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  1. Baton guns are generally deployed as a less lethal option on most firearms deployments and are regularly used to ‘brake a chain of events’ i:e stopping some twat getting shot with a conventional weapon. The baton round was changed from the solid round to one with an air pocket on the tip about 10 years ago to stop rebounds. Baton Guns in public order situations are a different kettle of fish. But they were deployed in the London riots as roaming teams but were never fired. Actualy there are less. Considerably less. The Government cut the figures quite a few years ago (my local Force went from a combined team of ARVOs / SFOs of about 90 to 45) and have only started to increase them recently after the recent atrocities. The number now, with the recent increase is still way below the 2010 numbers. Outside of the major forces you would be surprised at the small number of armed officers available for deployment. And here in lies the issue. Response times for armed support. 5 minutes is a life time when it’s all going off and armed support is called. In most counties 15 minutes would be a good armed response time. So the easiest answer is Taser. Taser is not the be all and end all that people would have you believe though. It’s effective range is about 12 feet (the manufacturer states 21 feet but that’s not realistic.) And at this distance you don’t get a second chance. Thick clothing can defeat the probes thereby reducing its effectiveness and you need an accurate hit and spread on the body for it to work at full effect, not easy at a moving target when your under pressure. However, it is easier and safer to arm officers with Taser rather than conventional firearms. So, all armed officers in my area carry Taser with additional unarmed officers able to carry it as well. It has its place but should never be regarded as the best bit of kit to deal with a knife wielding subject. At Borough Market the ARVO officer fired and hit the knife wielding terrorist numerous times with a rifle round before he finally hit the ground. Had that been a Taser only operator he would have been dead. Had the BTP officers who first intervened (one of whom was seriously stabbed) been armed there is little doubt that the whole attack would have been ended far quicker. Officers in Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and PSNI carry firearms routinely without shooting people. Why people think British Police would be any different I don’t know. CBH
  2. I have some of those mag pouches. They loosen up over time. I left some empty mags in them for a couple of days and it helped. CBH
  3. Not a peculiar resolution at all. It’s what the baton gun is deployed for. It’s a less lethal option that can be fired earlier than a conventional firearm (say the gunman is holding the gun pointing at the ground or it’s in his belt) and hopefully break a chain of events so twats don’t get shot. No doubt had the baton round been ineffective or one of the armed officers perceived an immediate threat to life the situation would have ended differently. Taser, PAVA and CS are close in weapons regardless of what the manufacturer would have everyone believe. CBH
  4. I run a 5.11 Tactec plate carrier for Airsoft and use it for fitness with Beaver Fit plates (14lbs). It is incredibly well built and holds the plates fantastically. It’s designed to hold SAPI plates and a number of Police forces ARVOs are issued with them and wear them daily. They aren’t cheap though but you get what you pay for. Not sure abou the fit for Osprey but trust me you want the plates fitted in tight or you won’t enjoy it! Warrior UK make some real steal plate carriers that are cheaper and will also take SAPI plates as do Pentagon, Condor, LBT, Ferro Concepts and a host of others. Just stay away from brands like Viper, Nuprol, Emerson and One Tigris. They are ok for Airsoft but I wouldn’t trust them with heavy plates as they are not milspec. From my experience if you are choosing a plate carrier to run SAPI or fitness weight plates I would advise this; Ensure there is good padding on the shoulder straps as this is the first area to ache. That their is sufficient padding body side of the plates. If the carrier moves around inside the carrier when you run it will get real old, real quick. And make sure the chest cumberband has some elasticity to allow your chest to move when you start breathing deeply. The trick is to do it tight enough for it to hold still but loose enough to allow you to breathe. And in case you missed it here is a review I did of the TacTec. Hope that helps. CBH
  5. Well I checked and none of the followers actually came out for me to look at. So not much help really. I gave all six mags a good shake and the follower droppped from view but none actually came out with the spring so not too sure what you did to yours? CBH
  6. If your thinking of using it for fitness too then your probably best off spending a bit of cash buying some training plates. £55 will get you a pair of 7lb Beaver Fit training plates from Tactree http://tactree.co.uk/beaverfit-weighted-vest-plates-flat these are flat but will be ok in a quality padded carrier like a 5.11, LBX or warrior and similar. Curved SAPI style ones are £80 http://tactree.co.uk/beaverfit-weighted-vest-plates-curved?keyword=Plates&category_id=0 and more comfortable(ish) and would be better in the smaller unpadded carriers and the better option all round if you can afford it. A word of advice, if you plan to run and train with them in a carrier, run with an empty carrier first to get used to it (you will be surprised at how constricted your chest can feel when your running with one on.) Then start with one plate and then work up to two. Trust me your knees and back will thank you. Also consider the quality of your carrier. If it’s a real steel carrier designed for real plates then no problem. If it’s a Chinese made rip off or a cheap airsoft make like Nuprol it’s likely to fall apart and the plate break your toes as it falls out! CBH
