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  1. I honestly cant remember ever hearing first aid mentioned at my regular site however I know I have 9 years army working in ambulance and have continuation training with scouts and I am positive i could handle most situations with my mini trauma kit I always carry airsofting. I would have thought a first aider and a risk assessment and evacuation plan were mandatory for insurance purposes and required by law by the HSE. also in Scotland the good Samaritan act/law states if you do not stop to give aid to someone who needs it you will be prosecuted ( it means phone 999 basically not perform open heart surgery)
  2. My raptor is standard 20mm and fits everything 20mm from iron to acog I have put on it.
  3. Hey Mr Taliban! I'm not going to die from that grenade you threw as you threw it like a girl!! ** woops forgot to say, if it dont go bang well stop crying it happens in real life and as long as they don't through BFG at my head in cool.**
  4. I have that ACOG from them. Its really good.
  5. Ive seen a shotgun attached with a bungee before on a real trooper. Pull up fire and it straps tight back to position for manoeuvring. Defo for fast fire and move. But this was 9 or so years ago and tac kit had come a long way.
  6. Please go the whole hog and get blue body armour.......
  7. Usb stick on the fore sight...... Brilliant. Possibly to take out robots and terminators...
  8. Completely agree! I would be surprised also if the kids parents dont take it to court! They sue for anything over there.
  9. Service your weapon son! Looks rusty.
  10. Should of tomahawked him like an oper8or! He would not have the audacity to deny that Shirley?
  11. But say a BB is sitting on a ledge or something at a CQB site and when the grenade bangs it shudders the wall and that BB falls and hits me.....is that a hit?
  12. You know its not a dog in the video he posted?? ....... its a panda.....
  13. That made me laugh! Monty is spot on! Our site just bought these from there and a few of the guys got them as well. Nothing but good feedback.
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