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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 21 hours

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    Ever wanted a TM but dont have tm money well look no further give your front wired m4 one hell of a kick! Baught it but its not compatible with my m4 as i have milspec parts never used it just took it out of the box and tried to fit it alas no luck. So its yours Paypal only and postage is standard unless you want to pay extra for better postage totally up to you


    Manchester - GB

  2. Would you be willing to trade/part ex?

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    Hi folks im selling my front wired ares m4 it has a micro mofset all parts are milspec and good qual and working its a bargain im selling as i want to fit a tremor recoil and the mipspec parts make it hard to fit the kit so going to buy a new m4 willing to trade


    , Derbyshire

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    My loved magpul masada i dont play with aegs anymore it comes with a battery. Wii tech flathop & a chimera mk 2. Shoots great good trigger response and accuracy enjoy cheers oli.


  5. Oli.Hanks

    WE PX4 2mags

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    Comes with 2 mags absoloutly loved it once but dont have time for it and need cash it is pretty beat up but it works fine.


    Furness vale, Derbyshire - GB

  6. Oli.Hanks

    Two helmets

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    MkGot two helmet set ups here one was for me and one for the missus the swat style one tigris helmet was mine i wore it once and being 6ft 6 it didnt work out the other helmet the missus wore a few times but doesnt really play any more they are a good combo for you and a buddy/SO or just for yourself ypu can buy them seperately for 30 each or both for 60 if you buy both ill cover shipping. Cheers oli


  7. Wow cheers guys my googlefoo isnt up to standard and because i want a super liteweight mini carbine Also another reason why is this im trying to figure out how to put a sight on top
  8. Hi folks ive been searching like mad for a stock for my glock has anyone else had any luck?
  9. Samoon has 30%off at the moment on zentico i think
  10. Great holsters fit almost any pistol not deagles or pythons though haha
  11. Oli.Hanks


    Thanka i know ive got a gas black somehere
  12. Oli.Hanks


    Just baught a classic delta ring forened do i need a triangle post sight to fit it or is there something i can use to fix the handguard post in place?
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