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  1. I wasn't aware of some of those sites so I'll be getting on to those soon, thanks. I should have chosen my words more carefully, by bulk I didn't mean in one sitting at one price as I know ot next to never sells like that. I meant more along the lines of losts of listings or one of gear one of rifs ect. I used higher end rifs and generally warrior stuff as a bench mark for gear, so it was all quality stuff and not used too much either so no doubt with pateince it will sell. Using ebay to get rid of gear is a great shout though! As for wierd stuff, I've no doubt there will be a box of odds and sods that will end up in the trash haha
  2. Well, airsoft has been great fun but that very expensive pile of stuff is just sat around waiting to be used, and now I want to buy a house and move on through life a bit I keep asking why it's still in the corner! I thought I'd list up a few rifs at a time and then the kit, remembering that stuff always used to sell quite quickly. It's been a while now though and I've not sold a thing. Are my prices off? Is the second hand market so saturated that nobody wants it anymore? Or am I just unlucky so far? I have several rifs and a bunch of kit to go, where would people reccomend I try to list it to get a reliable sale?

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    Make: kwa Model: rm4 cqb erg Accesories: 6 pmags Condition: Great FPS: 325 Splits/Swaps/P/X: no thanks Price: 400 offers So here we have my kwa rm4, fantastic gun, one of the originals before the companies spilt and reformed, loosing some of the quality. Gun has some very mild upgrades, just a tightbore, new rubber and nub, all prometheus. shoots like a lazer at 325fps average across 20 shots. Works perfectly, in basically new condition bar a small scuff near the fire selector. Has 6 working pts pmags, with selectable 30-60 round capacity. All round a fantastic gun, with a recoil stronger than almost every gas rifle I've owned. viewing welcome, testing welcome. Postage at cost can be arranged but collection is definately prefered. Will listen to offers, and if your local to southampton/portsmouth am happy to deliver. Any questions, please ask away




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    Up for sale is my tm package, it's a fantastic gun, but I barely play anymore and when I do I leave the storming buildings to more agile youngsters and take the sniping aproach. It comes with 4 magazines, front grip and peg box with torch and lazer. It also has a list of upgrades as follows... Eagle 6 m95 spring -Prommy high current wiring -Shs/rocket hugh tourqe motor -Prommy spring guide -Prommy hard piston -Prommy cylinder head -Prommy nozzle -Prommy purple rubber and nub -Nebula tappet plate -Short charging handle The gun works fatastic, could do with a new recoil frame as it's a bit noisey occaissionally, but it works great, sounds good and shoots like a lazer! Payment in cash on collection or via paypal plus fees. Any questions, happy to help.


    Southampton, Hants - GB

  5. Oh yes. I feel very ready for defence now i have a few thousand rounds and a support weapon to throw them around with lol
  6. I second the wait to give it a few years. I know a few that joined quite young and definately found it easier as they got older. Not served so cant give much advice on the eye things, good luck on it though!
  7. Small patrol pack with straps and molle mounts fast helmet mount for my cam a&k mk46 mod1........ Just small stuff really....
  8. I know a fair few who have struggled with them too for the same reason. For what your after, i think some mesh goggles would be fine. My mesh can go around my helemt and still fit fine and obvs no fog. But you could easily cut the strap and feed the ends through into the fast helemt clamps.
  9. Im not going to name people as its not really what this was for. People keep interpreting this as me trying to - A-stir things up (wrong) B- personally attack other forum members (wrong) C- start arguments (wrong) I put this up to just remind people, this is a free forum, with good non interfering mods, and a massive knowledge base. As others have said, forums are never perfect but this is pretty close. Ive been a member of tonnes of forums for various different things and none function as wel as this. If people want to put forward ideas for improvement, thats great. What is not great is the slide the majority of those comments have fallen down. From suggestion, to rudeness and the general impretion of 'i could do better'. If they can, awsome! Go and do it. This didnt need to be a status and i didnt need to keep it to myself. There is no reson why anyone should not share there opinion on the collective community they are a part of. I shared my opinion, without mentioning any one in particular. How have i done wrong, or different from so many others who have done similar?
  10. Like i said, i never mentioned you. I didnt even hint at you. I never mentioned threads you started, or things you had said. I mentioned generic moods, and generic comments. There are several people who have vocalised in more frustratingly rude ways than one. You choose to climb atop your high horse, and thats your choice. But i have absolutely no wish to wast any more of my evening listening to your bullsh*t.
  11. You havent been the only one complaining. Maybe the loudest, but not the only one.
  12. Thats the thing, you have made suggestions and thats completely fine. What you havent done, is criticise more and more and try to change it so radically that it barely resembles the forum in the first place. Its the reason i respect the way you put your ideas forward so much, because your mature and pateint. Theres no point crying over being told no you cant change this when the thing you tried to change was free, and not yours in the first place.
  13. Now, call me a grumpy bastwerd (mainly because im a grumpy bastwerd) but why cant people just enjoy what we have and shut the f*@k up? This forum is free. There is a huge knowledge base here. It is frequented for the most part, but good people who are fun to shoot at and be shot by. If there are people who come across so capable on computers, and who bag on so much for change, then build your own forum and invite all the other people like you to it. It seems the majority of threads now are either stores selling there wares (probs need to go i agree but lets face it we all like buying guns) and people complaining about the forum and b*@ching for change. This is a good forum, if you dont like it, go to zero one, they have all the sub forums you can shake a sh*tty stick at. Forgive the rant, but it needs to be said.
  14. As mentioned it is three games, and he time scale is in no less than two months. Play one game every 3 weeks and your sorted. Glad you enjoyed it! And dont worry about dumb moments, they are what turns it from a sport we enjoy to a hobby we love! I get lost at least once per game and take on more than one enemy player at once with a near empty mag at least once per game too!
  15. I did wonder what you were going to do about internals. Good idea stashing the cut down m4 inside. What kind of finish are you aiming for on the main body and reciever
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