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  1. Seriously Do not have Kids running promotions, Its bad enough to draw me back to this forum which means it is all kinds of BAD & Off I Flop before I get enraged by the kiddies as of the olden days!
  2. If that happens stretch the spring by pulling on the ends. True from new they should but for me i was predominantly paying for the Metal around the cap as I can fix the insides with ease, granted no excuse though as PTS Mag's work well OOTB but they are Polymer so for me they have to feed well straight away.
  3. And how new are they? Did/Have you given them a chance to loosen up? RR01 I'd have thought at the very least you would know to compress new springs for a couple days if not a week then stretch and lube more BB's in for 2 Days then clean out and lube follower slightly and try again.
  4. G&P 120 Rounders all metal but their still fantastic at what they do. Also don't leave silicone or grease on the Inside of the mag it just attracts dirt. never personally had problems but I just wipe down dry out and reassemble at least it works for my PTS & G&P Mag's
  5. Apparently ProWin's i think their called are good (Look like a G36 Hop was cut and glued onto the back of a Square M4 Hop unit)
  6. 1. Where do you Play because they are in the minority of sites! especially worthwhile one's! 2. Return it and don't buy the Cheap Chinese Shite 3. i got shot in the hand from the other side of a Knuckle by a 26 Year old! shot in the hand by an U18 at an airsoft site (While entering THE SAFE ZONE) aswell as received a Full Auto burst to the face while playing True unless something is brought up repeatedly with the same sound (you know the Airsoft Beats Paintball boring old shizz that it is) maybe Belly-Aching is the Phrase you Prefer? Agreed Airsoft QC is better because Airsoft IS a Smaller market than Paintball but Airsoft rifles cost £120* and people buy Cheap Chinese Paintball Mech's that really are Luck of the Draw! for £70**& Less *Think that's the new lowest for an Airsoft Rifle? ** Lowest i Remember seeing one is £50! Edit: sounds Like your all allowing yourselves to get Rimmed £10 for 100 Paintball's! your either Lying or getting Screwed by the site!
  7. I came to this thread expecting to see a Majority Bitching & Moaning I Saw it i Sighed because i've been saying this the whole time Airsofter's Whine & Moan about Paintballers but Paintballers rairely bother to whine moan or be a little bitch about airsoft I Go Play Speedball (Thanks Sheriff i Love you too you Big Goat!) i play it because i had a Team and thoroughly enjoy showing off and the pain when someone rarely charges and gets me from -2M great fun especially getting Bounce's of your hand and into your mask! And i PLAY every 3 Week's! I Play airsoft because it look's more realistic the guns the kit i Also regularly go Play every Month Get this though I can go to a Paintball Field with which none of them Bitch & Moan about airsoft maybe the Price of Ball's but never walk on fee (Shock Horror it's £20!) and they Prefer you to bring your own Ball's so they have more than enough for rental's!* (We can chew through the stuff like it's bubblegum FFS!) *They usually choose to go off and play woodsball! i go to an Airsoft field People bitch & Moan about a LOT of things mostly Paintball, Kit, New Guy's & Cheat's I Jump on a Paintball forum anywhere nobody moan's about airsofting not even the Hyper realistic Mag Fed guy's! they do about cheats, Price of buying balls in less than 100,000 though I Jump on Airsoft forums around the Globe Geuss what Whineing, Bitching & Moaning! about? yup all of the above! I've had my usual Splurge on that bit so Campaining anyone? Shop's could easily pay for Jumper's shirts or hats which have their name or logo on (I Fcuking have 2 Different team Hoodie's that Clearly say Airsoft & Paintball Team Admittedly they are my own team's though ) and advertise airsoft Hell start Wear your Forum Patch outside when your not softing (In More civvie friendly clothing though you dingbat's!) I Do it comes off my Helmet and onto my Jacket! it's that hard!
  8. So why do you need 3 different thread's except the only difference being the Title? What type of Mag doe's it have to be? Information is King! Doe's it have to be Bull Pup? Information is key to helping us help you! Doe's it have to be common or something that isn't seen that often?
  9. Told them about H and said I Expect an Apology at the least + Constantly posting the Pictures of how rude he was on ZeroIn (Power made Kiddies!)
  10. I'm still blocked from the shop website (They've Un-Banned me on ZeroIn or atleast thats what the E-Mail Claimed ) not that I'll ever use them Obviously!
  11. Match Head, String & Kinder Egg toy shell and I'm done for making Grenades atleast..
  12. Yea once you've spent £150 on an M4 your just paying for the External's to be nicer and the Brand
  13. Very Few bit's from TM are worth it anymore considering the price of other cheaper Clone's that do just as well Eg M14-Cyma, AK-Cyma, JG-Scorpion & Well's MP7 AEP. Their Pistol's barely Rate anymore IMHO unless it's a Custom or Rare Pistol-KWA Their Old M3 Shotguns are seemingly over priced because of DE, So the Long and short of it is VSR's or Recoil Shock's
  14. Well you can't blame that on M_P...
  15. I was about to ask why don't you do your Three shoot's but your U18 Doh! Most folk on here are not keen on King Arms. (I like them myself) I haven't had a KA for a while so I won't comment on the internal's, The External's are pretty much Just falling short of KWA/G&P & VFC.