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  1. This area gets no where near enough use, but that can easily change Post up any pictures of guns or related items. I've only got one or two pictures atm but ill get more on Saturday And
  2. So TM have made a recoil mk46. 

    That's going to be tough not to buy.

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    2. Druid799


      Already working out how to convert it in to an L7 Gimpy ! 🤦‍♂️

    3. RMDavis


      I was looking at this also! There's also some pretty awesome looking revolvers they're making! 😍 

    4. Druid799


      Oh yes loving the big ass chunky python’s as well .😍

  3. M_P

    APS pistols.

    Pretty sure stark arms are or were OEM'd be VFC
  4. M_P

    Best reusable grenade

    Another TRMR vote, so good I bought a second (which was handy as I lost the first) Don't get a black one, make sure it's one of the brightly coloured ones
  5. M_P

    Dual pistols for CQB

    TM M&Ps
  6. M_P

    AEG with Recoil

    Haven't the ERGs always had that when using their own mags with the extended followers?
  7. M_P

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    It's not a replica it's just 'inspired' by an AR-15 but it's close enough for most to not realise
  8. M_P

    New hpa gun in the pipeline

    It'd surprise me, basic market research would tell them not to do so
  9. M_P

    Quality airsoft pistol

    cybergun one will have Glock markings not KWC ones
  10. M_P

    Need Help to choose a gun

    The sopmod is the RIS model, the socom is the A1 plastic handguard version Either are as good as each other, just make sure you get the lipo mod (battery wires soldered to the quick detach point in the stock) done if you get the sopmod
  11. I don't think so personally, most people rent at first to see if they like airsoft or not before buying stuff and lots of sites run a rent/buy scheme until a player gets their membership. If someone is really interested in playing they'll just follow the membership rules, if they're not willing to do that I don't think they'd end up being a serious player anyway. I think the number of people turned away by it would be minuscule
  12. M_P

    NBB gas pistols

    Becuase they're boring to shoot in comparison, airsoft is 95% look and feel so most people go for something that recoils. There are so many gbbs that will still shoot great, be efficient and reliable that there's not a huge NBB market. They have a place but for most people the appeal isn't as strong
  13. M_P

    What do you consider 2nd hand

    To me if it's not bought new from a retailer its second hand. Not everyone is as honest as you'd like and I'd imagine a lot of sales adverts that say 'used just a few times' are stretching the truth at best
  14. Fire support are generally cheapest for TM recoils
  15. M_P

    AEG or GBB

    To be fair that's more due to the VFC gbb stuff being awful than anything The TM stuff is really great but there are a lot of good options from other brands too and for a new player a TM is a big investment I'd still heavily advise against it but if you're dead set on a gas gun avoid the Umarex/VFC stuff, it will break and will break quickly. For your first one I'd look at a WE offering, the Scar H and G39 are very good. If you have the budget the TM MWS is the one to go for but they're not cheap. Just bear in mind you'll be looking at a good £250-300 on top of the gun itself, if not more by the time you add mags, accessories and stuff
  16. M_P

    AEG or GBB

    If you're new to airsoft definitely go electric, I'd never recommend a gas gun for new players as they require more maintenance and looking after. The performance does drop in the cold, some gasses are better than others as you'd expect and some guns are more or less resistant that others. Always start out electric, it gives you a decent chance when new against other people, with a gas gun 90% of the time you're at a disadvantage. You may end up wanting to swap later on, personally I love a nice gas powered gun but start out elsewhere
  17. M_P

    Weapon 762 vs spirtitus

    To be fair irrespective of cost and which market a product is designed for, if someone's stolen your design and reproducing it then you have every right to be upset about it. I'm not sure how patenting works when it comes to stuff such as tactical gear, I'd assume you can't protect every single design rather than specific features or similar. I'm sure CKinnerley will be along shortly to correct that haha The pricing is what it is, we have enough threads on the subject, but generally you get the quality you pay for. As lozart said, it's not for everyone but those who can afford and would be interested likely won't have an issue with the pricing, they're aware of where the money goes Using the phrase 'stolen valor' seems a tad silly as it's improperly used and you'd think someone in that market would know better but hey
  18. Players and marshalling are the most important by far. Sites needs to be kept well and maintained to a decent level by the owners and not allow the site to be over-filled Players need to play fair and follow rules and objectives The rest will sort itself out.
  19. The TM will perform as well or better than the rest but you get the recoil and bolt lock, it's up to you to decide if it's worth it or not. FPS will be 290ish so you can leave as is or upgrade from there. Personally I'd leave it untill something goes, it's all down to what you value feature-length in a gun Vs the exterior design of others- purely personal preference Very few (if any) disable the recoil on TMs, it defeats the point of getting one, it's more common on regular EBB guns but even then I wouldn't say it was a regular occurrence as such, most people aren't tech savvy enough to want to/know how so leave stuff as is
  20. M_P

    Quality airsoft pistol

    Another vote for the TM M&P (or any other TM bar the 1911s) they're all great
  21. No of course not and in a normal AEG or whatever I'd 100% agree, but a sniper rifle is all about precision and accuracy In my opinion if you're building or upgrading a sniper rifle settling on something else isn't worth doing, the inner barrel is probably the most important component of the lot and therefore getting that as good as possible should be the bare minimum. If not just stick with the stock TM barrel as I said, they're pretty good as is anyway
  22. M_P

    Loadout HELP!

    Judging by the tubes connection from the shoulder straps it's a First spear plate carrier Edit: yeah looks like the Siege R https://www.first-spear.com/siege-r-optimized
  23. If it's for a sniper rifle there's no point cheaping out, the whole thing is about precision and as a result anything less than a PDI is shooting yourself in the foot. Save up for that instead, the stock barrel isn't too bad anyway until you can afford to switch