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  1. Got my new G&G G36 today http://imgur.com/qs6MrtJ Although it seems to have come with a mosfet or something which I wasn't expecting? http://imgur.com/OyCrbow
  2. Yeah thats a good point actually, cheers for the advice
  3. ahaha nice analysis yeah i'll get a cheapish one and just mess around with that for the time being then, cheers
  4. okay cheers so would you recommend a matching delta ring and RIS? and a higher quality ris I guess will be machined to a higher tolerance and so possibly fit better
  5. Hey I was wandering if anyone with a g&g cm16 carbine has any experience with installing a drop in ris onto there cm16. I'm looking for one that will fit and wont wiggle around to much. ive heard of people changing the delta ring out for one with a stronger spring or just putting tape on the edge of the RIS to minimise this. any help would be appreciated
  6. seems everyone recommends the jg so thats probably what i'll go for then, cheers guys
  7. okay cheers guys i'll look into the jg g36, and i may be interested [email protected] but would prefer the g36k variant
  8. I'm now looking for a second airsoft rifle and am thinking of going down the g36k route, I have had a look at various different makes such as SRC, JG and TM and although I would love a TM I don't have the money (student life..) but is their any other company's anyone would recommend? any help would be appreciated, thanks I am UKARA registered by the way
  9. i'd be interested in something like that as I can see myself trying to copy something from a video and end up screwing it up, whereas over skype someone could correct me and say what i've done wrong etc
  10. sorry should included that i'm thinking of asking for a ris for my birthday/buying myself one which is why im looking at the peq sized batteries
  11. okay thanks for the advice, would a 7.4 lipo have worse trigger responce then say a 9.6 nimh or would the be roughly on par with each other?
  12. I'm in a similar boat started playing Airsoft in August last year, got my gun in October and play a mix of cqb and outdoor as my local site has a variety of long and close range play. I would say stick with the cm16 and take advice from others as to what parts to get, people have told me that by upgrading cm16s they can outperform £200-300 but again this is what I have been told so cant validate this as i have so far left mine stock as it suits my needs perfectly for the time being
  13. thanks for the advice i'll probably go for two then, i'm going for that size as i want to put a RIS on it in the future so it will be able to fit in in a PEQ box otherwise i would get a larger battery
  14. Hey guys i'm looking at getting this battery: http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/batteries-bbs-gas-chronographs-c5/batteries-c62/we-airsoft-europe-7-4v-1200mah-30c-peq-lipo-p3196 and just wandering if you guys from experience know how long they may last for so I know how many to buy to last a day of skirmishing Thanks George
  15. oh nice, i'm tempted to get one next payday
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