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  1. I was looking for some of these a couple of days ago for my Krytac but as you say they seem to be out of stock everywhere, so got these from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keenstone®-Butterfly-Nunchuck-Connector-Discharge/dp/B0132TPIBQ/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1503863628&sr=1-5&keywords=keenstone and they seem to work great so far, just as good as the VP ones i already have and cost about the same plus if you have Prime next day delivery is free.
  2. Haha, thanks The other side looks a bit better but i wanted to keep the bolt and cylinder in the picture.
  3. I've just got some new upgrades for my L96 so decided to get a new scope and paint the rifle whilst i was upgrading the gun anyway, I used Halfords camo paint which worked really considering it's pretty cheap it's not the best paint job but it should be effective. Only problem is i forgot to paint the bipod =(.
  4. Bought a few guns from Bomb up awesome shop and very helpful and friendly, i will definitely visit a lot more in the future =D
  5. My new MP5 which is a mix of 3 mp5's so it's Cyma, ICS and TM and has an upgraded hop, gear, set and barrel.
  6. Does anybody know what size screws i need to fit the Well L96 metal trigger box upgrade as i have misplaced the screws from the stock trigger box.
  7. Hey Monty would you mind telling me what silencer you have on there as i am looking for something similar for my L96. Does it cover some of the barrel as it is or did you modify it to fit over the barrel sorry for what may be a stupid question but i know nothing about silencers.
  8. If you want a realistic gun buy a deactivated gun they're expensive but im pretty sure on the websites i have been on there are no licenses or defences needed for those. There's no point coming on here and arguing with people over the laws on rifs when they clearly know a lot more than you because they have actually bothered to read the relevant sections of the vcra.
  9. Pistols really aren't necessary unless you are a sniper or you are playing a pistol and shotgun game or similar. I think most of us just have them for looks and coolness more than anything. I think i have used mine twice in a year and a half.
  10. What really annoys me is when you buy a second hand gun and it pretty much breaks after 5 minutes, this has happened recently with the sniper rifle i bought.
  11. I have a G&G cm16 that i took apart for spares if you need any.
  12. Just got a Well warrior L96 with a few uprgades, a new mesh lower face mask,1000 0.3s to get me through sunday's game and some instant gasket to replace the o-ring in my We glock which seems to be ok so far.
  13. Does anybody know the size of the base plate o-ring in a We glock because i went to B&Q and bought some but they were to wide so wouldn't fit.

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    2. proffrink


      Yah. May be marked 'RTV Gasket Maker' as well.

    3. airsofter2015


      Tried soaking it in silicone twice proffrink that didn't work and its not a small leak so i don't think PTFE tape will work i might go to 'halfrauds' tomorrow to see if they have any instant gasket if not screwfix have a set of 225

      o-rings for £9.99 one of those is bound to fit

    4. airsofter2015


      Found some on Halfords its Granville instant gasket and it says its RTV silicone Im going to grab some tomorrow



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