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  1. Dola75

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Really smooth transaction, no issues at all. Nice guy,would definitely buy from again.
  2. Looking for Advice - purchased second-hand gun faulty

    Hi Elzy, Sorry to hear you had problems, it's a real shame. With regards safeguarding as mentioned before feedback checks are a good idea. Personally I like to check some of the post the seller has made. It gives you a better idea of them as an airsofter/person. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase off most of the regular posters you see on here. Although not definitive be a bit careful if they joined the site a few days before placing the add that's the only time I've got a wrong un! Good luck!
  3. FPS average and Dips.

    Cheers guys, great advice. Im going take it down to my local gun tech. He has pretty much said the same as you guys. When I did the work to it originally it sat at 330 to 335 consistently so I'm guessing something is now leaking or misaligned.... having retested it and leaving 1 minute between shots it did the same thing. I'll keep you posted.
  4. FPS average and Dips.

    Cheers Samurai, my G&P will fire 4/5 shots at 331 or 332 drop to 300 then come back up! It's strange!
  5. FPS average and Dips.

    Hi peeps, Before I ask this I will make it clear I am no gun tech!! I can change a hop and barrel etc... but I'm still finding parts all over the place of the first gear box in unscrewed! Anyway, today I decided to chronograph all my guns get an average and see what the biggest dip in FPS was. My tricked out G&P had a 330 average but dropped to 300 on two shots. My secondhand ICS shot 310 only dropped to 302 over 5 shots. My question what would you guys say is an 'acceptable' drop in FPS? I have been airsofting a while now and I'm appreciating consistent FPS over high and inconsistent. My next mission is to make all my gun as consistent a possible... the holy grail maybe! Cheers
  6. Hand up - who's going to the Mall on 20th?

    Cheers Alex awesome detailed answer, I think I'll get myself booked in!
  7. PTS Masada ACR......sex panther.....60% of the time it works everytime!!!

    1. Cheeserush
    2. sokar666
    3. Standbystandby


      Yeh it's epic!!! Just a shame it applies to my gun!! Ha

  8. Hand up - who's going to the Mall on 20th?

    Never been to the mall, mainly due some mixed reviews I've heard,I think I've got to try it for myself. I've been advised to go to the thursday night games? Does that sound about right?
  9. Mouth/Face protection

    Cheers for the suggestions, going to order from hero shark. To be honest the last tooth smash incident shocked the crap out of me as I was right next to the lad as he spat his teeth out!!! Kinda of a wake up call!
  10. Mouth/Face protection

    After seeing three incidents of people having teeth damaged in airsoft I am considering investing in some protection. The last poor lad it literally shattered his front tooth! The things is they all look really uncomfortable and annoying! Can anyone recommend a decent mouth/lower face protector?I figure it's better than a £400 dentist bill!
  11. PTS Masada gearbox!!

    Hey peeps, So I've got PTS Masada, or as I call it "sex panther"( 60% of the time it works everytime) I am trying to indentify which gearbox mine has. I have read as much as I can about these and it appears that there was a modified V2 or latterly a V3 used. I am looking to upgrade this gun so need to figure out which mine has, particularly as V2 seems to have a reputation for cracking. I have googled till my eyes bleed and still not figured it out! Would anyone know a way to identify which I have? Also,Has anyone installed a sorbo pad thing? Seems pretty simple as looks like it takes pressure off the gearbox. Cheers guys.
  12. Plate carrier setup

    Agree with Baz JJ don't go too cheap! I started with an eBay special which fell apart during a skirmish, seriously it was like the Forrest Gump running scene! I went for a warrior DCS and it's been great. Got mine from uk tactical like a few people have suggested already.
  13. Quick question..... I was getting my kit ready for tomorrow and noticed on one of my lipos has split slightly!!! It's currently in my back garden in a metal tin.... Any suggestions how to dispose of it? I've never had this before?

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    2. Standbystandby


      Cheers bud I was thinking about asking Crawley surplus.

    3. PT247


      Aye they should help you out, Crawley tip is pretty good too

    4. jcheeseright


      battery box at your local tip, or put it in a bowl of saltwater over night to fully discharge the cells in a safe way. You'll be able to put it in the normal bin after that. Obviously a recycling centre is the best option though.


  14. Good day at holmbush today! Damn those snipers!

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    2. PT247
    3. Mos


      Gunman Tuddenham? My favourite!

    4. Standbystandby


      No Eversly, I'm not too far from it and heard really good things about Gunman

  15. Player ages