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    Vortex VMX-3t with FTS mount and box in black


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    As above I am looking to buy WE CT25, ASG derringer or similar skirmishable compact gas pistol for around £40 posted, I have UKARA for defence


    HALSTEAD, essex - GB

  3. So far ive found it to be absolutely awesome im just gutted that i wont be getting a chance to use it once its been converted to dmr for ages. The gun weighs a tonne so I'm greatful i have my m4 to break up the day a bit. This thing has great range and hops .28s with ease as it is out of the box but the springs on the magazine's are hefty so it's taking a while to break them in. My timing sucks but i am very happy with the gun as is my tech. Also worth noting the shimming on mine was excellent and the air seal was perfect out of the box.
  4. LCT G3A4 with 6x spare mags Gate Warfet Gaurder 140 spring Mr hop 60 rubber hensoldt Z24 2x 11.1 lipos Nato 3 point sling HK sling adapter .36 bbs Hopefully i'm better with a DMR then I am with money
  5. The biggest thing is practice! Your field craft could be the best in the world but if your shooting technique is off its not worth a damn. Make sure you can shoot at the upper limits of your range consistently and you can get good groupings as your ROF means your targets will probably be moving between shots so it's important to hit on the first one as your unlikely to be able to adjust and compensate between shots. Practice your reloads, if you move too much while concealed doing a reload you can easily give away your position. As has been pointed out here get a decent sec
  6. Okay I'll grab some amd give it a go then? Is this stuff reasonably easy to work with? Unfortunately the only kill flash i can get for my optic is pushing 90 quid but that's worth paying to protect my scope if thats the way i end up going
  7. So following advice on here I just pulled the trigger (get it) on a new a quite expensive optic and would like to protect it in the field. I've seen online that the preferences seem to be a kill flash (what im leaning towards) or a couple of pieces of polycarbonate or similar, now im not massively hand and dont own any tools so for the price of me getting set up for the lexican builds I could just get a Tenebraex kill flash so how tough are these kill flashes? and what do all of you use to protect your optics? Cheers
  8. I just got the 130 cm one and it doesnt hold both my m4 carbine and my g3a4 unfortunately, annoyingly it also doesnt fit in my boot. Im currently mid move so I'm living out of boxes so no measuring equipment handy atm but I'm trying to house a sliding stock g3 and an m4 carbine. I couldnt agree more, I'm a guitarist so believe ne when i say i learned that quality of cases matter from a friends very costly mistake!
  9. Thanks for the help all i think ill be going with the vortex spitfire 3x as it doesnt seem like the extra options of the lpvo are for me.
  10. As per the title can anyone recommend me a case or padded bag big enough to take 2 rifles? The more compact the better as i only have a tiny boot!
  11. It's what i was eyeing up too, this with a vortex strike fire
  12. Sometimes even at longer ranges (for airsoft) rapid target acquisition is more important than pinpoint accuracy so its handy to have that option, although with a claw mount i should still be able to use the g3s irons for this Seems like the lpvo may be more hassle than its worth so what are people opinions on 3x vs 4x optics for DMRs? And does anyone know of a longer claw mount able to take a dot magnifier clmbo? I was looking at the claws one but it looks to short to take both
  13. My initial plan was a red dot with 3x flip to side magnifier but the claw mount on the g3 isn't long enough for both. I suspect most people set a lpvo to 3 or 4 and never touch it again to be honest. Is there much of a difference in using a 3x to a 4x in reality?
  14. Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of a DMR project and am looking for opinions and experiences with different scopes. Ill be shooting .36s and will be firing .2s at 430ish fps. Currently in looking at either: Vortex spitfire 3x fixed. Vortex strike eagle 1-6 variable. So what level of magnification do you all use? 3x, 4x or something completely different and are low power variables worth it?
  15. Holy thread ressurection batman! What optic mounts would you recommend to ensure that the iron sights are still useable? For me one of the points of getting one of these is the amazing iron sights.
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