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  1. WOW. The Real Sword T97 has been found! Stuck in UK Border force. My UKARA number was either not written on it or covered up and the person who was dealing with it went on holiday so there was a long delay to get a letter out to me to prove my defense. 

    The guy comes back from holiday on Saturday, I have provided my UKARA number over the phone to PF who will pass it on to BF. 


    So.... hopefully I will receive it soon...


    Might need to cancel that S75 chargeback...

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    2. Rogerborg


      Just be thankful that it wasn't destroyed and I didn't have to deploy:



    3. L3wisD


      Liek dis if u cry evrytiem 😢

    4. Albiscuit


      If you dont copy and paste this message 100 children will die and Jesus will depart the earth. Retweet now or you dont love your family!!


      Seriously though, good news. This is why I try to order from the UK as much as possible, and dont sell abroad on ebay (been stung on that too)!

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