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  1. The WE also functions this way. I.e. pull down to release the bolt like the RS version, but unlike the real thing needs a magazine to lock it back same as the VFC I believe the KWA also has the release the wrong way round, same as the Marui.
  2. What is getting cut up? You putting one of the KWAs into that white Krytac again?
  3. Thought I’d post a pic of my latest MWS build. Going for more of a competition 3 gun vibe to complement my current Mk18 build (with additional mk12 upper). Its still a work in progress, I need to source an m-loc angled fore grip and a more modern less angled pistol grip. I also need a more modern looking site. Thinking of a vortex UH-1 but everywhere is out of stock at the moment as they are waiting for the gen 2 to come into stock.
  4. Airsoft Plantation is a very well run site and I have always had a good time there (I am fortunate that it is very local to me). The only downside is if it is raining some bits do get very swampy pretty quickly. Personally not a problem for me on a game day, but some folks do get a bit grumpy when they come back caked in mud, and it does make the post event clean down a bit of a ball ache. This is by no means a unique problem and would be true of any Woodland site with hereby ground water (AP is next to a fishing lake). Let’s be honest it has to be pretty decent if the
  5. From my perspective this would become self regulating if everyone were forced to use realistic(ish) magazine capacities. You would see a lot more semi auto fire and full auto would nearly always be short controlled bursts (except for support weapons, which is fair). In this scenario if someone wants to dump a whole mag at every bush that moves, go for it, they might overshoot a few people and piss them off, but they will soon get bored after they run out of ammo after 10 minutes and that's the end of their game until the turn around.
  6. Anyone have a good recommendation for a 13.5 inch m-lok Rail that fits the MWS? Ideally one that’s in stock....
  7. In that case I’d say go for a used and reasonably unmolested MWS. The MWS is definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum for a GBBR. You can skirmish with a cheaper GBBR (such as a WE) but you will likely end up spending money on repairs/upgrades that can rapidly close the price gap (MWS needs nothing done to it out of the box as long as you don’t plan to run heavier than 0.3g BBs). Remember with a GBBR the rifle is only part of the cost. The magazines are expensive and you will need a decent number of them as they are only 30-40 round capacity. Once you factor
  8. I have to agree with @rocketdogbert for a first gbbr to skirmish the MWS is a no brainier. Yes it is expensive, but out of the box it is the most skirmishable and reliable GBBR you can buy. GHK come in second with everyone else trailing a way behind It is entirely possible to skirmish with other GBBRs than the MWS, but with these you will also need to factor in that you will need to be comfortable repairing and tinkering with them to get them/keep them running properly.
  9. Interestingly some car first aid kits do now come with torniquets. Also Ambulance Service 999 call handlers (at least in some services) are trained in certain cases to give instructions on the use of commercial torniquets (or improvised torniquets) to members of the public prior to 999 crews arriving. I don’t know of any example where they have actually done it though.... I assume it is a last resort kind of thing.
  10. Glad it helped. It isn’t an original idea I got it from somewhere, but I can’t think where. Might even be somewhere earlier in the 130 odd pages of this thread....
  11. I’m not as down on VFC as most people. With the exception of the MP7 GBB (where the internals really are made of cheese). Most of the AR based GBBRs internally are about as good as their WE equivalents (with slight variations depending on model) and the externals are truly some of the best in the industry. The problem is they cost 30% more than the WE equivalent, and just like the WE they need some fettling and maintenance if they are going to be skirmished regularly. This is hard to take when they cost as much or more than an MWS or GHK which will work brilliantly from the off. Fu
  12. Sadly I can confirm this isn’t the case. I am aware of at least 3 Marui Mp7s that are relegated to wall hangers or have had to be repaired with epoxy due to a lack of parts support. While the they are very well built and pretty durable, they are not magically better build than other Marui guns, and while when something breaks on your Hi Capa or AR based AEG or MWS you are spoilt for choice as to what you can buy to fix it, for the MP7 you are (with some exceptions) going to have to order the OEM part from a Japanese retailer, and their stock isn’t brilliant. However par
  13. I can’t help on the torch as I have never used one, but the stock wobble can be addressed quite easily and cheaply. All I did was attach a strip of the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the top of the buffer tube. It just takes up the space eliminating the wobble, but allowing the stock to move freely. You can tune how stiff you want it by how wide you make the strip. Start at somewhere about 1 cm wide and try it. If it’s too stiff make the strip narrower if it’s too loose make it a bit wider. After a bit of trial and error you will find the sweet spot for you. You only need the strip to go
  14. The WE M9 is a serviceable pistol if you spend some time on it and is all metal and pretty affordable. It won’t ever shoot as well as the Marui, but with a bit of fettling will do an ok job. With the metal slide its performance will be a bit more temperature dependent than the Marui and will fluctuate from crisp to the point of virtually no difference to the Marui on a warm day to fairly sluggish in the cold unless you use higher pressure gas. The main downside on the WE is the hop unit is rubbish. It uses a tiny grub screw to push down on the hop rubber, so doesn’t apply an even p
  15. It’s also worth mentioning that the MP7 is the only airsoft weapon I am aware of where the WE version has better parts support and availability than its Marui counterpart, in every other example I can think of the Marui is usually better supported. Thats not to say WE parts support is anything special, it’s about on par with the rest of their GBBRs, but the Marui seems unusually poorly supported for a gun from that company.
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