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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As per the description, this is a Magpul USA MOE stock has had very light use so is in good condition, was only replaced as I need a stock with a QD sling attachment. £15 including postage (2nd class recorded) and PP fees.


    - GB

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    As per the description, this is a PTS licensed Magpul MOE stock has had very light use so is in good condition, was only replaced as I need a stock with a QD sling attachment. £10 including postage (2nd class recorded) and PP fees.


    - GB

  3. So I debated internally what to do with this or even if I should post it, but I have decided to post it on an anonymous basis and see what the forum advice is. A couple of days ago I purchased a GBB pistol from a major airsoft retail establishment. The item arrived today by courier and I had my first chance to open it about an hour ago. To my surprise I discovered that this pistol is clearly not new. There are signs of paint wear on the sharp edges of breach block where the slide rubs it when cycling, paint wear on the the barrel threads and wear on the underside of the outer barre
  4. Quick question how does the FNX holster attach to the belt hanger? Would it attach to a Safariland “QLS” attachment?
  5. WE is the OEM for most (if not all) of the AW pistols so most of the aftermarket parts will work. As with all things there are a couple of exceptions (such as some of the aftermarket slide locks on the hi-capa) that don’t work very well (or at all!!).
  6. Well my Mk3 has metaphorically shit the bed after not that many rounds (maybe 300 tops). It looks like the small pin on part 30 has sheared off, so now it wont actuate the gas release valve on the magazine. Not impressed at all, wondering if I should buy a new part or if I might be better drilling out the existing broken part and expoxying in a steel pin. I’ll probably try both and see how well it works, I don’t really have anything to lose other than screwing up an already broken part. I hope for everyone’s sake that this is an isolated incident and not indicative of a problem wit
  7. If you want a metal slide (but polymer lower) you can’t go wrong with a WE Glock. They are very solid and reliable, and shoot quite well (a few small mods can make them shoot great). They do suffer more from cool down than Marui pistols, but they will take higher power gas to compensate. On really cold days I have even used WE CO2 mags with no problems.
  8. I kind of agree the seller can set any price they want and if they find a buyer willing to pay that then good luck to them. I do find it annoying when the classifieds get filled with the same overpriced stuff that gets bumped to the top week after week, pushing more realistic sellers down in the ratings, but those are the breaks. My personal favourites are the *new* WE pistols that often come up for £90 and then the seller wants postage and PP on top. So basically within spitting distance of an actual new one which will arrive quicker and have a warranty. To my surprise
  9. Quick favour to ask... I seem to have lost the Allen key that undoes the grub screw that holds the barrel in to the hop assembly and despite having a whole draw full of bloody Allen keys I can’t find another one that fits they are either too small or too big. Can anyone confirm what the size is and have any idea where I can buy a single Allen key rather than another whole set? Edit: Never Mind found one. It’s a 16th of an inch if anyone cares.
  10. Personally I totally agree with the players that complained to the Marshals and believe this should be dealt with in the strongest possible terms. Why do I feel so strongly on this issue, Two reasons: First it’s a matter of player safety. If a player is allowed to get away with this behaviour then the only realistic way for the enemy team to react is to treat everyone doing the ‘dead mans walk’ as a live player and open fire. This is going to lead to massive over shooting/over killing on the poor sods who are genuinely ‘dead’ and actually making the slog back to the saf
  11. I just read a post on Sugru R-hops and thought it looked like a good thing to try first particularly as I have some at home already.
  12. I think I am going to try a test run with an old WE GBBR barrel I have sitting in my parts bin. It’s pretty long (370mm from memory) so I should get several tries out of it I am fortunate enough to have access to a milling machine so actually cutting the hop window is probably the easiest part of the operation. A couple of passes at right angles to the barrel at the correct depth should do it. I’m more concerned with cutting and fixing the hop rubber as I can see no way of doing it other than by hand with a razor blade a good eye and a very steady hand. I also don’t have any spares k
  13. Two reasons: 1. I will need to get the barrel to attach to the current fitting points. From memory there is a grove on the underside of the VSR barrel that stops the hop rubber from rotating that is just where a grub screw needs to tighten up. 2. In order for the feed mechanism to work there is a rubber breach seal (looks like the front half of a VSR hop rubber before the barrel starts) that sits in its its own retaining loop that buts up to the barrel. For this to work it will need a solid ring of barrel to seal against so it will need an AEG style hop window rather th
  14. Ok so after reading some of the comments and having a closer look at the parts laid out in front of me I think I have a plan for an upgraded hop solution. Basically I plan to buy a new barrel (probably a crazy jet) that is at least 30 mm longer than the current stock barrel. I’ll cut it to length and then modify it fit it using the existing fixing. I can then cut a proper hop window in it and glue a bit of hop rubber into the space (basically an R hop), but I might actually use the bit of a ML with the contact patch as I don’t think the tiny brass set screw offers enough travel for
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