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  1. Selling a bit of kit, and then forgetting to replace said piece of kit in time for Sunday
  2. The first game of the year where the sun is present. I burned!
  3. First Pistol! WE GP1799 50rnd Mag And some gas
  4. When Warrior Assault don't supply UK Tactical with full DCS 5.56 setups in Ranger Green, resulting in buying separately and incurring additional costs.
  5. Cheers guys! I think i'm going to go down the build route... but the svd does look so tempting. I'm kind of annoyed that I know of this now, especially at that price. WANT!
  6. I am after a DMR but can't decide on buying one with a higher fps (site limit 450) or buying a rifle and upgrading to a higher fps along with other internal upgrades? The price of some DMRs seems to be high when looking at higher fps but I believe it would be cheaper, and possibly better if I built my own? Most DMRs seem to be self built that I have seen. Any advice is appreciated!
  7. Don't suppose anyone knows of a link to any cracked copies of AutoCad 2011 onwards?
  8. No sorry, not in all instances. I am referring to a single occurrence. But yes, when they are members of the site, and turn up with McDonalds breakfast like "Yeah what?"
  9. People turning up 5 minutes before the game starts, after the safety briefing, not when the gates open, or in sensible time has to be the most annoying thing for me... so far. Only happened once!
  10. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (Full Album on dinner)
  11. Sylosis. Any metal fans?
  12. A new alternator for my car, so nothing airsoft related until payday. Oh, which is tomorrow...
  13. Like I said, I just wanted to know. I'm not looking for anything from it, I'm not seeking a goal. I'm simply asking a question. I didn't know if it was by posts or time scale, or if you have to be a supporter. Asking google would surely contradict your post because as you said, every forum is different? This is the reason why I asked about this forum, on this forum.
  14. Just wanted a general idea to be honest. I don't post crap, I'm not chasing titles. Let's not jump to conclusions. I've never used a forum before and just wanted to understand it really.
  15. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to when your "title" changes. As in how many posts until I change from Starter to Regular? Ta!