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  1. In my humble opinion the best genuinely practical use of tracers is to track the BB’s flight path when setting up your hop unit (assuming you can get tracer in the correct weight, as far as I am aware the heaviest are .32g). For that use if nothing else I consider it worth having one around. From a tactical perspective they are rubbish, they just give your position away (in a night game with NVG in play, with most tracer units you don’t even need to be firing as they use an IR light sensor to trigger the UV Flash to charge the tracer). However they look deeply cool and an all tracer firefight at dusk is one of the most cinematic experiences you can have in Airsoft so I will still run one when the chance arises (looking cool is more important than winning.....)
  2. Time Left: 2 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
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    For sale we have my Asia Electric G F18. Although sold under the Asia Electric G brand this is a WE manufactured pistol. It is a replica of the compact version of the Sig 320 that was recently adopted by the US military. This pistol has never been skirmished and has only had a couple of mags through it at the range, so is in excellent condition as pictured. Note my camera washed out the colour making it look a lot lighter than it is. The web link below is a better representation of the colour in person. Pistol comes with 2 extra mags (three in total as pictured) Total cost when new with mags £177. I’m looking for £125 including postage (UK mainland). Link to original item below. https://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/aeg-f18-gas-blowback-pistol-tan


    Brentwood, Essex

  3. Nothing inherently wrong with Co2, the fact you can’t top up mags as a pain. After a while you will work out that each capsule will fire a certain number of full mags and you can change the capsule at that point so you don’t gas out. Running costs are also slightly higher and if you run out of gas at a game many site shops won’t stock C02. Big up side is its much more resistant to the cold....
  4. Time Left: 1 day and 15 hours

    • For sale
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    Gbase DR 1X-4X Illuminated Mil-Dot Scope with Red Doctor Sight Black BTA0143 Never skirmished, so in excellent condition. Works well and the switch between 4x and 1x magnification focuses properly. New price £199 (link to Fire support below) looking for £140 posted (UK mainland). https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gbase-dr-1x-4x-illuminated-mil-dot-scope-with-red-doctor-sight-black-bta0143 Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks


    , Essex

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale are two Prowin 36 round extended magazines for TM Glock. These have had range use only, no skirmishing so are in excellent condition. Brand new these are about £40 each (Rainbow 8 link below) I’m looking for £55 for the pair including postage (UK mainland). https://www.rainbow8.com/products/prowin-cnc-36rd-std-9mm-17rd-6rd-magazine-for-marui-g-series-gbb-black-base?_pos=14&_sid=10cf7a3aa&_ss=r Please feel free to message me with any questions.


  6. If you do the green gas modification to the MWS mags you can easily get 2-3 mags out of a fill of gas so with a speed loader 4 mags would probably be fine as it works out as between 8 - 12 mags worth of ammo, so right on the money in terms of number of shots I don’t carry a speed loader to reload mags in game as I hate the rattling so once I am out of ammo for my MWS, I’m down to my pistol with three mags. Upside is my pistol actually gets used rather than being a belt ornament.
  7. Last Sunday I was running 9 mags for my MWS mk18 build. This easily lasted a 40 min game with mags to spare (so I guess 7 would be the sweet spot, but I like having a cushion), but they ran 2 longer multi-objective games where I ran out (I don’t carry a speed loader as I hate to rattle). Next time I’ll take 13 mags so I have the option for the the long games.
  8. Damn, Damn, Damn.... I was just talking about doing an MWS based MK12 DMR build. The Fire Support deal is really making it a test of willpower not to just start it now.... Really need to sell some stuff first to fund it.
  9. The WE19x is an excellent pistol and my preferred skirmish side arm. The slightly shorter barrel doesn’t perceptibly impact range or accuracy but speeds up weapon transition times (shorter barrel is quicker to draw). The only reason it isn’t my first choice for this recommendation is its slightly more expensive so my “man maths” justification for buying 2 doesn’t work as well. Also the whole transition time thing isn’t really an issue for skirmishing unless you are into hardcore CQB and is more a personal bias based on doing practical shooting (even when a table is available I prefer to holster my pistol if allowed). If it’s a primary weapon or target pistol then the Hi Capa is hard to say anything bad about (even though I don’t like them personally). As a secondary at some point it will get dropped (holster failure, fumble in transition etc, at some point it just will happen) and then there is real value in just switching to a clean unused gun for the rest of the day. Even if I was running some tricked out super upgraded pistol when I was running a pistol as primary, I’d still revert to a WE Glock when using a pistol as a secondary.
  10. Personally If it’s a secondary I’d get a WE Glock. The WE G17 is a steal at £99 and is a pretty good performer. In the colder months you can use red gas to keep things pretty snappy. Biggest performance boost to be had is a maple leaf hop rubber which is less than £10 (although the stock one is ok, it’s just a bit hard and a ML is better). Also for not much more than the price of a Marui and an extra mag you can get 2 WE G17s which will get you two mags, but also means if you drop your sidearm in a puddle, you can just stick the dirty gun in your gun bag to clean later and swap to a clean pistol. This is actually quite a big long term cost saving as cycling a pistol with grit in it (even after your best efforts to clean it in the safe zone) will dramatically shorten a GBB’s life. if it’s for use as a primary then I’d suggest a Marui hi-Capa as a base and you can then throw money at it forever to get the perfect gun for you as there is so much after market support. It’s not my thing personally (I much prefer the ergonomics on a Glock), but the Hi Capa is so popular for good reason.
  11. Thanks guys, Not too worried about my ability to get through the day humping the kit (I’ve done worse) more about the fact that it may slow me down from a run to a nice sniper friendly jog. Also the extra two mag pouches fitted to my plate are quite bulky in confined places. Ill stick with 9 for now and see how it goes, easy enough to sling the extra mags and pouches in my bag and fit them to my plate during the day if I find I keep running out of ammo.
  12. Thanks for the info. I have just put an order in. Out of curiosity how many mags do people run for skirmishing? Currently planning on 9 (6 on plate carrier, 2 on belt and one in the gun). I have the option of running 13 (10 on plate 2 on belt and one I the gun), but I’m concerned that the weight will start to limit my mobility.
  13. WE gas MP5 A3, it’s a gift for my b’day but I have to order it myself. Was just looking at the VX based on your post on the G17 thread. AW Glock with an optic ready slide looks nice. Price is a steal if you don’t get picked up for import duty too, but I already have two Glocks with optics so I’d just be buying it for curiosity more than need.
  14. As per the title, I have ordered parts and accessories from them in the past so I am reasonably comfortable with the vendor, more interested in experience with getting a RIF through customs and how you got them to put your UKARA on the shipping docs so it doesn’t get seized. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. Hi, New forum member here. Just wondering if any one had any info on any U.K. suppliers with MWS mags in stock, or any info on when they might be available? appreciate any info anyone might have.
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