  7. I put an M100 in my LVOA-C and it took the FPS up to 340. To be honest, other than getting the BBs to target a bit quicker it hasn’t made a massive difference on range or accuracy. Out of the Box it is a fantastic gun and I have had mine since the first batch came out. It still runs perfectly. I don’t feel any urge to chase the Airsoft equivalent of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, by upgrading the hop, barrel etc for a negligible return in performance. Or run the risk of messing it up! ;-) CBH
  8. So a review of some 5.11 kit. I'll be honest, until recently I have never had any 5.11 kit. I was kind of put off by the outward gushing on the internet from some quarters. But I was drawn to 5.11 after exposure at work. My load outs don't follow any set pattern. Too be honest I pick all my kit based purely on practicality. Is it comfortable, does it work, will it last and will it be value for money. So I'll run through the review in pretty much the same way. Is it comfortable? In a word yes. I'm 6ft tall and the TacTec is fully adjustable for length and girth. It's one of the reasons I chose it. The standard fit is slightly longer and wider than most plate carriers and so looks a better fit on your average joe. The backing to the plates is some sort of air mesh. This allows your body to breathe but grips nicely, stopping that uncomfortable sliding and chafing you get on cheaper sets. It is also cushioned and this really helps when you are running a bit of weight on the carrier. Does it work? Comfort is fine but nothing if the kit doesn't work. So what is it like to game wearing it. The top half of the panels have laser cut molle. This gives a slick look and due to the material gives plenty of space for patches to Velcro onto. I don't run any pouches on the top half. Experience has shown that they get in the way when I shoulder my primary and I don't like a 'busy' plate carrier. Kit is weight and weight is bad, even for a days airsoft. There is an admin panel in the top half for stuffing maps and pyro if you need to. The lower half gives you 3 horizontal rows of traditional molle. But here's the bonus. It is actually wider than most carriers, with 8 vertical rows rather than 6. So you could run 4 x M4 pouches across the front. On my set up I have left an outer row of molle empty on each side. This keeps all the pouches tight into the middle, a massive bonus if you are in and out of doors or tight spaces. The skeletonized elastic cumber-band allows the plate carrier to be thrown over a coat without adjusting it, a nice touch especially in the winter. It also allows for pouches to be attached here as well. I run my pyro pouch on the front left with no problems at all. The pouches I have attached are all 5.11 and as you would expect fit perfectly. The M4 pouches (I have a double and a single) can be used as either a bungee top or Velcro pouch. I have my double one with the Velcro flaps in place for a bit of retention and to keep the mags clean when I'm on my belly. The single has the bungee top instead and I use it as a fast mag pouch. The pistol mag pouches have the same options. All the pouches are thick, quality material and are really, really robust. Once fitted to the vest they are rock solid and boy do they hold the kit in. I thought they may have been too tight, but some rapid mag changes in game proved that they worked a treat. Will it last? I game quite hard. Sliding, bashing, falling and rolling. And at the end of the day this kit is still pristine. No loose threads, splits, cuts or grazing. I was impressed. So I reckon it will last, but that is why I buy real steel kit. It's made to take a beating and still work. The XFit games used the TacTec carriers with weights in for all the competitors and a number of UK Police Forces have issued them to authorised firearms officers. Proof enough really. Will it be value for money? This is really quite subjective. The TacTec isn't cheap. It's about £150 (although I got mine in a 20% off sale). I think is value for money for me as I plan on having it for years and I have a habit of wearing out or breaking cheap kit. (I won't mention the KombatUK molle belt and pouches that didn't last a whole skirmish when I first started.) But, your mileage may vary. So does 5.11 live up to the hype? Well I now also have a Rush 72 bag and some 5.11 trousers and they have stood up to some real hard times recently. It's early days but to be honest I'm convinced. 10/10. To help you gauge my review, I regularly use Helikon, Warrior, Karrimor SF, Seeland, Arktis, Pentagon and other outdoor brands both at work and at home. Hope it was of use to you guys. CBH
  9. We don't game as a team but there are 4 or 5 of us who regularly buddy up on game days. These are mainly low ammo games and there are normally loads of 'snipers' about. Some of these are extremely accomplished and have superb field craft. To be honest the majority are not too effective at all, dashing off into bushes and being a lone wolf with a long gun, maybe bagging a handful of kills but not really achieving much. However, the most effective snipers are the ones on our coms net who act as spotters, letting us know what areas the other team are building up in, telling us about clear routes for us to take and area denial at choke points or open kill zones. Allowing us to push on to our targets. In defence they can be devestating but working correctly they can be a massive advantage in attack. So I say yes a sniper can and should be part of a squad, and played correctly, they can be a major part of a squads success. CBH
  10. Hi. the Magpul kit fits directly to picatinny rail (which if your LVOA comes like mine will only have one in the box.) The one supplied may not be long enough though. The good news is that although the LVOA rail is not keymod any keymod accessory will fit. Just remove the keymod locking part from the screws (these are the bits that go through the keymod and are tightened to hold the accessory in place) and screw it directly to the rail. The screws fit the screw holes on the LVOA and the round holes in the LVOA rail accommodates the round retention pins on the keymod. Hope that makes sense and helps you out. CBH P.S you'll love the LVOA. Brilliant guns.
