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  1. I didn't realise it was Krytec building it. My interest has increased from 'of nominal interest' to 'of significant interest'.
  2. http://www.hueys.co.uk/epages/es151784.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es151784/Products/"LBX-4019%20WG"&ViewAction=ViewProduct Something like that?
  3. Haha, pretty apt description of the people I always seem to have issues with at games.
  4. PeteS

    ARES L1A1s

    It's good when company's listen to what the consumer wants. People are always crying out for SLR's and other more off the wall guns and on the odd occasion they get made they always seem to fly off the shelves. Still anticipating a TM recoil FAMAS by 2027
  5. ICS light handguard for MP5. Strike systems low profile rail mount and a Gbase 1x30 dot sight also for an MP5. Also bought a single TM mag, but alas it didn't fit my ICS.
  6. I just read it, I wouldnt be to worried personally. I remember it briefly coming up on a course once and the teacher informing us if you were qualified no one could ever successfully sue you. Can you imagine the ramifications if it ever became an acceptable thing? I have given first aid 3 times in the last 4-5 years. Putting an arm in a sling is 1 thing, giving CPR to someone who with a 1% chance, who is covered in blood and sick, is another. It's a traumatic enough experience as it is. If I ever saved anyone and they tried to sue me I'd be horrified.
  7. This isn't true, where did you read this? Being qualified through a recognised organisation means you can't be sued for attempting to save anyone.
  8. Unless you got the angle spot on they wouldn't slot in correctly. The magazines would still lock into the gun but wouldn't be sitting quite high enough to feed. M4 mags are obviously just a straight up push. I hope this information quenches your thirst for Sig reloading knowledge.
  9. They are cool, very M4 CQB-R but with mags requiring more practice. The only downside was the reliability of mine. I loved the thing but it's 5th trip back to Fire Support in a year and a half was enough for me to sell it in the end. Maybe mine was just a dud, ICS guns usually have a pretty solid rep.
  10. Hmm, interesting stuff. I have some Nuprol's and so far have only used them in my USP. I've had quite a few feeding issues even on a fully gassed magazine. I had put it down to gas guns being annoyingly unreliable junk, but I wonder if it was the bb's all along. I've not tried any other bb's in it, may have look into this.
  11. Nope. Went there a few times way back when though, well run little site. My favourite memory took place in the safe zone *Wavy nostalgia lines* I had unpacked with my rifle on a table. Stranger: Nice gun Me: Cheers Stranger: So, you swear by M4's too then? Me: Its a Sig 552. He walked away after that, came back at lunch insisting I try his Tar-21. He told me it was the best gun he ever had, then sold it to someone else an hour later. Very weird.
  12. You seem to have my comment very personally. Are you alright, is everything ok, wanna borrow some bb's or something?
  13. I personally do it just to look more operator. I do however tape the bottom of my MP5 mags with coloured tape for a reason. I own about 12 MP5 mags and they wont all fit in each MP5 I own. So I tape them with blue to show universal or no tape for Classic Army only.
  14. Tip ex pen for me. Comes off after a while, I just consider the touch up to be routine maintenance.
  15. For what it is it seems an ok price to me. It is afterall a purpose built CQB venue that had alot of work put into building it. The Mall on the otherhand, while it is my 'home ground' (if I were a football team), is an abandoned building with leaks, rubbish and debris in places, water logged parts etc. I keep meaning to go to Blitz, the game fee I am ok with its just the travel. £22 travel card vs £8 to get to The Mall.
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