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    BUT equally the question would need to be asked how extensive is your experience with support guns ? There’s a guy at my home site who runs nothing but SG’s and his opinion on the topic is regarded as gospel , where as the opinion of a player who’s only had one or two ? See my point ?
  2. With the Borg on this , do agree don’t really see the point of a support weapon if it’s not being run AS a support weapon ! (Unless it’s my chainsaw , now that’s for shits’n’giggles no matter what the game !) my support gun has been up-graded , but that’s only due to it being an A&K !😂 when I do run it i always mix the ammo in it (.2’s/.25’s/.28’s and few .3’s) so I get a nice spread when laying down suppressing fire on the field.
  3. He can always stop taking his medication and sell it to him self ?
  4. Hahahaha ! Man after my own hart ! We went couple of yrs ago , boys wanted Disney hats so I said I wanted a new hat as well , she wasn’t happy with my choice either OR the fact I wore it all the time ! 😇
  5. Most woodland gamedays it’s a boonie for me as well but CQB or out doors that has a fair bit of buildings in play I usually go helmet’ed , stops me braining my self hooning in and out of them ! 🤦‍♂️
  6. Always a bit of a reality check when someone fires a real gun for the first time , especially airsofters who’ve been running around game sites for how ever long with bbguns , now this isn’t a dig or a poke (well I am one my self as well!) just an observation from talking to ones who’d never fired a real gun up till they went to a range to have a go when on hols or what ever , to a man they all said it was bit of an eye opener for them to some degree .
  7. I also had a cracking day yesterday at black ops Portishead , just me and my best bud , not particularly kit heavy just my Arthurian 416 and a TM recoil 74su , lots of good kills ,no real problem with ‘shouty’ players or non takers . Even shared a table with a guy never met before and we were all best mates by the end of the day ! So for me ? Just what I wanted (AND needed!) 👍

    1. StayOnTarget


      One of the best things about the sport good crack with perfect strangers even better if you team up and work together 🖖

    2. Hermesh


      Sounds cool, l play with an asortment of various gunslingers. All good lads and lots of fun, but some of my best games have been with total strangers, we've just jelled and worked together like we've been at it for years...

  8. Didn’t think there was any point , I know how obsessed the youth of today are for any kind of fame no matter how shallow and fleeting it may be ! 😉 😂😂😂
  9. Looking really good bud , like it a lot . 👍
  10. And it can work ‘in the flesh’ as it were as well , one of my longs looks like it has a very slight dip just in front of the receiver but when you check it against a straight edge there’s nothing there at all perfectly straight ! Weird as hell ! 😳
  11. I didn’t know that ! See you do live and learn ! Cheers my friend .👍 @Ash.more if you don’t mind waiting have a look on fleabay there’s plenty of pad kits on there for less 👍
  12. No probs bud just didn’t want you getting butt f**ked over it ! 😳 👍
  13. You’ll never find a decent copy of an Ithaca so why not buy something like this then make your own ? Chop the barrel and stock down , fill the hole in the stock handle bit of a paint job and you’ll be good to go ?
  14. You do realise you’ll more than likely end up paying just as much in charges as the cost of the mag if you get one from Evike ?
  15. Don’t forget the custom fitted piston (chopped a chunk of with a dermal!) thing I find odd is he’s supposedly sunk all the money in it but yet it’s being sold with a hi-cap ? Don't get me wrong hi-caps are fine but most players I know with guns they’ve put THAT MUCH effort in to building exclusivity use mids or lows never hi’s ? 🤔
  16. 😇 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🤣
  17. To be honest bud I’d say ditch the nimh and the Nuprol charger and just use LiPo or LiFe batteries and get a quality smart charger (imax/acucell/etc) , just so much better than the nimh batts And Nuprol chargers are renowned for killing batteries! 😡 plus I’d recommend (and most over experienced players I’d think)changing all your connectors to deans or another more efficient connector . Yes I know it’ll be a fair old outlay to start afresh but so worth it in the long run .👍
  18. Oh so true bud ! Sometimes it’s the dirt cheap didn’t break 30quid in total kit lists you have the most fun in !👍
  19. SO as the title says changed the the inner to a 6.2 and bucking and nub to a maple leaf in a Jing Gong MP5sd6 and now having feed issues on semi it’s picking up ones and twos then nothing and on auto it’s firing but you can see gaps in the line of bb’s and then next mag full it’s not picking any up at all . holding the mag in and turning the gun upside down has no effect on the fault . cheers guys .
  20. WoW ! I’ve seen some dummy spitting in my time but F**K ME ! That ones still not landed he’s spat it that hard ! 😱 if he don’t calm down soon he’ll have a stroke ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  21. If I’d gone for the jugular I could understand but seriously he has a hissy fit over me making a joke out of the fact I take so much crap with me I could probably fit his bag in to my Eagle drop bag 3 or 4 times ! God help if anyone ever actually has a go at him ? 😱
  22. Aahh BUT am I quoting the French phrase OR am I stating an instruction ? 🤔
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