  11. I understand some people enjoy collecting different guns and I would never stop people buying them, it's a great hobby after all. But for actual gaming I initially stuck with one primary. This allowed me to save up for a better gun. I was able to afford a higher end gun rather than spending the money on a collection of other guns. This has a number of other positives as well. You get to know the gun inside and out. I know how well it works and how it performs in pretty much every circumstances. Things like range, reaction to weather, best weight ammo, hop settings etc. All these things add to making the gun perform better, far more than spending money on a new barrel or motor or the latest magic hop rubber. I recently brought a reserve primary which is a spare for me and my daughter and I give it a run out in some games. But to be honest, every time I grab my LVOA I realise why I lusted after it for so long and won't be replacing her as my primary for sometime. Pistols are slightly different. My regular is a Cybergun 1911 only because I love the platform and the stainless version caught my eye when they first came out and when I handled one some months later I decided I needed it. It replaced an old Army R17 Glock which had come to the end of its life. I also have a TM MK23 Socom. I run this on specific games where I need silence and range. Like I said, it's each to their own and good luck to all, but I have never felt compelled to buy lots of guns. Now, if we are talking about kit, well that's a different matter.............. CBH
  12. Went a bit mad during a Black Friday sale and got some stuff I have been looking at for a while. 5.11 Tactical Flash Bang Pouch - Tac OD 5.11 Tactical Bungee Radio Pouch - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical Flash Bang Pouch - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier Vest - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical Double Pistol Bungee-Cover Pouch - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical Single AR Mag Bungee-Cover Mag Pouch - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical Double AR Mag Bungee-Cover Mag Pouch - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical TDU Pant Ripstop Pant - Crye MultiCam Large 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack - Sandstone 5.11 Tactical Rapid Assault Long Sleeve Shirt - TDU Green 5.11 Tactical Flag Bearer Multicam Cap - Multicam Got it as an alternative to my multicam Warrior CPC set up. Easy to carry a load. Loving the Sandstone colour. Greener than Coyote Brown and fits in with so many other colour schemes. Started using 5.11 stuff at work awhile back and although initially sceptical about all the hype I have been impressed. And if it's good enough for me in the real world I know it'll last forever in Airsoft. I'll do a review after some use. CBH
  13. The Nuprol ones are more flexible allowing you to run them as mid caps as well as low caps. They 'feel' a better type of plastic but to to be honest if you only want mid caps I'd probably recommend the ASG ones. More bang for your buck and like I said they have never let me down and I have used them in APS M4s, my Krytac LVOA and Classic Army MK22 and my mate has borrowed them on a low ammo day in his G&G with no issues. CBH
  14. I have two sets of low caps that are for M4s. The first and oldest have done me sterling service with no issues or problems other than one splitting open when I was a bit aggressive with a speed loader. These are ASG Armalite Low Caps. Cost me about £40 for 10. They look like metal mags but are plastic. Had them a few years and still use them. In fact these remain my go to Mags. The new ones are the Nuprol 30/125 changeable N Mags. Made to look like magpul magazines. Only used them a couple of times and they work well. I brought them more to stop me carrying loads of mags to games (lows and mid caps). They are more expensive than the ASG ones about £12 each. Hope that helps. CBH
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