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  1. If you are U.K. based at 450fps you will need to lock the gun to semi to comply with U.K. law. 450 FPS is easily doable with a 370mm barrel.
  2. I have 2 Mp5s and four MWS in various configurations. To get out to 80-85 metres with the MWS you will have to do a DMR build which means locking the gun to semi and getting up to the 450fps range and upgrading the hop so you can use heavy ammo. It’s certainly doable fairly easily (longer tight-bore barrel, NPAS, brass hop nub and hop rubber of choice). For a 350 FPS build using ammo in the 3.2g to 3.6g weight range you are looking at about 60 - 65 metres.
  3. Its pretty easy to adjust FPS on a GBBR even if there are no after market parts. In terms of options, I have listed some below in order of easiest to hardest. 1. Use weaker gas - no modification required just buy some HFC135A. 2. Fit a shorter/wider barrel. If you are happy to re-crown the barrel yourself (its pretty easy with a Dremel) you can just shorten the inner barrel you have a bit at a time until you get the desired FPS. A shorter inner barrel gives the BB less time to accelerate before the pressure disperses at the end of the barrel hence less FPS. A wider barr
  4. As 20m both of my WE MP5s (one SD and one short front end) could achieve that grouping with nothing more than a better hop rubber and giving the inner barrel a good polish. Any of my MWS (even the PDW with the 180mm inner barrel) would be about 25% better. For me the difference increases exponentially with range. At 40m the MWS is still shooting a measurable grouping, but the MP5s are just “on the paper (mostly!!!)”. Assuming the FPS is the same I think the biggest differences will be (1) the hop rubber and corresponding nub, (2) the quality of the finish of the inside
  5. I have never had a problem running my MWS based Mk12 as a DMR even at sites that state DMRs must be 7.62. I have been to a couple and spoken to the marshals before the game and they have checked it out and been fine. The fact that it is long and weighs a shit tone (18” heavy steel outer barrel) and being a GBBR has pretty realistic ammo limits as well as being based on a real steel DMR has always been fine with them. I think the issue is it is unfair to have the range benefits of a DMR without the disadvantages of a DMR to offset it (size, weight, ammo capacity). This i
  6. Can’t say I have ever noticed this as a problem. I throw 9mm blank grenades about like confetti at a wedding, which was my main justification for buying them.
  7. I have a set and they are pretty decent. I have no major complaints. Definitely very usable for airsoft. I will probably by the Milpro version later this year (mainly for the improved mounting system) and convert my current set to a non-helmet mount to use then I wear a cap.
  8. You know you could just keep one. It would probably be cheeper.....
  9. Thanks for the opinions, I genuinely find everyone’s views interesting. Just to clarify a few points: My main aim with this is not financial it’s more about physical space than anything else. I totally take the point about having a reliable backup I’m time poor too so having a gun that will work is important, but I usually take a couple of MWS as well as a couple of sorted WE MP5s to every game day so my level of confidence the something will work is high. I guess the fact I haven’t used my AEG for so long is testament to this fact, but there is still that n
  10. As per the title, I’m currently a 99% gbbr user and will even run them in the winter, so I have gradually got rid of my AEGs until I am down to my last one (a TM 416 Devgru). The thing is it has seen so little use I’m thinking I might be better getting rid of it and using the cash on something I actually use (like gas, lots of gas). The thing Is I always have it in my car on game days just in case gas won’t work. But it’s not even a backup rifle as I take one (or two) of those as well. It’s just a safety net. Not really sure if it’s with keeping???
  11. In My I have had a WE Mp7 for a while and it has been pretty reliable despite having a lot of rounds through it. I'm not really sure where the 'they break a lot' vibe has come from, but in my experience they are just as durable as the Marui, and when they do break something (and all full auto GBBRs will break somthing eventually) the parts support is much better. The bits that tends to wear first are the bolt catch and the trigger sears as they are made of finest pot metal. Personally I'd replace with stock parts. RATECH steel bits are available, but require time and effort and
  12. I completely agree with this sentiment. I got an MTR used so I could use the ambi lower on my competition gun. Good job I got a good second hand price as the only bits that survived were the lower itself the buffer tube, charging handle and the silver bolt (which makes no difference to me). All the remaining parts were replaced. I even went as far as using a standard MWS upper receiver so I could still have a functioning forward assist. I used the spare MWS lower and MTR upper to make a, 8” PDW build where the forward assist deletion makes much more sense for concealed carry.
  13. As already mentioned the MP5 should not lock back on the last round, In fact the real steel version doesn't do this either so that is no problem. On firing the last round (provided you haven't locked the dry fire button on the magazine down) you should get a 'deadmans click' as the trigger fires, but the weapon doesn't cycle (exactly what you get on a real mp5 when the hammer falls on an empty chamber). I you are not getting this and the MP5 continues to fire on an empty mag (and you have checked the magazines are not locked in dryfire mode and the magazine is working a
  14. So where the hell did all of these Mags come from..... So sorting out some stuff the other day as I am paring down my Airsoft kit. (Keeping all my GBBR stuff, but going down to 1 NGRS AEG as a final backup) and I discovered (to my surprise) that tucked away in various corners I have 20 (Yes TWENTY!!!!) MWS Magazines. Some of these I purchased myself so I had a skirmishable number of mags, but the others came as part of various used bundles that I used to build my current fleet of 4 MWS. 3 of these are the short Vietnam/MTR style mags the remainder (17) are all TM v2 mags. All are f
  15. Barrel length/bore size and an NPAS are all you really need to up the power to any level you can use in the UK. A couple of my MWS also have an angry gun v2 piston head and an after market rocket valve spring, but that was just because the OEM parts had started to wear and it’s much harder to get new OEM parts than the after market ones (and they work fine).
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