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  1. Check out his page, 17th august 'how to remove crappy paint job thread' Next post is a S&T G36C red and black for £130 in the classifieds...unsold Now its the excat same gun but without the paint that was won in a competion..... Is this but a coincidence?
  2. (In the name of banter) is it bad im reading this in the form of a eulogy? Let his page be buried under the future postings of us pewers.
  3. Bye Duff.

  4. Just a quick appreciation post. Ordered some toy gun ammo from these guys. Still hadn’t turned up 10 days later so gave a email, within 15 minutes had a reply and information that was requested. Looks as though a courier fuckity uppity, go figure. But the speed and professionalism from this company really impressed me. May have been a rocky start but a life long customer (As long as the bb’s feed ok when they turn up 😢). Keep doing what you doing guys!
  5. Thanks for the tips, i tried esipcally hard on the punisher to do little layers but im using Matt white paint which may may it look heavier? The 'deadpool' one is about 19 layers of paint and a virgin blood sacarfice to get right. These mags are barely £5 new and work but im not to worried about having to scrap them too much this is trial and error till i get more comfortable. Also using Gloss cheery red and Matt white so the contrast between these two helps give a unfinished finish :') Went for a blood splatter vibe, hard to get the spray out thick and deliberate. Giggidy
  6. Just a update, made a stencil with a bit of card and a ‘pen knife’...I know what I’m doing honest! Few pictures (if attached correctly) below. Have some stickers to try and cut the stencil out on to help provide ‘cleaner’ lines and need a touch up with black paint as I don’t like a full white mag. But the idea is there!? Any tips be welcomed.
  7. Great shout on warhammer paint have to look into that for shizzle Nail polish for marking not a bad idea whatever i do it will be far from professional but thanks for the ideas...John Wayne
  8. Howdy fellow softers, Im looking into stenciling a few mags (similar to a punisher magazine) and wondered if anyone else has done this previously and any tips or outcomes? On top of this i have a urge to change my safe, semi and auto selector to No pew, pew and pewpewpew, anyone done this or any advice? Please be aware my level of 'art' knowledge is as non exsistant as a good looking vector so please keep it simple P.s wasnt sure if it be ok to post in here or in tech help section so apologies in advance
  9. Apologies, never got around to doing so. Thank you.
  10. Mmm I am also of the same view point as yourself in regards to caring more about somones drive and ability to progress then their skin colour or sexual preferances. My experiances of eqaulity differs from yourself, i have been on the receivng end of abuse for my aesthetics too my ability to manvour (i have arthritis and being called a limp leg fag by a strange isnt helpful when tryna run up stairs and to me thats water off my back, to others that literally could be the final straw) and i have seen many neanderthals abusing others for the mental capacity to the type of fuicking grip on a gun just because their small minds tar everyone with the same brush that mean they all have to be as good or better then them, cunts. Yes i agree majority of places are fine but the minimal amount that are not shouldnt be tolerated and assuming that everything is fine everywhere based on your own experiances seems to be closing your eyes to a problem and ignoring it. Just the same as other sports and their equality drives why is it so bad to accept that even in airsoft there are people that belong in a vat of acid. Again as previously stated everyone has their own opinon but assuming im on a high horse or have a inclusion problem IS part of the problem by not seeing that racisim, sexism and other fucking ism's have the ability cause suicide and other horrific side effects. Whats small to me and you could be the differance to someone else hanging themself. Bullying is never ok and no i wont give up my views as everyone deserves freedom to enjoy the hobby as much as everyone else. Wasnt and i am not looking for a debate we obviously have differant opinons so agree to disagree. i just would rather spread a message that includes everyone irrespective of their background * then assume that everywhere is fine because your experiances have been good. And fuck anyone that calls me a snowflake im just sharing my views and experiances, suck my clit. i think being prepared to stand up and say shut your mouth you ignorant asshole would work 100x more then a patch fo'sure, but youll find most people that say it doesnt happen or they never witness it are the ones that ignore it when they see it at a site or even on the street and dont step in to help. Not everyone is a mentally stable airsoft god.
  11. Im a skinny white dude with tats who doesnt like wearing camo. Im far from a 'fairy' with my feelings or emotions but still find it funny on a thread about equality that inequality bewtween 'regulars' and those who are starting out or prefer a certain play style is apparant. Its not about exclusion or under represented more of a inclusion of all and everyone i imagine.... I understand the platform of facebook isnt great and that it isnt full of infomation but the idea of equality is something that we should all strive for just to make the game more open to newbie, regardless of their camo fashion preference. Again just my two cents, im open minded enough to know not everyone has the same view points. Spread love and bb's not hate and abuse.
  12. Appriciate this, was aiming for 1200/1400mAh at first just to be safe for this reason, would like a large capacity but again the size of the compartment may not take it. Not used to stuffing thick things in tight gaps, more of a 'barely' touch the sides guy myself
  13. Decent Chrono process and actual spot checks, fed up with 'Joule creep' bollox. Hygenic and spatious safezone eating area A range of game modes and time frames and CLEAR rules that are actually enforced by marshals, again fed up with empty threats. A small person in every game mode that follows me saying pew pew everytime i shoot* Theres 100's more some of which are specfic to the area, good overview so far on this thread. Will add that any one saying 'Whhhhhhhats up guys' should be banned from the site...permanantly. *personal preferance
  14. In two minds about trusting someone with a desk as messy as this, on one hand it shows stress and poor managment, on the other its a sign of a genius, as i tell myself anyway. Sounds like this guy leans towards the genius spectrum!
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