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    CZ 3A1 EVO, KRISS VECTOR, Multiple Costum Builts
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    Halo ODST, Halo Police, Halo Recon
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  1. He does nice costum paintjobs on airsoft guns, thats for sure. I do a lot of 3D design and built things from scratch. Currently making a Titanfall airsoft loadout (Helmet + Armor) Next item will be a functioning Halo M319 Grenade Launcher
  2. Yeah, trust me, these fully enclosed helmets just dont work without it. The fan sits in the chin area and sucks out the moisture/air nicely. For very humid days I also have a helmet with an additional radial fan blowing onto the visor itself.
  3. Hello everyone, I am professional propmaker, based in Austria, with a focus on airsoft-grade items such as helmets, armor as well as gun-modifications and soon even airsoft guns built from scratch. In this thread I would like to share with you some previous work and love to hear your thoughts on each piece. Also feel free to share your own work. If you need something made, I have a few standard items from the Halo Series available and I also do costum orders. Anything is possible. First one is my ODST setup. The helmet is a glassfibre-infused polyurethane cast with an active 50mm fan, external LED light modules, face illumination, side rails, NVG mount, tactical foam inserts, adjustable chin-strap. The visor is a 2mm polycarbonate visor, which withstands up to 520 fps bolt-action shots from point-blanque. The armor is MOLLE compatible and fits most plate carriers. It is also made from glassfibre-infused polyurethane. All the best, Alex
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