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  1. Anyone local to the incident got an update on the lad as to how he is doing? Anything about him in the local rag?
  2. NSP's for Airsofting is a great idea. It drummed in the safety aspect for me with a real weapon so why not a RIF?
  3. Just bagged this Warrior PC on eBay for £70, happy puppy i am.
  4. Its something i will be looking into as i have other firearms to bring home as well, thanks for the concern guys. This is home at the moment @1 o'clock of centre pic and top of my drive being out of shot at the bottom of the pic so plenty of places to run around un-disturbed.
  5. Living in Ireland at the moment and will be moving home to the UK fingers crossed some time this year.
  6. I will be an Airsofter after i play my first game!
  7. Took a chance as its only £160 and bought an Ares Amoeba AM-013, fingers crossed it holds together okay!
  8. Hi guys and gals, My name is Pete, on the forums i usually answer to Poacher but that one is already taken here so BlackDragon it is! I'm 43 years old and currently live in Kerry, Ireland. Originally from Littlehampton in W.Sussex and moved over here 7 years ago but am now looking to move back to the UK as i need a job and there is none here! Looking forward to some CQB and some FIBUA as really enjoyed that in the PWRR for the short spell i was in there and hope to meet with as many of you happy people as i can when i come home.
  9. Yes, messaged him. No pressure, dont want to hassle the guy!
  10. Yep, already signed up to your page thanks and loving it! Just thought Josh looks like he doesn't go on FB much.
  11. Do you know if Josh makes them to order and can he be contacted via FB?
  12. Thats a fantastic collection, well done!
  13. Got to ask, whats the name of those face shields on the fast helmets? Anyone know please?
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