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  1. A few of mine.. Krytac SPR. Old original pistol grip which has been changed since this pic, buying a better spring to DMR this up. Scope is a WE 4x Acog with doctor sight. Also have the PTS longer skeletonized foregrip, not sure which I prefer tbh. Both comfy and look cool though! WE Toucan Big Bird custom.. (Pictures aren't as great, sorry about the floor that needs hoovering! Thats what happens after a load of airsoft boxes gets opened ) And finally my G&G M14 Veteran.. Well by a few I meant a bit more than a few....
  2. Cheers mate, this is the beast i'm looking to DMR up btw Also changed out the poor pistol grip yesterday aswell and have the longer PTS skeleton foregrip, not sure which I prefer atm. The Acog is a 4x WE
  3. Cheers again mate, went for this in the end http://airsoftzone.co.uk/m110-spring-aeg-ultimate-asg Patrol Base didn't have either a M100 or a M110. Going to buy a chrono too, sod it, if it's too hot then i'll just buy a M100 and keep the M110 for something else. £10 isn't alot so i'll just risk it
  4. Cheers for the replies guys, I meant to mention I am looking to DMR my SPR, so was looking to hit atleast 360 - 400 fps. Thanks Sitting Duck for all that info, very helpful mate. I'm currently about to buy some things from Patrol Base, do you recommend MadBull or ASG springs? If I were to buy a M110 spring is it literally as simple as replacing the old one? Plug and play kinda thing? Will a strong spring potentially damage anything?
  5. I want to change my spring on my Krytac SPR, I believe it comes with a fairly low m90? Now someone on here recently said they replaced their Krytac CRB (I'm assuming the internals including the springs are exactly the same?) with a m100 and averaged just under 350fps. I had a look at general guides, would a m110 be around 380fps? A m120 around 410 etc? Also, as the spring goes up in power, does it get to a point where it could damage the gun or is it as simple as just swapping them out? Been looking on Patrol Base and for example, they have a MadBull M110 (Non linear???) and an ASG M110, same price, any difference between manufacturers when it comes to springs? Thanks in advance
  6. What would a M110 chrono at roughly? 380 ish? Looking to upgrade my spring on my SPR, is it a simple enough job to swap out? Also, how high can you go spring wise before the springs too powerful for this gun?
  7. I used a bit of the spray silicone oil I have but it didn't really do much, but it's not the 100% stuff this guy uses, i think it's more for general lubrication/cleaning. I'll grab some 100% stuff and try that, cheers
  8. Update - I watched a few vids on how to lube GBB pistols, although I don't have 100% silicone lube it do have the Nuprol silicone gun oil, no took off the slide again and gave the slide edges a slight rub with it. I also found out the reason why it's sticking where it is.. BTW is only sticks when I pull the slide back slowly, when I pull it normally it never sticks. After taking the slide off its this (At 5:00 exactly) That's making it stick. Literally the part he lubes at 5:00 It's probably nothing and after looking at it, it looks like an air seal so probably good it sticks when cocking it slow. Noob alert, sorry.
  9. Firstly I've had 3 AEG rifles over the last year and a bit, my last being my Krytac SPR which is an absolute beast. But decided to finally buy a good GBB pistol and went for this - http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-pistols/we-europe-toucan-big-bird-wet-force-series-black-black-gold.htm#.V1u3mpErJEZ Only been able to shoot around 30 bbs as of yet, only got it yesterday and it was quite late and considering the first shot set the neighbours dog barking, I didn't want to push my luck Seemed to shoot very well, very loud and a really nice kick (The only GBB i've shot, but from youtube reviews it apparently has a good kick to it) Removed the slide after shooting to have a look inside, took me a few minutes to work out the mechanics of it all, managed to get it back together and working properly again, shot fine. Removed slide again had another look etc. The gun is still shooting perfectly fine from what I can tell (In the dark after the last few) But noticed a few things. Firstly, the outer barrel is fairly wobbly, after some research I've heard this is quite normal for most GBB pistols, is that right? Another thing I noticed is that when pulling back the slide (With or without the mag) If I pull it back slowly and release it will sometimes not go all the way forward and stick, but not in the slide lock position if that makes sense? I have to reiterate that ive never shot or owned a GBB pistol before so just asking to double check i've put everything back correctly. The slide operates with no issues when shooting either. Just wanted to double check with you guys as most of you have years and years of experience and I don't want to potentially mess up what is a pretty expensive gun. I've removed the slide which was simple enough, managed to take the inner parts of the slide out, possibly removed them in the wrong way, but got everything back in and made sure the slide worked correctly before putting the mag in and shooting it, still work well. Any advice is also greatly appreciated, I did research a fair bit beforehand about GBB pistols but any more advice wouldnt hurt
  10. I think I read somewhere someone had a similar issue and it required a fairly rough scouring pad and some elbow grease.
  11. To be honest, £315 for a gun is almost the most i'm willing to spend right now (says the guy that wants to spend £135 on a scope) as I'm still fairly new and from the reviews I've seen this beast has all upgraded internals needed for the foreseeable future. You're probably right, but I've pretty much set my heart on this now, especially after watching a load of reviews on youtube. The optic is mainly because I want a very good quality Acog for this gun and 4x zoom. I have a holographic and red dot site for my other 2 but really want a good quality 4x with a doctor sight. The length I prefer in all honesty mate, simply because I might down the line make it a DMR of sorts, not quite sure but I quite like the long length. Thanks for the suggestion though. You want to point me towards a suppressor?
  12. Awesome cheers dude. I just watched a review where they had a suppressor attached and it looks awesome so I may get one of those aswell, so if anyone can suggest a suppressor (Ideally from patrol base so i can order the lot from them) I'd appreciate it as my knowledge in suppressors are basically zero.
  13. The time has come to purchase a new toy and after just finishing a quiet night shift where I had plenty of time to look around and choose what to buy, I've finally settled on this.. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-m4-m15-m16-variants/krytac-trident-spr-black.htm#.VrwyaViLREY To go with it I've decided on this scope aswell.. http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sights-scopes/we-wecog-4x32-dr-acog-sight.htm#.VrwzBFiLREY Thoughts on both guys? I'll freely admit my air soft knowledge isn't amazing but it is by no means bad, so any thoughts or suggestions are welcome before I buy this in a few hours. I have up to a £600 budget (Thanks christmas work bonus ) Which is alot of money, so I wanted to make sure both these are value for money.
  14. I'm at work now so can't have a look, but if I remember correctly, the angle the m14 mags go in and sit, pushing the mag as i did in the video forward, automatically raises the front end of the mag aswell. Theres a very quite "click" when doing this aswell, which someone said was the feed tube activating the spring on the mag to feed the bb's?
  15. I did actually try some sticky back velcro for the same effect, wasn't very affective though as the magazine was stupidly tough to fit in, then when it did, fell out after a couple of shots Might try the epoxy though, are you saying to apply it in the gap i'm showing in the vid to push the mag further forward? Layer by layer etc?
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