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  1. Look at bottom of page it says not available two tone and out of stock
  2. I have extensively been trying to find a two tone of this gun but it just wont show up with two tone in the uk. If anyone is aware of any sites where I could buy such a gun two toned that would be great. Trios
  3. Could anyone confirm whether the TGM series is the same as the pm5 as i am seriously considering getting one of these guns. If the TGM is the updated version then I may be inclined to go for that or if its the same then that's good to know. Many Thanks Trios
  4. I have been trying to find a good mp5/mp5k within the £200-£260 region. If you have had experience with for instance a G&G mp5 or other brands please let me know. And if you do happen to know a good site to buy such a gun off for the cheapest price that would be great. As long as it is durable, high/medium rate of fire and within 350 fps I would probably love it.
  5. Hey, last skirmish event I went to the masks being supplied steamed up and were not helpful for glasses wearers. I would like to buy some good all around protection goggles that will fit chunky ish glasses (about an inch in height). Can anyone recommend any glasses that would give good protection and fit quite large glasses. My glasses are like theyse ones: http://www.theopticshop.co.uk/icy-glasses-162-c2/
  6. Ok just for clarity I was using 0.20g bb bullets but if you read this site it will tell you that not by law the fps is defined but by the ACPO which means if I do have possesion of the gun and say I brought it to an air soft skirmish I could face a mandatory imprisonment of up to five years! http://ukapu.org.uk/wp/?page_id=504#Power Limits and the Firearms Act
  7. Well they gave me a 380 fps gun that should be 350-330
  8. I got a skirmish gun sold to me well over the fps of 350 that it was stated to be (from just bb guns) what is the maximum fps for an AEG
  9. I was unable to use it on the day due to high fps (what exacly is the limit for AEGs BTW I'm a newbie and fell for the Just bb guns trap. Please let me know as they are already discovering I will be able to cause a lot of trouble for their company. As other people like me have had the same thing happen
  10. where can i sell this gun even though the fps is incorrect it is a good gun
  11. have you seen there propaganda its as bad as north korea
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