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  1. I have had some cheap revision locust goggle things from fleabay for a year now that i picked up for about 3 quid. They provide a great seal and once i'd taken out all the foam from the dust filters i havent had a single instance of fog, even on hot days something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Revision-Desert-Locust-Goggles-/302053824177?hash=item4653cf96b1:g:v4QAAOSwZVlXwJAf
  2. Tokyo marui is the best you can buy the p226 is great. ive had the chance to shoot it, and if you love p226's... why choose anything else?
  3. im 16 and in the year i've been playing i've only ever seen a few people younger than me, and they're just a year younger or two.
  4. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/31941-sr-25-custom-dmr/ this guy is selling one on the forums, looks just like one from that film (even though its sr-25, looks pretty close)
  5. Damn guy wasnt wearing any eye pro... imagine if one of those bullets had ricocheted? It could have hurt his eye!
  6. what is the 257 for? So your stuff is easy to find if lost? does it mean something? nice guns!
  7. New 5 man kill streak in CQB with my glock!

    1. ImTriggerHappy


      Only 5 was it a warm up game or a slow day?

    2. KiwiBanany


      First use of my pistol, with only half a mag loaded :) killing 5 people in a 10v10 game was quite significant too :)

    3. ImTriggerHappy


      Killing all 10 would of been significant only getting 5 is just thinning the herd.

      Nice vid got to try the school soon.

  8. Ah tried typing in 'krytac alpha' in the search but nothing came up, hadn't realised it had come out before. I knew about the mk2 or something. Thanks for the input
  9. Krytac have bought out some new toys! The alpha line are the more budget option, but still keep the reputation of the Trident line! They are identical on the inside of the gun, with the exception of the spring being tuned down, meaning you will still get the legendary krytac internals but at cheaper price! The externals are changed, but are still full metal and share many features. The prices for the larger one is $275 with the pistol one being $255, meaning they are much cheaper! (obviously the yanks get stuff much cheaper than we do, but we will probably see a large change from the £300 they are currently at. Here is a video showcasing them and doing a much better job than i could showing them off, internally and externally: Let me know your thoughts and how much you reckon they will cost - I am very interested in these!
  10. is it not in the news? I'll go ahead and remove it if you want
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3270891/Schoolboy-15-screaming-Allahu-Akbar-shoots-teacher-BB-gun-class-arrested-French-police-admits-intended-die-martyr-radicalised.html For real? This is ridiculous... A 15 year old wanting to 'Die a Martyr' by shooting someone with an airsoft gun...
  12. Just spoke to them today, very friendly and quoted me figures for some upgrades. Spoken to them lots before - very useful and knowledgeable every time. They have loads in stock in store, over 100 guns if i believe correctly, which is the most in store in Hertfordshire. However, i has to agree with Brauster that their website could be better as the amount of items on it are extremely limited. (it is, however, much better than their old website) They just recently did a charity event which raised £795 for local veterans - huge respect!
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