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  1. Hi all, so I’m trying to track down a grey man tactical RIP-M 12.25 x 19 in mollie panel, from America they cost $128 with postage 😮 but they are only about £35 for the panel itself, the rest is postage, just wondering if any of you have had any experience with grey man tactical and if they are worth the price etc. Even better if any of you have one for sale haha, thanks all.
  2. Yeahh not selling the knives just wondering any places that I am able to, thanks for moving the topic for me thanks all for the responces
  3. Hi all, i know this isn’t really airsoft related and I wasn’t really sure where to post this topic as it’s not really to do with airsoft, but I’m a huge collector of knives, I’ve loved them from a young age and just love how they look, feel and the various uses, I’ve recently decided to sell some of them but I have no idea where to even start looking for a site to sell them on. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? If this topic is not allowed I apologise to all and I apologise to the admins thank you joe.
  4. For some reason that site won't work for me even after a quick google search, I'll have to try on the computer when I'm home, thanks for all the advice guys :), I'll buy a new tunic with no insignia on or maybe change it to the Wehrmacht collar tabs and away I go aha, I'll make sure to post a pic here when it's all done
  5. Dyou rekon if I just took off the SS runes and possibly the arm eagle and cuff title that would work better? As then I wouldn't be showing any potentially offensive kit it would just be a German uniform
  6. Yeah that's what I was thinking, just didn't wanna go to an event with all the SS runes etc. and end up offending anyone or being turned away because of the insignia was all XD
  7. Hi all, so I do ww2 reenacting and was thinking of doing an airsoft loadout the same, I do german reenacting 1st SS to be exact and I'm not sure how people would view me at fields wearing this uniform, just thought I'd get some opinions? For the weapons I would probably just get either an MP40 or K98 if I can find them for a decent price or maybe even a PPSH-41 that I've seen around recently, the uniform itself is the standard field grey uniform with SS collar tabs, LAH shoulder boards, Adolf Hitler cuff title and then just full field kit (A-Frame, gas mask canister etc etc.) so what dyou guys think? Good or bad idea? Cheers.
  8. Joe142

    Co2 mags

    That's pretty awesome, cheers buddy
  9. Joe142

    Co2 mags

    Ah right okay, so it has the ability to be able to shoot a co2 mag it just may be too hot for some sites?
  10. Joe142

    Co2 mags

    So I recently brought a WE M9 which came with a green gas mag, being fairly new to GBB pistols and airsoft in general I was wondering if I'm able to use a co2 mag (with the 12g cartridge) in this gun or if it will do more damage than good?
  11. Joe142


    Ohh Okay I understand you now guys sorry for the confusion haha, I'll have a read on the uk law page, thanks for all the help
  12. Joe142


    I mean like I'm not on the UKARA database, so the rifle going through customs wouldn't be a problem if I have a valid defence? In this case being a reenactor
  13. Joe142


    So I'm a reenactor part of a group and want to import an airsoft rifle, is it possible to import as I am a reenactor so I have valid defence or do I need to have a ukara licence? (Not sure if this is the correct part of the fourum to post this, apologises if it isn't)
  14. So the g spec is probably the better option? Due to the extras included
  15. Also looking at the tm vsr-10 there are 2 versions the vsr-10 g spec and the vsr-10 pro, what are the differences between the 2?
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