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  1. Hey, last skirmish event I went to the masks being supplied steamed up and were not helpful for glasses wearers. I would like to buy some good all around protection goggles that will fit chunky ish glasses (about an inch in height). Can anyone recommend any glasses that would give good protection and fit quite large glasses. My glasses are like theyse ones: http://www.theopticshop.co.uk/icy-glasses-162-c2/
  2. Ok just for clarity I was using 0.20g bb bullets but if you read this site it will tell you that not by law the fps is defined but by the ACPO which means if I do have possesion of the gun and say I brought it to an air soft skirmish I could face a mandatory imprisonment of up to five years! http://ukapu.org.uk/wp/?page_id=504#Power Limits and the Firearms Act
  3. Well they gave me a 380 fps gun that should be 350-330
  4. I got a skirmish gun sold to me well over the fps of 350 that it was stated to be (from just bb guns) what is the maximum fps for an AEG
  5. I was unable to use it on the day due to high fps (what exacly is the limit for AEGs BTW I'm a newbie and fell for the Just bb guns trap. Please let me know as they are already discovering I will be able to cause a lot of trouble for their company. As other people like me have had the same thing happen
  6. where can i sell this gun even though the fps is incorrect it is a good gun
  7. have you seen there propaganda its as bad as north korea
  8. I have got my SRC ak47b bulldog v1 14 days ago and site said you could refund if there was a problem with the gun up to 28 days. Guess what i encountered a problem because i went to my first skirmish and chrono tested the gun but its fps was highly inconsistent. This was from JUST BB Guns btw. Anyway the guns went from 330 to 350 and 380 maximum at times. 6/7 shots were over the 350 fps limit. On the site they say it is a "Skirmish Pro Gun". Well i cant enter a skirmish and i do believe 380 fps is over any site limit for AEGs in the UK. Furthermore if I am not able to get a refund because they will only accept it if the guns broken should i start writing a small claims act?. It doesn't make sense for a company to say 350 fps tested as i think thats just them hinting out the limit. Also i would like to add they say thier data is just an estimation but it only says est. on their site which can also mean established fps. Comment if I really should try get a refund on a gun that was designed to skirmish but fires to hot. https://www.justbbguns.co.uk/product/549/2-TONE-GUNS-PRO/466/2-TONE-AEG-RIFLE/3084/BULLDOG-AK47B-AIRSOFT-GUN&uc=correct here is the misleading site page
  9. I have to buy an ak side mount plate then lel?
  10. ok this is my gun and i want to attach a holographic replica 552 eotech to im looking really for a dust cover but struggling and live in the uk I think is wierd how so few companies sell ak covers with decent rails on has anyone got any suggestions for me to buy price range around £30
  11. because thats the main reason for me getting this rail
  12. I would also like to add i have this holosight http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161320422588?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT that i want to fit
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