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  1. Afternoon folks, I'm in a bit of a dilemma my current gun is broken when I say broken it needs a new receiver as mine has somehow warped so doesn't go together and I've also lost a tiny pin some where. It also needs new motor connectors as one has snapped and the anti reverse latch has also broken don't ask me how coz I don't know lol the trigger was also getting stuck at times and would either not shoot at all or go mental and go full auto when I didn't want it to. So the question I have is whether to strip mine down get a new receiver and upgrade the internals or get a whole new gun and star
  2. I'm definitely going to save to get a Daytona gun may have to do it in stages to ease the blow on the old ban account but will be worth it when I finally get it all done and go and play for the first time with it and scare the living shite out of everyone with 6mm plastic pain lol
  3. Ah sweet sounds good if you could mate that'd be awesome it's probably going to take me some time to get it all and do it as the missus wont be too happy with me doing it but I'll just tell her that if she wants a happy and quiet life to let me get on "playing action man" as she puts it lol
  4. Proffrink have you got the m249 Daytona kit then? Is it easy to install and do you need to do any mods to the bar gun itself before fitting? Been trying to find guides and vids on how to do both the m249 and the m4 versions but can't find a lot really lol
  5. Been looking into both the tippman and Daytona routes both look awesome but personally think the Daytona looks better. The recoil in it looks imo more realistic and saw a vid on good old YouTube of an m249 drop in kit which looks amazing and personally if I saw that on the field I'd pray they are on my team or stay the fuck out of the way of it, the sound of it sounds as close to a real fire arm as you can get. Only problem is when I look on the Dayton site everything is out of stock, does anyone know how to get hold of one or do you have to email them to say you want one?
  6. I've been playing for about 2 years now got all my own gear but am wanting to start to modify and upgrade my gun after reading the comments on here though might have a look down the p* route expensive but the reviews I've read and watched sound pretty good
  7. As the title states is it possible to change a standard AEG ver 2. gearbox to a EBB? I know the blowback is just for looks but I think it looks sick when your running round and youve got the blowback on it. I dont want to go out and buy a whole new AEG as I'm planning on upgrading mine as it is so just want to know if it is possible or do i have to go out and buy a new gearbox just for this function?
  8. I think it's just interesting to she what everyone's views on defending your home and families is. It has gone completely off topic though which is amazing
  9. It shouldn't cost the tax payer 40k a year to keep someone inside that money could be put to much better use like paying for extra police or teacher or nurses.
  10. That's where I think the yanks have got it right if you break the law you break it and will do time for it (and will be your full sentence as well) end of where as over here if you break the law you'll get a slap on the wrist and told very sternly not to do it again and if you do get out behind bars as long as your well behaved and do what your told you'll do only serve half of your sentence and sometimes even less. Plus while you are inside you'll be given an education 3 hot meals a day a comfy cell with TV and sky the only thing you don't get inside that you would a free person is a mobile a
  11. Personally I believe you should be able to use reasonable force to defend your home I think that you should be able to detain someone who has broken into your house and if it were me in that situation id do anything to keep my family safe from harm. The problem with the country at the moment is that criminals seem to have more rights than the law abiding citizen like you say djben if they get hurt while in your home it should be on them as they are the ones who have broken the law
  12. But of a random topic here but what are all of your feeling on using an airsoft gun whether it be a rifle pistol or shotgun as home defence? I only ask this as I was talking to a guy from work today whos friend had had their house broken into while he and his family were in bed, he woke up when he heard a noise downstairs and as an airsofter had his weapon in his room out of reach of his kids. Long story short he went downstairs scared the living s*** out of the kids who had broken in and managed to get them to sit and wait while the police were on the way as they didn't know it was only a RIF
  13. What are the hero sharks like with letting light in? Think that's my main problem that my local game site is woodland so can be quite dark sometimes and my current mesh goggles is sometimes like wearing really dark sunglasses and find it hard to focus on things
  14. What about smith optics boogie regulators? Has anyone tried those and not had any fogging issues? Quite like the low profile was also looking at the dye i4 full face mask as well
  15. I'm wanting to get some new eye protection as I'm currently running with each goggles but not really a massive fan of them. Want to either get a full face mask or some glasses with a mesh lower face mask. What do you guys recommend my normal field of play is woodland and am wanting something that isn't going to fog up as it just ruins any play really. Any help would be awesome
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