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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Fairly new and unused raider, used in 3 games to get UKARA and then has been collecting dust. Very light gun and hasn't got too much two tone on it. Comes with fitted RIS rails on the M-LOK handguard. Optic was received broken and just sits there for looks and can be removed if wanted. What you are getting Gun Bag 2 Batteries Charger Some high cap stanag mags Very good airsoft starter package, as it is a very light gun and won't weigh you down Can be collected or buyer pays P&P


    , Kent

  2. Not something I would use, but airsoft is just a fashion show really so you do you
  3. Someone on the internet somewhere will recognise this hallway
  4. I spoke to a few of the lads from platoon stores a few months ago. Apprently the predator is very internally similar to a standard combat machine (very basic starter gun). Even though they do look pretty cool you may want to wait until you get a UKARA then get one without two-tone if your still into them
  5. Unjo

    G&G Rk104

    Ah sorry just meant deans or tamyia, yeah can do
  6. Unjo

    G&G Rk104

    May be interested, what wires has it got at the moment?
  7. Unjo

    G&P m16

    What kind of elcan is that?
  8. Really interested in getting one, but there isn't much information online. Just need to know what guns it fits on and what batteries are able to fit in it. Thanks This is the gun i'm interested on putting it on. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/arcturus-ar15-e3-rifle
  9. Unjo

    TM M14 and Star SA80

    Hmm, when I first got these guns we took them to a shop and they chronoed them for us. Surprised they didn't tell us.
  10. Unjo

    TM M14 and Star SA80

    Nice, thanks for your time. The site I go to allows AEGs to go up to 360, but DMRs aren't allowed high caps, meaning my mag would be a waste of money. The SA80 is apparently heavier then the real thing. Are we talking about her Queens law legal or another type of legal?
  11. Unjo

    TM M14 and Star SA80

    They have been upgraded apparently, i'm afraid I dont know exactly what internals, but yes both can go full auto. They both work and are accurate
  12. Info: M14 is doing 400 FPS with 0.2g and the SA80 is doing 380 with 0.2. These are old but well looked after guns that I have recently purchased for $200 as a set including a KJ works p226 ake/brand: TM and STAR Any accessories included: M14 comes with red dot SA80 comes with working imitation scope Pictures:
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