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  1. I have been out of airsoft for a while no purely because I cannot afford it now admittedly I am young and still in college but after doing research for a college project I found that after groceries and other necessities an average family of 4 in the U.K. Has around £50 per working member per week to spend on themselves no this is not including credit cards ect but it raised the point my experience of airsoft being expensive is not the only case as it is a walk on in my area is £35 so that leaves the family £15 in emergencies (again excluding credit cards and loans) obviously the kit is quite expensive if you take it very seriously but to younger or beginner airsofters it might put them off investing in the game I found it incredibly fun and wish I could play more however I can't afford so I ask the question do you think the sport is to expensive and should something be done to lower the price range or do you think it is reasonably priced
  2. Saw this video on youtube skip to 7.17 and see his views on it https://m.youtube.com/results?q=airsoftology&sm=1 Opinions and thoughts appreciated.
  3. Ok so recently I brought a viper tactical shoulder slung 10 litre bag the problem was I couldn't find a use for the damn thing it was to small to carry waterproofs but eventually after much trial and error I found a USSR for it with recon patrols in milsim a carrying spare ammo and a pistol as a survival bag and a as a place to hold spares and a toolkit at CQB sites. So this made me start this thread ad this could hardly be an isolated event. So what I want to know is if there is something you brought that a first you thought was basically useless and what purpose you eventually used it for. Also this is a place where people struggling to find out what they could do with bad purchases.
  4. A simple question what is the best two tone to get that isn't horrible or brilliantly colour eg lime green
  5. I apologise in advance for this but I wondered, with sites like gunfire pl being based in Poland how will airsoft be affected in the UK if we leave ?
  6. Very good bargin there.
  7. Whenever I look to buy a new airsoft gun they mostly range from £100-£500 or even more. But at my last skirmish I met this dude who had an MP7 the battery was ducked taped to the upper reicver and he had only a couple of mags but he brought for only £15 at a market. I stayed with him for most of the day and his gun shot consistently with no faults and at times better than my Cm16. So the question I'm asking is are cheaper guns are cheaper guns worth looking at to buy? Or should you try for more expensive ones ? Opinions appreciated.
  8. I'm 15 and have the same problem so what I am doing is, whenever you have some money to got to an airsoft match and have some money left over buy some gear a little at a time. So do your research know what you want to get and save up. Look on ebay and find some cheap gear and buy whenever you can. Hope this helps
  9. Strikeforce is my local field too I'm from across the border in Worcestershire its a really good field well Marshalled and friendly too no one will judge you if turn up in something ridiculous. Helpful tip if you are renting a gun book well in advace as they go quickly also bring some extra cash as there is a burger king around the corner. Hope this helps.
  10. In one of my recent games I saw a bunch of guys wondering round with either a pistol and some type of weird rubber sword thingy or a long bayonet attached to their rifles as they were on different teams when they saw each ither they would just fight it out man on man. Im still fairly new to airsoft and wondered what the rules are for melee weapons and expirences you guys of had of them and whether or not they should be allowed. Personalky I think having a baynot charge or something sounds pretty cool but I wanted to hear your opinions.
  11. I guess im lucky because at my local site no-one care what you wear or what gear you have (apart from a few snobs that everysite has) all they care about is you giving it your all and you can expect far more sneering and snobbing for being selfish rather than turning up with a cheap second hand gear and renting a gun and not hitting anything.
  12. I've been before I just wondered what it was
  13. Im west midlands and sadley I have to say that there are very few sites that allows snipers as most are cqb sites.
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