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  1. koppel

    How are there so many M4s?

    Double this, the actual materials cost in an AEG is sub $2, hence reusing the same molds as many times as you can. Also the patents, trademarks & image rights to the M16/Ar15 platform expired a long long long time ago. Hence all the variants in both the real steel and airsoft markets.
  2. koppel

    Have I done anything wrong?

    But you've bought it to play airsoft with, that in itself is the defense. UKARA is just housekeeping to make it easier for retailers.
  3. koppel

    What has changed?

    Started late 90's quit in '06 and came back recently, there is VASTLY more choice in AEG's now (and much cheaper, i remember i paid £330 for a TM G3-SG1 which must be close to £600 in todays money!!) , and paradoxicly less choice in GBB's.
  4. koppel

    Lipo batteries

    Storing at 3.7 to 3.9v per cell is for long term storage, i.e months or years, you are absolutely fine storing them at full charge when using them every week or two weeks. Also they only explode during charge or discharge or if pierced, so storing them in a fireproof bag is a little overkill imho. You don't need to balance charge them every time either, periodically is fine, and non balance charging is usually a lot quicker.
  5. koppel

    Tokyo Marui ABS

    I don't even think ABS is actually used in all cases, it's just became a generic term for plastic in the early days of airsoft along with 'heavyweight'. ABS has a very distinct smell when melted/burnt and most guns ( if you've ever chequered a grip with a soldering iron or similar) don't actually smell like ABS. Even ABS is variable, as you can vary the ratios of A, B, & S in the mix for different properties. I think the quality of plastic on airsoft is pretty much an unknown and you have to go on a case by case basis, much like 'full metal' which ranges from utter shit, brittle, granular pot metal (aka ZAMAK, MAZAK etc) to actual, genuine, aluminum or steel. I think some manufacturers even go so far as to call their guns 'aluminium' due to the fact zamak has a whole 4% aluminium in it! (It's mainly zinc)
  6. koppel

    Teflon grease ????

    Castrol LM bearing grease here, with no issues. Never seen the need for hyper expensive repackaged greases. Only proviso is polycarbonate pistons will degrade with certain petroleum products, but 90% of pistons are NOT polycarbonate, as it's not a great material anyway.
  7. koppel

    English players buy on Hong Kong shops ?

    Seems kinda pointless now, back in the day and a 2:1 dollar it was dirt cheap to buy from dentrinity and the like, but with shipping, getting caught for vat and parcelforces fee it hardly seems worthwhile now. Even poland is just about as expensive as here for a lot of things.
  8. koppel

    Snipping spring to reduce FPS

    If it's a non-linear spring it will also differ with which end you cut off.
  9. koppel

    Throat protection

    Just grow a BFO beard, works and is free, which appeals to my inner yorkshireman.
  10. Not really, airsoft isn't that innovative and lags behind the curve quite considerably. The R/C lot were using lipos a decade before anyone in the airsoft world thought they would be a good idea par example. Most AEG manufacturers are essentially still using a copy of Maruis patent design from the 1990's. They might catch up eventually but now the market is dominated by the chinese instead of the japanese we might not be that lucky.
  11. Umarex & the other trademark leeches are pure cancer for the hobby, inflating the cost hugely for no benefit.
  12. koppel

    Good reliable gas gun

    Western Arms SV Infinity 5", accept no substitute.
  13. koppel

    Cheap red dot

    Anyone have any experience of this one from taiwangun? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/red-dot-sights/tg-1x30st-red-dot-sight-vector-optics?from=listing&campaign-id=19
  14. koppel

    Maruzen Mini Uzi

    It's a how long is a piece of string question. It's a collectors piece BUT there isn't much of a collectors scene here, you may have better luck selling it to the states or japan. There used to be a vintage airsoft forum, on which i sold a bunch of JAC, MMC and kokusai stuff i had years ago, but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the net!
  15. koppel


    Agreed, and there is plenty of stuff that is exactly the same as stock, but a different colour that is sold as an 'upgrade'