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  1. TM US M9 and 18c coming back in stock any time soon?
  2. Cheers I'll look at the BTC but the jefftron full bag of mashings version isn't available for v2 and the titan is too much cash imho Edit: seems like the BTC is out of stock eveywhere
  3. Is this the legit site to buy the burst wizard? Website looks well dodgy! http://www.aegwizard.com/
  4. Many many times. Piece of cake, plumbers pipe cutter, then file to square if needed, then mounted stone like pic to crown.
  5. As adolf says, any Amp draw above what your rig pulls is fine. If your aeg pulls 35amps peak for argument sake, using a battery higher than 36amps won't give you more trigger response on a full charge, but as the charge state drops so does the discharge potential so overspeccing on the C doesn't hurt. Lipo's are dirt cheap nowadays (i use to pay £40-50 for a 3s1800mah for RC stuff many years ago, the same is now £7!) , just go to Hobbyking and buy the largest mAh that will fit in your battery compartment and aim for a 50-60 amp discharge potential. So if you can only fit a 1000mAh battery, buy a 65C battery, if you can fit a 2200mAh battery in there, you'll be fine with a 30C. Anyway, a 3s (11.1v) lipo will give you better response than a 2s (7.4v) lipo. The downside to 11.1v is in a non mosfet AEG the trigger contacts wear out faster, and your ROF will be higher, which may or may not be an issue depending on gearing, motor etc.
  6. Not exactly, it's just that manufacturers of lipos use the xC rating system where x is the multiple of the capacity. So for an example a 25c battery will withstand ; 25amps on a 1000mAh battery 50amps on a 2000mAh battery 100amps on a 4000mAh battery etc
  7. Double this, the actual materials cost in an AEG is sub $2, hence reusing the same molds as many times as you can. Also the patents, trademarks & image rights to the M16/Ar15 platform expired a long long long time ago. Hence all the variants in both the real steel and airsoft markets.
  8. But you've bought it to play airsoft with, that in itself is the defense. UKARA is just housekeeping to make it easier for retailers.
  9. Started late 90's quit in '06 and came back recently, there is VASTLY more choice in AEG's now (and much cheaper, i remember i paid £330 for a TM G3-SG1 which must be close to £600 in todays money!!) , and paradoxicly less choice in GBB's.
  10. Storing at 3.7 to 3.9v per cell is for long term storage, i.e months or years, you are absolutely fine storing them at full charge when using them every week or two weeks. Also they only explode during charge or discharge or if pierced, so storing them in a fireproof bag is a little overkill imho. You don't need to balance charge them every time either, periodically is fine, and non balance charging is usually a lot quicker.
  11. I don't even think ABS is actually used in all cases, it's just became a generic term for plastic in the early days of airsoft along with 'heavyweight'. ABS has a very distinct smell when melted/burnt and most guns ( if you've ever chequered a grip with a soldering iron or similar) don't actually smell like ABS. Even ABS is variable, as you can vary the ratios of A, B, & S in the mix for different properties. I think the quality of plastic on airsoft is pretty much an unknown and you have to go on a case by case basis, much like 'full metal' which ranges from utter shit, brittle, granular pot metal (aka ZAMAK, MAZAK etc) to actual, genuine, aluminum or steel. I think some manufacturers even go so far as to call their guns 'aluminium' due to the fact zamak has a whole 4% aluminium in it! (It's mainly zinc)
  12. Castrol LM bearing grease here, with no issues. Never seen the need for hyper expensive repackaged greases. Only proviso is polycarbonate pistons will degrade with certain petroleum products, but 90% of pistons are NOT polycarbonate, as it's not a great material anyway.
  13. Seems kinda pointless now, back in the day and a 2:1 dollar it was dirt cheap to buy from dentrinity and the like, but with shipping, getting caught for vat and parcelforces fee it hardly seems worthwhile now. Even poland is just about as expensive as here for a lot of things.
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