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  1. Anyone going Trojan CQB tomorrow?

  2. Must have been. ICS seem to have good ratings across the board.
  3. How are the SIG 552s? Seen 1 before hand but not a common gun.
  4. Guessing that Ares stuff ain't so good in your eyes then? New to all this so wouldn't know.
  5. Want an AK47 so much.

    1. Monty


      Get an E&L

    2. two_zero
    3. RoBbDaBaNkK


      £0. Need to save up badly.

  6. Welcome to the forums. Airsoft is a good sport to be getting involved in, nice group of people and always something new happening.
  7. About to say, I own a gun already. Hiring another would be a bit of a waste wouldn't it.
  8. Will have to see what I am doing. Think I should be able to go though.
  9. Just wanted to see what was happening and if anyone knew of any sites holding a skirmish night around Manchester this week? Cheers
  10. So, Jeremy Kyle has just made Airsoft look bad to the public.......

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    2. Mos


      Sitting duck, I'm pretty sure you do have to be 18+ for a credit card. I'm under 18 and I went t the bank to get a debit card, and out of curiosity I asked could I have a credit card (in a voice that sounded like I was asking something, not wanting it) he said no to me...

    3. Albiscuit


      Wonder who it was at Wolf..

    4. RoBbDaBaNkK


      Jedi Master you may have found a potential link there. Maybe the same guy, as if he was selling to harrybarry then I don't see why he wouldn't be the same person trying to sell to those actors.

  11. It has, it has indeed. Leicester being at the top at the minute (Can't see that lasting long to be honest.)
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