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    WEG17 custom. FNX FNX. 45. G&G Heavy Bolt M4.
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    SWAT. Kryptek woodland.
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  1. Oli.Hanks

    Magpul Masada w/upgrades

    Bump give me an offer
  2. Oli.Hanks

    Ghk m4 mags

    Make: ghk Item: 3xg mags Condition: working Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yyy Price/Payment: 35 each Pictures:
  3. Oli.Hanks

    Magpul Masada w/upgrades

  4. Oli.Hanks

    Serpa holster

    Make: bllackhawk Item: serpa holster Condition: used but nice Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: ghk m4 mag? Price/Payment: 40 Pictures: https://imgur.com/n509BbZ
  5. Oli.Hanks

    Gun picture thread

    Samoon has 30%off at the moment on zentico i think
  6. Great holsters fit almost any pistol not deagles or pythons though haha
  7. Oli.Hanks

    GHK mag fill valve&release valve +tool

    Make: GHK Item: M4 Release& fill valves+ tool Desired Condition: new/perfect Swaps/Part Exchange: nx3 Budget: urgent willing to pay extra
  8. Oli.Hanks


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: lovely guy met for a swap half way in between both of us will trade again
  9. Oli.Hanks

    Magpul Masada w/upgrades

  10. Oli.Hanks


    Thanka i know ive got a gas black somehere
  11. Oli.Hanks


    Just baught a classic delta ring forened do i need a triangle post sight to fit it or is there something i can use to fix the handguard post in place?
  12. Oli.Hanks

    Magpul Masada w/upgrades

  13. Oli.Hanks

    Magpul Masada w/upgrades

  14. Oli.Hanks

    Gun picture thread

    Oh sh*t forgot abiut import
  15. Oli.Hanks

    Gun picture thread

    Aliexpress a fellow forum user enlightened me its the home of chine clones