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  1. Absolutely! This is why i like boom arms, they dont claim to have a quick turnaround but they deliver and are completely honest.
  2. I assume you just returned it for a full refund?
  3. Yeah I'm having long waiting times from them at the moment, but at least despite the delays i always get what i order with them. Even if i strongly disagree with there practice of listing things as in stock when they aren't. But these arse holes are deliberately mis selling goods and selling off used bstock. And on top of that they blatantly lie through there teeth and are just generally incompetent.
  4. I wasnt mad at the delivery time as it was via surface mail which can take up to 6 months but over 3 weeks just to post the stuff should have been a good enough warning sign
  5. I think thats a really good idea or a feedback system like we have for our classifieds
  6. I dont have anywhere to put a gun wall and have recently moved so have very little budget and no skills but set myself the challenge of making a armounry for £0 so i grabbed a wardrobe and set of draws off of gumtree for then used an old pallet and some slats from a bed for the extra wood. it doesnt look amazing but for a first attempt im reasonably happy with it. All ive actually had to pay for is the magazine and pistol hangers.
  7. Right my order has come through so i'm going to document it so nobody else makes the mistake of ordering from these crooks. I placed my order on the 21st of Febuary and it wasnt shipped until 17th March with no communications. a few days later a single loading nozzle arrived. The rest of the order finally arrived on the 14th of June, I finally opened the package and that is when alarm bells immediately began to ring as I was confronted with the following: Upon opening i found the follwing missing from my order: 1x xm26 shotgun 1x
  8. Looks like youre missing the same bits that I am!
  9. Nope this is the third package of this order and this is definitely not a jg I have made 3 seperate orders from them and they've screwed them all up after taking an average of 1 month just to ship the items. I have one again been forced to open a paypal dispute. This is alongside being sent a R.I.F with included bits missing, a secondhand barrel sold as new, parts that had been opened and were DOA and compaints being completely ignored and being sent barefaced lies. I used to think they were just incompetent but this is deliberately lying about goods.
  10. So I ordered a jg g3 sas however what i got was this: Needless to say I'm not best pleased. If ever you consider ordering from sixmm.com just dont they are not incompetent like i first believed but infact outright crooks.
  11. The gen 2 is great and stupidly cheap on patrol base atm, my friend has one and its why I got the v1. I only went for the v1 other it as its for the smg8 and the t1 is more authentic on a mp7 then a t2.
  12. If youre going to reduce the barrel length then expect less consistency and a large fps drop, i know barrel lengths dont make a big difference beyond a certain point but they are not particularly long in these anyway. If youre going to start messing around with dampers to reduce noise you are also going to reduce recoil, at that point you might as well just get a bolt recoil one or wait and see if tm do a ngrs of the SD and save yourself a fortune. Its your call but you seem to be buying a gun that isnt designed or built for the purpose that you have in mind. The bolts have reco
  13. Vector maverick v1 (t1 clone) These are rediculous value for money, parallax free as far as i can tell and feel incredibly well made.
  14. Import one, itll be cheaper than a second hand one tbh and will save you the wait. https://www.crownairsoft.com/products/h-k-we-licensed-h-k-g3a3-gbb-rifle
  15. I use these and theyre perfect. https://www.uktactical.com/p-11496-warrior-assault-systems-double-quick-mag-multicam.aspx Pictured is my rig, warrior 901, 3x double quick mags, 2x warrior 9mm pouches, 2x hsgi extended mag pouches, warrior dump pouch safakiland mid ride. I use the elastic to retain ar style mags when i switch primaries and am yet to lose a single mag. G3 mags fit snuggly but are quick to draw when required. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
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