just don't go out in your full Nazi officer kit. Raises the odd eyebrows. Save that for home ☺️
  7. Are you after anything in particular or have a goal to do something with it.
  8. I always thought the single fire in and out of buildings was more about giving players a fair chance to move and break in or out of a building.
  9. Possibly a maruzen/daisy. If you join & post it on my page, Spring-soft there are people who may possibly know for sure.
  10. Is it shell ejection and does the front end work like a pump action.
  11. Revolvers can be a bit meh in Airsoft terms. Shooting accurately always best used single action as much as where possible due to trigger pull and fractional differences in cylinder and it timing even on high-end models. Tanakas are nice shooters and good models but as stock sound really pathetic. Hi flow them and you get a little more noise at least. That said my high outputted shot shell kwc python really keeps heads down. Plus it's very pleasing to take people out with a revolver. I don't get hpa M4 mags in pistols. I understand it has its place in speedqb type stuff where they are allowed to spam every corner as they go round it but not for regular skirmish. The only pay off I see is the reliable cold weather performance, which my current pistols already do on black gas for when it's cold. I don't need 100 plus bbs without reloading. I'd rather not be tetherd to my gun with the extra bulk of a tank.
  12. It's easy to mod the standard shells to x3 shot and still be a skirmishable even if you had the 4" barrel. The shells can take up to x6 with a bit more work but I had to mod the gun to output more gas to push x6 bbs with a 2.5" barrel, not sure how 4"would go. It also has a hop unlike many co2 revolvers. Shoots x6 out 20m or so with about a 3ft spread at 10m. I prefer it to carrying a breacher.
  13. The co2 revolvers are great . I have a modded kwc python 2.5" which I modded the shells to multishot.
  14. Yep have done a long time. As said mk23 is very effective with the right mods. Running at 350 or as dmr/DMP if sites allow. It makes little difference. Have a mk23 carbine I never use as I prefer the maneuverability . I always carry my hk45 and uspc too. Gbb is Much better for close work. I often like to take out my more fancy bits in cqb like Tanakas and marushin . Nothing as satisfying as capping someone with an 8mm cop or derringer. Or turning a tight corner with an m29 and the poor soul is nose to barrel with his gun down. I didn't shoot him, I'm nice like that. My typical cqb tactical dungeree load out.
  15. If you are trying to run it on green gas magazines I hear it's not great. It's better tuned to running co2.
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