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  1. Hi has anyone ever shipped a RIF abroad ?? if so any advice would be much appreciated. Ben
  2. Hi does anyone know of anywhere that does cheep replica PACA armour ?
  3. Hi all, just wondered about do people number there mags ??? And what do you use so it stays on in all weathers ???
  4. wondering if people could show off their helmets and ear defenders to go with them ? and also how do you mount the ear defenders to the helmet rail ? cheers guys/gals
  5. Hi I'm looking for a keymod rail segment, either 7" or 8.5", and needs to fit a G&G CM16 R and also I would like a integrated a stubby suppressor onto it too, anyone got any brand names of rails that fit my gun ??? cheers
  6. I have a CM16 Raider L and i just use a 30mm Aimpoint, works fine, clear sight picture and i have a Peq box inf ront of it, if your all so worried just get a 1cm riser or something to bump it up a little
  7. how many BB's I find in my bed

  8. what is the width of it ? how did you actually make it ?
  9. love EOtech but i was looking for something like this http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-strike-systems-dot-sight-1-x30.htm?name=asg-strike-systems-dot-sight-1-x30.htm#.VYa-2Fvi6Zw think this would be okay height wise ?
  10. hi just wondering if I can co witness a ASG STRIKE SYSTEMS dot sight on my CM16 Raider ? anyone has experience with this gun and sights ?
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