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  1. NI_airsoft

    APS CAM870 Mk2

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    This is a modified CAM MKII it comes with 20″ barrel with ball front sight and an extended loading tube allowing for a 6+1 load. THIS IS THE MK2 AND THEREFORE HOLD IT’S CO2 IN THE BOLT NOT THE SHELLS. The gun was originally a Police model before having the extended tube fitted, and a G&P folding stock. This is a full metal stock and was modified to lock in the closed position as well as the open, to allow for easier skirmishing. Included in the sale are the original full polymer stock, and a pistol grip stock. The original shell catching bag and loading nozzle for the 90g CO2 bottles. There are also 41 genuine shells included with the gun, and wads and cups that I have sitting about. The gun has been used 3 times by me during CQB usage, certainly it dominates in these scenarios, but unfortunately I’ve found a shotgun doesn’t quite fit my playing style. There are a few marks on the gun, but nothing major, it’s always been immaculately maintained and should give its new owner hours of fun.


    - GB

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    WE Apache MP5 A3 Shouldn’t need any introduction, full metal MP5 gas blowback rifle. The A3 variant is becoming very rare since these were discontinued by WE, I spent 6 months looking before finally finding someone with one in stock in HK. With the gun, import taxes and mags it stands me about £550 to finally get one! I think it’s priced fairly given the rarity and cost of the mags etc if you can find them in stock. The gun is in excellent condition, very well maintained and cleaned religiously. Some wear on the charging handle and sling mount, aside from that it’s in fabulous condition. The mags have the usual wear at their tops. 4 mags included with the gun, 2 of the 45rd version and and 2 of the 30rd type. Gun will come with the low profile red dot slight and the original packaging. Shipping UK wide, fully tracked and insured.


  3. Having the luck? of working in this field...if you've any questions regarding the processes on bringing something in and why it's handled the way is is please by all means drop me a PM. As to answer the most often raised point about why you can't clear it through customs yourself and why it goes to Royal Mail/Parcelforce...Under various postal statues and laws if...(and the key word is if) the importer (Addressee) hasn't made prior arrangements (to the parcel arriving into the UK) to clear an item through customs themselves or using a clearance agent, legally Royal Mail Group have to clear the items on your behalf through the customs process...and they're legally allowed to charge a fee for this. From personal experience of clearing items myself and also using an agent....the hassle and costs involved are usually hellish, and often involve meeting the item at the import location to process paperwork etc in person.
  4. I know there's always a lot of to and fro over shotguns, If it was just a springer or even tri shot I probably wouldn't be convinced. the APS in CQB is pretty fun though just to run something different every so often. There's no real advantage especially with length over a rifle...the fold-able stock helps though but sending 15 bb's down a corridor is fun! Outside though....don't even bother!!!
  5. I ordered one of the VI about 4 months ago through the local shop, was leaking gas through the piston after the 2nd fill, only got about 3 shots out of it. took it back to the shop and they returned it to Sector for replacement. The new gun arrived about a week later, didn't even make it out of the shop before the same problem. 1 shot and the piston vented all the gas in the tube, stuck it in open and attempting to refill just vented the gas out the piston. Gave up after this and ordered an APS CAM 870, instead! The shop took it apart though and said the issue was the seals in the piston were normal o rings that ended up bone dry and not sealing. Speaking to the shop again last weekend apparently they recalled them all and replaced the o-rings with a fiber version that can't suffer the same issues and they've reported no issues since! The gun felt otherwise well made, and the accessories alone are the price of the gun! I'd say give one a go just make sure it's one from the new batch! They're an exact clone of the TM, all part interchangeable as far as I know. the III and VI have the angry gun stock which is apparently more reliable than the gas 'mag' of the TM 870
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